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  1. Actually, I think the train has already left the station on Maya and 3DSMax...they're stacking bits of new code on top of old code while Blender is totally rewriting their code. I know this very cynical guy who claims that the reason Blender is so small and lean as opposed to say, Maya which is massive and bulky, is that much of Maya's code is not only old, but they're obsessed with encrypting and decrypting everything you do with them to maintain their proprietary secrecy so everything is matched by huge and growing hash files for the encrytpion. Thus the crappiness of Maya Binary Files.
  2. http://www.cgchannel.com/2019/07/epic-games-donates-1-2-million-to-blender-development/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+cgchannel%2FnHpU+(CG+Channel+-+Entertainment+Production+Art) Epic Games has awarded the Blender Foundation, the nonprofit organisation that oversees Blender’s development, a $1.2 million cash grant, to be delivered over the next three years. The money, which has been awarded from Epic’s new Epic MegaGrants program, will be used to fund Blender’s Professionalizing Blender Development Initiative. New grant nearly doubles development funding for Blender This isn’t the first time that Epic has funded Blender development, but it is by far its biggest donation. Before the grant was announced, the crowdsourced Blender Development Fund stood at €37,538/month (just over $42,000/month), meaning the award almost doubles development Blender funding at a stroke. Roughly a further €40,000/month (around $50,000/month) is donated through Blender Cloud, but the money is primarily used to fund Blender Institute‘s open-source animation projects. Blender Foundation chairman Ton Roosendaal said that the grant money will form “a significant investment in our project organization to improve on-boarding, coordination and best practices for code quality”. “As a result, we expect more contributors from the industry to join our projects.”
  3. I can see it's going to be a big investment in time to learn it all though *sigh*.
  4. Yeah there's some great plug ins out there for Blender alright. Thanks for listing those. This Gleb Alexandrov has a massive 30GB hard edge tutorial for Blender using just native tools.
  5. So is this guy modeling in 2.8 as it comes in its basic package or is he using a collection of 2nd party plug ins? And if so, which ones exactly?
  6. What an amazing modeling toolset.
  7. L'Ancien Regime

    The coming triumph of voxels?

    https://medium.com/@EightyLevel/how-voxels-became-the-next-big-thing-4eb9665cd13a How Voxels Became ‘The Next Big Thing’ We’ve talked with the amazing guys behind Atomontage, trying to figure out if the voxels can actually return and take down the polygons. WHY NOW? Large scenes made out of millimeter-scale voxels presents a difficult data management problem Atomontage has focused fifteen years of R&D on this challenge, resulting in patent-pending breakthroughs that finally allow volumetric simulations to scale in deeply interactive 3D applications Other features recently proven viable with our voxel tech include complex rigid-body physics, soft-body deformations, standard PBR shaders, and efficient playback of multiple volumetric video streams Around the 34 min mark a questioner brings up 3D Coat...while asking them about down and up resing models using algorithms. In their talk they mention another voxel program; Magicavoxel https://ephtracy.github.io/
  8. I thought, this has to be Houdini. The purple ocean in particular had to be Houdini Ocean. So I started looking for info and it came down to a company called BUF. Like a lot of high end companies they don't use anybody's software. They created their own; B Suite. https://buf.com/films/twin-peaks/ http://bufsoftware.com/products/bsuite#bstudio We’ve regrouped all our powerful integrated software in 2 separate packages. Bcreative Suite includes all the tools BUF has built and improved to ease the creative process : A complete 3D pipeline studio from modeling, dynamics, animation to high end rendering, a node-based compositing software, a batch process manager and many more… Bpipeline Suite is the collection of efficient tools creating a coherent pipeline that meets productions biggest challenges in Full CG Animated films and live actions movies especially regarding financial constraints : A production management tool, an asset management tool and many more… Only Bview is available so far! Bcreative Suite is coming progressively, then Bpipeline Suite. Interested in Bsuite or just one of these software. Register now and find out more.
  9. The work that went into this 3D animation was just amazing https://youtu.be/4IKUeIEdRMY
  10. https://wccftech.com/mac-pro-apple-intel-amd-launch/ GPU options for the MacPro start from AMD’s Radeon 580X and go all the way up to the Radeon Pro Vega II. The aforementioned 56 teraflops of output is achieved by equipping the Mac Pro with two APX modules, which allows two Vega IIs on the rig, for a combined output of 56 teraflops. To expand the Mac Pro ecosystem, and to learn from the past, Apple also introduced its custom expansion card for the Mac Pro earlier today. This card, dubbed as ‘Afterburner’, is an FPGA ASIC that capable of decoding 6.3 billion pixels per second. It can also handle 12 streams of 4K video and 3 streams of 8K video. The standard version of the Mac Pro will feature an eight core Intel Xeon processor that’s coupled with 256GB of SSD storage and 32GB of RAM at a $5,999 price tag. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated on the latest.
  11. L'Ancien Regime

