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  1. https://polycount.com/discussion/184167/development-log-building-a-complete-car-from-scans-vr-game-dev/p2
  2. https://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-threadripper-2990x-32-core-64-thread-cpu-specs-performance-overclock-leak/ https://youtu.be/pguMUFyJ3_U AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990X Flagship 32 Core, 64 Thread 4.00 GHz CPU Detailed and Benchmarked – Overclocks Up To 4.12 GHz Across All Cores on High-End Corsair AIO Liquid Cooler
  3. https://wccftech.com/amd-will-trade-your-intel-core-i7-8086-win-for-a-16-core-1950x-threadripper/ Haha...AMD is just pummeling Intel now
  4. Now it's going to get really interesting... https://wccftech.com/intel-official-discrete-gpu-market-2020/ Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has stated in an analyst meeting (via MarketWatch) that Intel will be rolling out its first dedicated GPU sometime in 2020 – corroborating the leak that we reported on a couple of months back. This is the first official confirmation of the company’s dGPU ambitions and predicts the first year in recent history that we are going to be seeing three GPU players in the market – namely Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.
  5. I'm sorry but I can't resist the schadenfreude And I just finished watching this vid; the good news? The 32 core 64 thread Threadripper is coming IN AUGUST....
  6. There is a lot of internal AMD politics going on behind the scenes with all these developments. https://wccftech.com/exclusive-amd-navi-gpu-roadmap-cost-zen/ it is essential to understand AMD’s contextual backdrop – both in terms of talent and finances. The company has a market capitalization $15.25 billion and has struggled to turn a profit. In comparison, competitors like NVIDIA and Intel are giants with market capitalizations of $158.2 billion and $254.1 billion respectively and net income in the billions of dollars as well. The same goes for talent as well, it costs money and AMD has a relatively smaller pool of (very) talented engineers that can work on a given project at one time as compared to its much bigger rivals. Lisa’s dilemma: A CPU comeback with semi-custom centric roadmaps or maintain expensive leadership in graphics for gamers Pundits that have been following AMD’s progress will almost unanimously agree on one thing – AMD is a company that is cash-starved. With a finite flow of resources, the company has to be very careful of how it allocates the precious pool of R&D and how it does so – usually dictates its performance for the next couple of years. This is also where our story begins. Kyle Bennet of HardOCP first reported a rift between the now-Radeon Technologies Group department and the company’s CEO Lisa Su quite some time ago. The issue was simple, Raja Koduri (the RTG boss) wanted more autonomy and there were rumors that they wanted to spin off the graphics department completely. Well, we now have the full story in-hand and the issue went much deeper. It turns out that Lisa Su was focused primarily on bringing back AMD’s CPU side of things, and establishing a strong semi-custom GPU side. Maintaining leadership in the descrete graphics market (gamers) is a costly business and with the finite amount of resources the company had, something had to give.
  7. My 3 ghz 8 core Xeon Harpertown did the Benchwell in just under 30 minutes...look at what 64 cores running under 3 ghz did it at. We are approaching real time 4k full ray traced caustics rendering But it's not even the final renders that count for me. My bottleneck is creating and testing new textures. It's so slow that you can waste 8 hours cooking up a single new texture. With a 32 core Threadripper creating and testing and modifying and testing over and over again can become a fluid intensely sensual experience where you can try all sorts of variants in rapid fire instead of the glacially slow crippled chore it is now. Creating new textures should be like mixing oil paints on a palette that have been turned into a creamy texture with the addition of linseed oil. It should be a pleasure and you should be able to do it as fast as you think of they ideas you're trying to employ to create them.
  8. And that 2.7 ghz server chip will be twice the price of that 32 core Threadripper. Note that the version they're showing of that 32 core Threadrippre only has a big air cooled 7 copper pipe heat sink on it.
  9. And the same day they announce THIS. https://wccftech.com/amd-demos-worlds-first-7nm-gpu/ AMD Demos World’s First 7nm GPU: the New Vega Instinct With 32 GB HBM Gentlemen, we are right on the cusp of 4k real time rendering with caustics and everything to the max..and it'll be a brute force solution.
  10. OH MY GOD....I DIDN'T THINK AMD WOULD GO NUCLEAR... THEY WENT NUCLEAR! https://wccftech.com/amd-2nd-gen-ryzen-threadripper-32-core-64-thread-flagship-cpu-computex/ AMD 2nd Generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs With Up To 32 Cores and 64 Threads Confirmed – Built on 12nm Zen+ Process, First Demo Shown, Launch in 2H 2018 I've been sitting here waiting, biding my time to see what they would do...I AM BUYING THIS !!!
  11. L'Ancien Regime

    Newbie here | work Showcase

    wow, really? very nicely done. Thanks for sharing that. Very enjoyable.
  12. AAAAAAAaaannnd Intel falls even further behind AMD as Zen5 appears on the horizon with 3nm while Intel struggles to put 10nm into production. https://wccftech.com/rumor-amd-bringing-12-16-core-ryzen-cpus-to-am4-in-2019-roadmap-into-2020-detailed-zen-2-zen-3-zen-5/
  13. If you read that article closely you'll see that AMD explains the presence of four units of cores as in the Epyc but two are shut off, inert and are there to be used in heat dissipation. I suppose the EPYC is unable to run at 4ghz because of heat issues. Thus the 1950X runs at 4 ghz with no problems while EPYC is designed to run at only 2 ghz.
  14. https://www.pcgamer.com/overclocker-delids-an-amd-ryzen-threadripper-chip-and-finds-epyc-inside/
  15. Stand by for August 2018 AMD 2950X is coming then; 30% faster than the 1950X with other extra goodies. https://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-2000-ryzen-threadripper-2000-series-cpus-leak/ And the NVidia GTX 1180 will arrive about the same time. https://wccftech.com/nvidia-gtx-1180-custom-cards-by-august-september/