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  1. Zbrush didn't have to create Keyshot. But Keyshot plugs into Zbrush. I think it's the only render engine that directly does that. I think Zbrush was wise to do it that way. 

    Keyshot costs $1188 a year. Nobody at Zbrush has complained that Zbrush didn't just create its own in house render though a lot of people are upset that Maxon bought

    Zbrush. That alone opens the door to Pilgway to look at what Zbrush was doing so right  before Maxon took over. It wasn't its inhouse render engine. That $1188 a year for Keyshot doesn't even include particles and clouds etc so it's not a top of the line render engine like Karma or Maxwell Render. It's a lookdev render engine.

    That price should indicate the expense entailed in just producing a cut down lookdev render engine.



    3D Coat should be the #1 sculpting app. What it should have is a decent rigging system, not for animators (though reverse IK would be very useful) but properly posing characters you're sculpting..

    I think that's much more doable for a reasonable price and for sculptors and asset creators it's a lot more useful. Yes I know all about the Pose Tool. It's interesting and useful, even in designing a pistol grip for an automatic rifle. but for posing figures I think a decent rigging system for bipeds or quadrupeds would be 

    much more useful. Then when you've got that maybe a bit of a vellum style physics engine so that a tricep resting against the lat muscles for example don't overlap but just press and spread out naturally like flesh does. IOW tools that create a greater naturalism in a sculpted model. I mean it's already got a cursory cloth tool in it that does certain physics operations like draping over another object.


  2. 4 hours ago, AbnRanger said:

    The new Layer Masks work very well and are fully compatible with Photoshop

    Do you not have poles with quad meshes? With any character model, you will have quite a few 5 point poles just in the face region. You need them actually, to help keep loops going around the eyes and mouth. How do you suppose they magically disappear in ZBrush, when sculpting with Subdivision levels?

    So what if Pilgway posted some videos and paused? What is your concern with that? Anton Tenitsky is also a partner of Pilgway and posts 3DCoat videos regularly on his channel. 

    (1) 3DCoat - YouTube

    (1) Anton Tenitsky - YouTube

    Not even counting the sculpting videos of Rygaard, there are hundreds of video tutorials on the 3DCoat Youtube Channel, and most of the newer features are covered already. Two of those are in this post alone. 

    Korah, what is the purpose coming to this forum to persistently unload a laundry list of complaints, and cynical views about the software? Why not do something constructive with your time, instead of being destructive.

    Thanks for that Cavity Masking tutorial. Just what I wanted.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Just a user said:


    Your deep knowledge of 3Dcoat has nothing to do with your lack of understanding of this product positioning in the global market. 

    3Dcoat in its nature is a asset creation tool that allows you to work with Insane amount of data. If you implement a renderer, that renderer should support all 3Dcoat  technologies. That renderer should be able to render 3Dcoats native voxels as well as polygons. 

    Now pilgway have to hire senior kick ass rendering algorithm guy to solve how 3Dcoat is going to translate voxels, to something arnold can understand, while using all arnold features like TX files and dot ASS file. Convert all paint room data into an arnold TX file so it can render super fast... good luck to them. 

    Why arnold? well its still the engine that cat chew the most data. you can also try Vray but good luck with the pricing. 

    Those super talented programmers will ask for around 10-20K usd a month, they are not cheap to hire. + the arnold price. 

    So its around a 300K investment from 3d coat. in the bare minimum. they still have to continue hire this guy to hunt bugs and continue to implement new renderer features every . 

    And for what? instead of you exporting your creation to blender \ unreal \ maya \ literally any renderer on the market? 


    I rather having them investing 300K to rebuild many of the software modeling and painting (not sculpting, its pretty great already) UX, which is what i purchase this tool for. 

    3d coat is the best 3D paint program by far: C4D, Zbrush polypaint, Substance Painter are all inferior to it but it needs work.  I'd love to see the paint room entirely redesigned ergonomically. For example the image icons need to be big enough to clearly see what they are before you select them. They're just too small even on their largest size now. But if they were bigger they wouldn't fit in the attribute section on the right hand of the monitor. And that's just for starters. Like making Vector Displacement Mapping as intuitive to use as Normal Map painting.



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  4. 6 minutes ago, AbnRanger said:

    You missed a lot of what I previously said about this topic, so please go back and read my first few posts. I have been around 3DCoat since it's earliest V3 Beta days. I know what kind of application it is, and once more, there are other competing applications that also offer a solid rendering option, such as IRay. It is no slouch, as it is basically the GPU version of Mental Ray.