    Finally Apple to release a new Mac Pro

    Is it overpriced or underpriced? https://www.techradar.com/news/msi-mocks-apples-dollar999-pro-display-xdr-stand-with-a-5k-monitor-for-almost-the-same-price
  12. L'Ancien Regime

    Finally Apple to release a new Mac Pro

    Top fully loaded version is $35,000.00 USD!
  13. L'Ancien Regime

    Finally Apple to release a new Mac Pro

    There's a lot more to this than I thought.
  14. And they've made it so it plugs in effortlessly to C4d and particularly MODO. Groboto can project edge loops onto the NURBS surfaces that come out very nicely in the polygon mesh that's generated and once you've imported your mesh into Modo or C4D you can rework them with Catmull Clark and other subd tools and also use the exported weight and falloff maps. Very slick for $100. Looking forward to v4. It's got to be one of the craziest programs out there. http://www.groboto.com/v3/ I knew about it two or three years ago but this polygon remeshing application they've included caught me off guard. It would be a very cool way to get hard edge work done and then import the meshes as smoothed OBJs into 3d coat. Better than taking STEP files and turning them into .STL files for import which turn smooth nurbs into rather jagged object to merge to voxels in 3d coat.
  15. L'Ancien Regime

    Houdini 17 Direct Modeling Sneak Peek..

    If you look at the gumroad page it says; "More videos and tutorials are coming" And as for " With a comment on which areas this asset shines in and what are some of its drawbacks to be aware of?" It's funny because I was just watching this video when the ad for DM1.5 arrived in my email. It makes a pretty good enquiry into the use of n-gons in modern modeling and their drawbacks. This Direct Modeling is essentially the same as Groboto's Mesh Fusion in Modo. So there seem to be n-gons galore in this application. Is that a deal killer?
  16. L'Ancien Regime

    Houdini 17 Direct Modeling Sneak Peek..

    https://gumroad.com/l/GVLLS/dm_discount DM 1.5. What's new: SoftBoolean 1.1 - UI improvements and small optimizations, groups preservation, new soft boolean tools Geometry Library 1.5 - add elements by the construction plane, filter items with mask, set a material for icon rebuilding operation, UI fully revamped Menu. fully redesigned menu subsystem. You can now create custom menus with submenus by using a simple Python syntax Menus are now fully customizable and works much better with HiDPI displays DM shelf fully redesigned All tools and HDAs have icons Lots of new modeling HDAs Python code is now open Modeler - a brand new classic modeling environment. From now you can really model in Houdini like in other modeling programs
  17. The big advantage mesh fusion has over booleans in 3d coat is the control you have over beveling and chamfering the intersections between boolean objects which simply doesn't exist in 3D Coat, at least it didn't exist the last time I used 3D Coat two years ago.
  18. It was purchased by Modo and it's embedded fully in Modo and it rules.
  19. L'Ancien Regime

    Finally Apple to release a new Mac Pro

    The thing that gets me is with their zillion dollars of cash warfund, and all the super high paid creative talent they've got in their super space age headquarters it takes them four years to come up with piece of junk like this and charge more than double the price for it. Just what are they doing in there?
  20. L'Ancien Regime

    Blender render test

    This is getting pretty awesome. I sure hope I can get to this level one day. https://blenderartists.org/t/human-progress/1143224/131
  21. https://wccftech.com/watch-nvidias-computex-super-announcement-livestream-here/ Is the company teasing a specific new graphics card? a new product line of superclocked variants of its current Turing lineup? or perhaps next generation gaming laptops? It’s hard to tell
  22. L'Ancien Regime

    WOW...just WOW

    ASRock X570 AQUA – A $1000 US, All Liquid-Cooled Motherboard https://wccftech.com/amd-x570-flagship-motherboards-msi-asus-aorus-asrock/ four DDR4 DIMM slots can support up to 64 GB of memory with speeds of up to 4666 MHz OC+.
  23. L'Ancien Regime

    WOW...just WOW

    https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-super-graphics-cards-june-announcement/ NVIDIA GeForce ‘SUPER’ Announcement Is Still Happening With Two New Turing Graphics Cards in June – One Variant Faster Than RTX 2070, Second Faster Than RTX 2080