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  1. I was going to say "blah blah blah blah blah...." Then I decided all I needed to say was "good".
  2. Wow, dodged a bullet; Corsair is recalling one lot (fewer than 1%) of its Platinum closed-loop liquid coolers due to a known leak. This issue isn't widespread, fortunately, but owners of affected coolers should respond to the recall. FF to 9:19 mark
  3. Yeah I'll use it too once I get CPUID installed in Windows but I haven't installed Windows yet. Just reading off the AMD UEFI for now.
  4. It's running 61.5C now with three additional fans put in. What temps do you get under load? https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/amd-ryzen-threadripper-2950x-review,8.html To what extent should I take this offset for consistent fan policy into account with my CPU temp? My radiator feels pretty cool to the touch. Even the heat pipes down at the bottom of the radiator are quite cool. Is your CPUID HWMonitor taking into account this AMD Offset for consistent fan policy or is it giving a direct readout of the True Junction Temp (Tdie)? So if my UEFI is reporting CPU Temp (tCTL) of 61.5 C - tCTL offset for Fan Policy of 27 C = True Junction Temperature (Tdie) of 34.5 C ??
  5. I plugged in the two front fans and the CPU temp dropped to a steady 64C. I've got three more 120mm fans for that mid case rack so that will probably lower it a bit more. What's your temperature range between idle and load?
  6. Installed the Dark Rock TR4 and also seated the second 32 GB of RAM in their correct slots and fired it up; getting a solid 64C. I used the Thermal Paste that came with the Dark Rock air cooler. That glowing Radeon VII logo sure looks pretty. And all sitting behind 4320 Joules of surge protection. It's nice that I didn't have to spend a fortune on a UPS just to get surge protection.
  7. I just bought one; I'll use the 1tb M2 to run the OS and I'll install all my software to the San Disk.
  8. https://wccftech.com/sandisk-480gb-internal-ssd-drops-to-just-49-99-usually-200/ This is crazy. https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-PLUS-480GB-Internal-SDSSDA-480G-G26/dp/B01F9G46Q8/ref=as_li_ss_tl?&ascsub&linkCode=sl1&tag=wccftech0a9-20&linkId=1b76a53dbf79e4f4f9c0635201b744bf&language=en_US
  9. You know that XP Pen series are really great value for the dollar. I've seen other Wacom competitors and didn't think much fo them but these are really good, even the tablets...they're just dirt cheap. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Those are crazy low prices. Just to compare; the wacom Intuos pads are like $600 now... That Artist Display 22E Pro comes with a good stand, better than teh stock Cintique, it's 1920 x 1080 pixels, comes with a glove, a 8000 pressure level pen for $569 USD. And it looks like it's better quality than the Huion.
  10. https://wccftech.com/amd-navi-20-radeon-rx-graphics-card-ray-tracing-gcn-architecture-rumor/ AMD Navi 20 GPU Allegedly Supports Ray Tracing and Enhanced GCN Graphics Architecture – May End Up Being Much Faster Than RTX 2080 Ti
  11. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856158064
  12. I did reseat it, after cleaning off the stock paste, with an entire syringe of Thermal Grizzly paste carefully spread to the edge of the cold plate, evenly. Same deal. https://forum.level1techs.com/t/2950x-with-asrock-fatal1ty-x399-pro-gaming-build-problems/140287/79 All the radiator fans ran well, all the glowing LEDs lit up. Yeah, maybe if they spent less time on LEDs and more on making awesome cooling devices that might be a selling point..I've been getting more and more angry this month trying to shop for a cooler and having to wade through a slough of LED nonsense to get to the important essentials. And I've carefully measured the distance from the face of the CPU heatsink to the top edge of the case. Both Noctua and Dark Rock are 1/4" too tall. Not a problem. There is a Noctua with a TR4 cold plate that fits but it doesn't cool as well as the biggest Noctua or Dark Rock because the radiator is smaller. The biggest Noctua blocks the closes DDR4 slot on the motherboard. So Dark Rock is the one to go to.
  13. OK, you win Abn Ranger..getting that Dark Rock TR4 cooler... 96C in idle is ridiculous. That pump didn't work at all out of the box or if it did it was rattling like crazy and then died within seconds.