    And who uses Mental Ray anymore? There's some very good reasons for that. Importons for example haha.


    Renderman, Cycles, UE5 are all free. Integrate them into 3D Coat..why reinvent the wheel?

  5. On 5/10/2024 at 3:45 PM, AbnRanger said:

    I personally think the prospect of having an industry standard render engine integrated fully into 3DCoat, with the possibility to export a scene with its materials preserved to open in other major 3D applications (that also have this render engine available), ready to use as is, is huge. Another point to consider is the market which 3DCoat caters to the most...Concept Art...would stand to benefit from it, heavily. Being able to export to Blender or Unreal is great, but not having to export at all, and render with an industry standard render engine is even better, IMHO. As I mentioned earlier, it would also elevate 3DCoat's credentials in the industry, significantly. Another reason the proposal to Pilgway seems reasonable is because it's implementation would be Pilgway's responsibility, not the owner of the render engine, itself. They usually have to invest a lot of time, effort and treasure to create a plugin for a 3D application. In this case, Pilgway would do all the heavy lifting of integrating it, themselves.

    Of course, for it to have its maximum value in 3DCoat, there would need to be proper lights and camera gizmos added to the application, so the user can place and adjust them accordingly. 


    I've been agaisnt the whole render engine in 3D coat thing since the beginning. It needs to perfect its core competency in modeling. If it integrates with anything it should integrate itself with UE 5.5 etc. 

    UE is free

    UE is turning into a monster for not just games but cinema

    UE is approaching the same level of render beauty that with a 4090 or who knows a 5090 it's going to take over the world...

  6. That's awesome but the sad thing is that E-On Vue is done. Bentley is  shutting it down for good. I suppose other landscape programs have put it in the shade but nevertheless  it's a beautiful work of art in itself. A lot of people are going to have  a tonne of fun playing with this elegant piece of program engineering.



  7. I'm really glad you brought up Groboto in this thread kenmo. You got me thinking about it and Mesh Fusion sold to Modo and Alexei Vanzhula's Soft Boolean. 

    Basically what is this stuff? 

    It's a simple NURBS (well BREP?) program set up for doing booleans. As simple boolean operations the product and essentially it's no better or worse (well a bit more complicated jiggery pokerey) than what 3D Coat can produce. It's the translator that turns it into an obj that gets interesting when you start working with Seam Strips between boolean objects to produce bevels and chamfers. Now this is where 3D Coat falls down a bit. Sticking a curve on a voxel edge and then giving it a provisional edge is not that exact.

    However, 3DCoat has introduced NURBS to its mix. Now nobody expects Andrew and his team to produce a competitor to Rhino or even MOI3D, and rightly so since this market is saturated with a lot of newcomers right now. But what he could do is just give a bunch of nurbs primitives that can be altered in various ways, (length, width, caps etc) then set them up like Groboto for NURBS that can be assembled in Boolean structures that are translated into polygons with Seam smoothing and altering the width of the Seam Strips.


     http://www.groboto.com/v3-media/pdf/GroBoto Symmetric Mesh Notes.zip


    Here's Groboto's 60page Symmetric Meshes PDF that goes into great depth on this interesting subject


    I think it just gives some beautiful results though as a stand alone it's a bit abstract and off the beaten professional use track, kind of like Teya Conceptor. 



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  8. On 4/1/2024 at 2:24 PM, Carlosan said:

    Sorry again me.

    3DCoat was added on latest versions Live Booleans that let you make similar workflow as Mesh Mixer



    Yes but do Live Booleans have the same kind of bevel functionality between objects that Vanzhula's Soft Booleans or Groboto though?

    I just installed 2024.15 and went through the Live Booleans workflow and  couldn't find that functionality. I see Soft Booleans not only has bevels and chamfers on intersection surfaces for both add and subtract but also has irregular bevels and chamfers as well


    In Live  Booleans the   only bevel that seems possible is the fillet on the cutting object that's being subtracted like the cube in this test            

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to tell Pilgway what to do. I'm sure you've all got a lot of great ideas on your plate without me chipping in my $.02.


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  9. 2 hours ago, kenmo said:

    Only wish Darrel Anderson would not had gotten sick. Groboto3D was a lot of fun. Since his recovery he now concentrates 100% on Mesh Fusion (Groboto3D plugin for Modo). Only wish 3DC or Blender had the Mesh Fusion plugin. I am afraid to recommend as I do not wish to upset Carlosan again.



