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  1. Quote

    The license file with Iges support & Moulding forms tool:


    Download license, then please choose the file in 3D-Coat's licensing dialog.


    I've installed this licence and followed these instructions and 3D coat is now running well but I'm a bit confused about accessing IGES files in 3D Coat. I can't seem to find anything on the menu for importing them to any room nor does there seem to be any reference to them in the Edit->Preferences tab.  Can someone explain the whole IGES support to me as I seem to be lost in the fog an searching hasn't turned up any info on this.

  2. On 5/21/2021 at 3:57 AM, sprayer said:

    For modeling tools 3dcoat lack non destructive workflow.
    Would be great to have something like this. Every object can be edited and adjusted smooth edges at any time


    The great thing about Mesh Fusion (AKA Groboto) is that it makes bevels and chamfers on complex objects available when used with polygons for the first time. Previously only NURBS and BREP had that power. Of course it's not quite as mathematically precise as NURBS or BREP but for people working in polygonal  or subD modelling it doesn't have to be.  Mesh Fusion is one of the most desireable technologies for any polygonal toolset. I haven't even mentioned its superb boolean functionality.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Silas Merlin said:

    do you mean in the models panel for the sculpt room ? if yes, and if it is like in 4.9,  the panel needs to be showing the folder the primitive is on for the hotkey to work.
    For example, if you have a hotkey for sphere in the default folder, but the greebles folder happens to be open, then the hotkey for sphere won't work until you reopen the default folder.



    Primitives panel in Sculpt Room. I can create that hotkey ALT + A and it works but if I move to the Paint room or any other setting and come back to the Sculpt Room  the assigned hot key is gone.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Silas Merlin said:

    It becomes even more useful for performing a series of actions but there are pitfalls specific to 3d-Coat such as the inability to lock the ui. It is too easy to resize a panel by mistake, which makes using mouse clicks in your voice commands somewhat unreliable. A solution is to periodically restore workspace (with a voice command).
    There is a discord server for the software with very reactive people helping you, (it is expected that you read the manual first).
    I highly recommand having a separate profile loading at startup and performing a "stop listening" action. Otherwise any voice or sound in your workspace will trigger your commands.
    Once VA is "not listening", you need to go into the options of your 3d-Coat profile and do something like this :

    In this example, if I want to perform an action, let's say "toggle symmetry", then I need to say "Computer, toggle symmetry" for the command to be recognized.
    This might sound cumbersome but it becomes rather natural with time, and removes the possibility of disasters occuring due to commands being performed by mistake due to ambient sounds.

    Right now my favorite command is "interface". All the panels just disappear allowing me a totally empty viewing area. It's much nicer just to call up the various tools and other panels individually by name at need. And calling "interface" can toggle them all back in their pristine default form. This is going to go a long way in overcoming my distaste for the wading through the clutter of all the tools that really deserve to be learned and mastered. And it so much easier to have one meaningful word to remember over a bunch of abstruse key combinations to learn, you know, like in Blender and Zbrush. Click fests are the enemy of making art.

  5. On 4/22/2021 at 12:22 PM, Silas Merlin said:

    Yes, but you have to set everything up yourself and there is a learning curve.

    Thanks a lot for the advice on this software. I just bought it tonight and it's going to make working in 3D Coat with the Wacom Cintique a lot easier, a lot more fluid and intuitive work flow.  It really works well; voice recognition has gone a long way



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  6. 4 hours ago, Elemeno said:

    i know this would be a huge amount of work and just thinking about it would annoy me but.....

    what if each tool on 3dc had a button bind to it lets say i for info and it brings up a youtube video of how to use that tool 

    this would help so much for new users 

    also not sure if this is possible someone might be able to help me... but can you use the cut out tool and a depth into the mesh and not just cutout the whole section into the selection box

    I just want documentation on the order of Rhino's if not Houdini's.



    The current help for 3D coat just doesn't cut it.


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  7. 21 hours ago, Silas Merlin said:

    For me too reaching out for keyboard is painful because it means letting go of wacom and 3d mouse.

    But, voice commands are also a way to solve some of the shortcomings of 3d-Coat.
    what I mean is for example in 4.9 3dc never remembers the latest alpha/stroke mode combination for the grow tool. It remembers an old combination and decides randomly every few weeks to remember a new one.
    A voice command to call the grow tool can solve that by performing a series of actions to set up the tool correctly.

    Keyboard shortcuts are nice for users with mouse/keyboard, sure, but they each do only one thing at a time.


    Working with a Wacom Cintique presents its own challenges and having voice commands would solve about 90% of them.

  8. Concept Art I created while taking Jama Jurabaev's course on Learn Squared. Added an animated version of the first shot.
    The buildings were made using 3D coat which were then brought into Cinema 4D where I did the city layout. It was rendered in Octane, comped in Photoshop then brought back into C4D and projected back across the city geometry before adding the camera move. The final comp and fx were done in After Effects.



  9. Retopo...just what I wanted to discuss here. Andrew produced the first auto topology system all by himself years ago and it was an amazing accomplishment. It was a bit rough and often frustrating. 

    Also I'm finding all the innovations for 2021 a bit intimidating to me so I've been sort of avoiding 3D Coat lately. I started tooling around tonight just trying some approaches with anatomy and layers and curve tool and came up with this and thought; "this would really be a tough test for autopo". The old autopo would definitely have crapped out on this one but not any more. 

    3DCoat autopo is unreal now. I'm impressed as hell. It's not appropriate for animation...no autopology system is really. But it's smooth and flowing now whatever complexities of topology you throw at it without any egregious glitches and that's really impressive to me. I"m thinking that MOI3D for hard edge mechancial stuff and 3D Coat for organic sculpting is pretty close to being the ideal workflow and on a tight budget at that.



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  10. 9 hours ago, Scary M said:

    There is no clear path it all depends on what you want to do with the application?  From just texturing and baking maps from an asset you have built elsewhere,  sculpting a start to finish project,  tweaking normal map from another software. Retopology of external asset.

    I'll admit there is a plethora of confusing options especially for baking. I usually have a very set course when I use it, I often incorporate many different tools using 3dc for specific tasks within that pipeline. 

    3DCoat is a Far cry from Photoshop by design. It has elements from it sure but they are there for specific tasks. What are you hoping to do with it.

    I'm not defending it's often confusing complexity, just trying to understand what you want from it and how you wish to work with it.

    We would all like to help make it better and more attainable usable in multiple workflows pipelines.

    Frankly I'm trying to come back to it and the documentation is just not as good as it should be. When the programmers are creating a new tool they have detailed documentation as they code it. Surely there could be a more technically detailed manual than the superficial one we've got. 

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