  14. http://www.cgchannel.com/2019/03/adobe-and-moleskine-launch-new-moleskine-paper-tablet/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+cgchannel%2FnHpU+(CG+Channel+-+Entertainment+Production+Art) Pricing and system requirements A Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet costs $34.95. Moleskine’s Pen+ Ellipse costs $179. The Moleskine+ Extension for Illustrator is free, and is compatible with Illustrator 2017+, but is currently available only for macOS: a Windows version is due “soon”. Adobe has teamed up with physical notebook firm Moleskine to launch the Moleskine Paper Tablet – Creative Cloud Connected edition, a new ‘smart notebook’ designed to work with Adobe Illustrator. Artists can create pen-and-paper sketches in the notebook using Moleskine’s Pen+ Ellipse digital pen, then tap the symbols at the top of each page to send the design to Adobe’s software. The new product – part of an ongoing collaboration between the two firms – was actually announced last week, but with all the news coming out of GDC 2019, we’ve only just got around to covering it. A new Moleskine Paper Tablet targeted at designers, not note-takers Moleskine’s Paper Tablet range is a series of physical notebooks the shape and size of digital tablets. An infra-red camera in the accompanying Pen+ Ellipse smart pen tracks subtle patterns printed on the paper, enabling the pen to store a digital copy of anything drawn physically in the notebook. Moving the pen over a printed symbol at the top corner of the page transfers the digital copy to a desktop PC or laptop via Bluetooth. Moleskine has been selling the notebooks for a few years now, although in a form primarily targeted at general note-taking and doodling. In contrast, the new Creative Cloud Connected edition is targeted at graphics professionals, with the design being exported to Illustrator as editable vectors, complete with a history stack.
  15. posted first time out. scv_1553531092611.mp4 That nasty racket was the CPU cable pushing against the pump hoses. I moved it and everything became very peaceful scv_1553531580746.mp4
  16. I apologize for having been a bit sarcastic but this is a bit stressful for me...please try to understand... That Dark Rock air cooler is too big for my case but this version of the Nocua is just the right size; This Noctua is dirt cheap. I'll be getting it as well and testing out both form factors. The H100i Platinum cold plate overhangs the Threadripper in width dimension but leaves almost 3/16" of an inch uncovered at each end longtitudinally. I've planned this build for a long time and it was always going to be sort of experimental for me. Same with the OS and virtualization (eventually). That ASROCK Fatal1ty is built for virtualization pass through (to various hardware) technology I'll start with 2x 16GB for now and see if the system posts when i power up before installing the rest. Off to the store to get some isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the CPU heat sink before applying the pre heat paste applied cold plate. M2; 1TB the size of a stick of Wrigley's chewing gum
  17. I might also have a stroke and be paralyzed. I'll be alone and tossed into a hospital with evil nurses. Instead of changing my diapers, once they figure out that no one will ever visit me, they'll treat me with abuse. They'll leave me in a bed full of my own feces. I'll be fully conscious but unable to talk or move. I know this because I worked as a janitor in a cancer hospital for 2.5 years and saw it with my own eyes. Terminal care nurses are a bitter bunch and old smelly working class men are not on their popular list. It will be hell on earth. I should just commit suicide now and have done with it before this inevitable disaster befalls me.
  18. If it's giving me problem I take it out and replace it with something else. $160 is not a big deal. Dinner for 2 in a decent restaurant I read all the reviews on New Egg and Amazon and not a single complaint about leaking Corsairs. And Amazon and New Egg are replete with negative bot reviews slandering products in a very forumulaic manner.
  19. This is sort of related to what Abn Ranger is talking about, indirectly.. Coreteks makes the best videos on the computer market.
  20. Arseniy Korablev's musical tastes have always been...er....controversial.. And the smooth surfaces at the back of the vehicle are undoubtedly subD polygonal modelling.
  21. Cryengine enables real time ray tracing for AMD GPUs. https://wccftech.com/cryengine-noir-demo-runs-raytracing-amd-nvidia-gpus-non-rtx-graphics-cards/
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