    Alexei Vanzhula has created a kind of mesh fusion for Houdini and Maya. In his Modeler 2024 it will come with it embedded but in Modeler 2023 it's not included. You can buy it as an independent plug in for Maya and Houdini.  It's only $30.00 USD.




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  10. On 3/30/2024 at 7:06 PM, kenmo said:

    An example of how I use Vizcom's AI. Vizcom you can upload a sketch or a 3D model. 

    I uploaded this car model block out I created a few years ago using Groboto 3D and Silo3d.

    Entered some prompt text - 1940s American red sports car with wide white wall tires and pressed render and got the two images below.

    This gives me some ideas to complete the model using Blender or 3D Coat. I do not use AI to general a 3D model or a finished image but more for ideas and concepting.





    wow that old Groboto had a really nice look to it. That car looks really good. Thanks for sharing that.

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  11. AI is fascinating and I solve 95 % of my questions about 3D programs functionality from Bing CoPilot but I don't think it's worthwhile for 3D Coat to start building bridges to it unless that can be done with great ease and simplicity for the developpers. 

    I haven't gotten around to UE5 yet (but I will) and so I'm not sure about the process for  moving 3d Coat work to UE5, but I would rank that linkup a much higher priority than any AI image generator. 

    Frankly I'm not that crazy about any medium for visual arts that doesn't involve any fundamental knowledge of human or animal anatomy or learning about how real world things are structured be they geographical, plant life, mechanical or architectural.   Stable diffusion is sort of the death of the artist, not a new exciting tool.

  12. Imagine you're travelling, to another city, to the country and you really want to work on 3D Coat projects from wherever you are, with say iPad Pro remotely turning on your computer at home from anywhere in teh world if you had a solar panel and Starlink.

    I've written about this here before, and originally it was only Teradici that provided this technology, The problem with Teradici was that it required a separate board hardware. There's a host of new options though and its very exciting because there's no longer any need for 

    extra hardware. Most computers will support it. Only an inexpensive software solution is necessary now.








    I just looked up the prices for Jump Desktop, the most recommended option above and it's free to download to your Windows server at home and in the case of an iOS device for example it's $14.99for Jump Desktop from the App Store.

    That's a one time purchase price, not a monthly or annual subscription.

    For a Mac device it would be $39.99

    For a Windows device like that home server it would be free for personal or business use. It only costs if you're buying it for a team and then it's $14.99.




    And that's only one option.






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  13. 2024.14 Update;

    "- The AI knowledge database is completely automated, updating whenever any text changes or a new tool appears, as soon as a valid hint is provided. Additionally, all new functions in the Python API automatically appear in the AI database."


    Wow, that's beautiful. I've been the biggest nag for asking for a superior 3dCoat documentation, but even for me, this is beyond my dreams. Thank you thank you thank you.

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  14. https://www.nextplatform.com/2023/12/20/building-a-hassle-free-way-to-port-cuda-code-to-amd-gpus/





    If it didn't take too much work or violate any proprietary intellectual material, it would be pretty cool if Pilgway developers included this option in its core program so that it was easily available to users downloading the latest version of 3D Coat


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  15. On 8/10/2023 at 8:52 AM, Gorbatovsky said:

    I'm still on vacation this week, but nevertheless I looked at everything.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation.
    I haven't digested everything yet.
    For me, the most painful issue is a user-friendly interface.
    Moreover, we are starting a completely new stage.
    Watch video here  

    We get a lot of criticism for the development of low-poly modeling. But nevertheless, we are starting to introduce surface and solid parametric modeling.
    Naturally, I have a desire to make everything as convenient as possible.
    I already understood (thanks to our users) that it is better to make it more convenient than just creating many new tools.


  16. I just discovered your mesh to NURBS functionality. Very interesting. I think I was one of if not the first to recommend that you go the NURBS route to make 3D Coat the full spectrum modelling software. There are problems in topology that are best served by voxels. Others are best served by polygons, or your variable density surface sculpting. Hopefully your NURBS package is in its infancy. Perhaps eventually it can even morph from NURBS to BREP.  The same with your cloth. Once you go down that road all sorts of  opportunities to use the physics of cloth as a modeling tool in its own right for phenomena that are best served by that technique.  Whatever the case, thanks to the developers and Andrew for not only being workaholics but also for being forward thinkers at the cutting edge of 3D Graphics. Remember, Andrew was the first to come up with autoretopology and he did it after reading a white paper from SIGGRAPH and then developing and implementing it in 3D coat in about a month and a half. It was a remarkable achievement. I was at a Vancouver Siggraph a few years back and one of the top developpers for Zbrush was at their booth. I overheard him having a private conversation with someone and saying that they'd hired 27 math PhD's to develop their autoretopology tools.  No such luxury for Andrew.


    Я щойно відкрив для себе вашу функцію перетворення сітки в NURBS. Дуже цікаво. Думаю, я був одним з тих, хто рекомендував вам піти шляхом NURBS, щоб зробити 3D Coat програмним забезпеченням для моделювання повного спектру. Є проблеми в топології, які найкраще вирішуються за допомогою вокселів. Інші найкраще вирішуються за допомогою полігонів або ліплення поверхні зі змінною щільністю. Сподіваємось, що ваш пакет NURBS знаходиться у зародковому стані. Можливо, з часом він може навіть перетворитися з NURBS на BREP.  Так само і з вашою тканиною. Як тільки ви підете цим шляхом, у вас з'являться всілякі можливості використовувати фізику тканини як інструмент для моделювання явищ, які найкраще підходять для цієї техніки.  Як би там не було, дякуємо розробникам і Ендрю за те, що вони не тільки трудоголіки, але й далекоглядні мислителі, що знаходяться на передньому краї 3D-графіки. Пам'ятайте, Ендрю був першим, хто придумав авторетопологію, і зробив він це після того, як прочитав технічний документ від SIGGRAPH, а потім розробив і реалізував її в 3D-платформі приблизно за півтора місяці. Це було видатне досягнення. Кілька років тому я був на виставці SIGGRAPH у Ванкувері, і на їхньому стенді був один з найкращих розробників Zbrush. Я підслухав його приватну розмову з кимось і почув, що вони найняли 27 докторів наук з математики для розробки своїх інструментів авторетопології.  Ендрю не може дозволити собі такої розкоші.




    And wow, this is really good news. 


    I'm still on vacation this week, but nevertheless I looked at everything.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation.
    I haven't digested everything yet.
    For me, the most painful issue is a user-friendly interface.
    Moreover, we are starting a completely new stage.
    Watch video here  

    We get a lot of criticism for the development of low-poly modeling. But nevertheless, we are starting to introduce surface and solid parametric modeling.
    Naturally, I have a desire to make everything as convenient as possible.
    I already understood (thanks to our users) that it is better to make it more convenient than just creating many new tools.[/quote]

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  17. https://t.co/JalpvYmb2d




    Taiwan Economic Daily reports that TSMC, Broadcom, and NVIDIA are forming a partnership with the aim of innovating the "silicon photonic" industry. TSMC has been rumored to allocate 200 professionals for R&D, primarily focusing on the tech in silicon photonic integration into high-speed computing chips, which could potentially lead to a major breakthrough for the AI industry.

    TSMC is apparently highly optimistic towards next-gen silicon photonics development since the company's VP Yu Zhenhua has stated that the development could solve several problems currently existing in the industry:

    If we can provide a good silicon photonics integrated system, we can solve the two key issues of energy efficiency and AI computing power. This will be a new one.

    Paradigm shift. We may be at the beginning of a new era.

    The semiconductor industry sees silicon photonics as the future, mainly due to the benefits it brings onboard. The conventional "electricity" data transmissions come with compromised transfer speeds, & the industry is demanding 'higher computational speeds" given that genAI development has reached unprecedented levels. To cater to this, silicon photons convert electricity to light, which guarantees faster speeds with a cost-efficient method. Intel also recently detailed its latest Silicon Photonics silicon at Hot Chips 2023 which is based on RISC and features an 8 core / 528 thread config.

  18. My name is Jon and I run the Asianometry YouTube channel. I started the YouTube channel a few years ago. I moved to Asia after spending a decade in San Francisco, studying business. While the most popular videos seem to be about semiconductors and high technology, I do make videos about economics and history.


    Great channel to keep up on high tech and semiconductors. His father was an engineer at TSCM.  Really intelligent analysis not just of technology but the complex and arcane politics within TSCM ASML and other tech companies and how it affects us the consumers. 

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  19. I've tried this in version 2023 20 and now 2023 16. I've tried layers both in voxel mode and surface mode. The interface has been tried in UI color schemes both grey scheme and regular scheme with orange selections.  I've tried adding the reference colors selected both to individual object and to objects with subtree and nothing doing. I've followed closely Tenetsky's intro to the 3dCoat interface vol 6 and it's not happening for me. 

    Anybody got any ideas what the problem is here?

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