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  1. Wow that's some really good texturing and modeling.
  2. I was really stoked for my mirror project then I went dead after I finished it. Call it procrastination, laziness, artist's block it wasn't fun. I wasted the last two weeks being bored, vexed annoyed, frustrated. Albrecht Durer made a superb etching on this subject, called Melancholia...Saturn exerts it's malign influence upon creative people...and they sink into a paralyzing depression... Anyway, last night I'd had enough and set to work despite feeling depressed, or rather overwhelmed by all the problems that this medium presents to me, particularly in texturing. And after just a little bit of work I felt a whole lot better...
  3. Hey Marupura, here's the best 3d printer company I found at Siggraph 2011 in Vancouver this year...they do the biggest and best models at a good price relatively speaking.
  4. What program are you going to use for that??
  5. Masters, particularly masters of the Maniera didn't concern themselves with anatomical correctness once they were past their apprenticeship. I think they've got all sorts of other agendas operating. Michaelangelo's David is totally wrong in terms of proportion; the hands and feet are too big the head is too big for the body and the eyes are too big for the head. But it works while a photographically correct work would not work correctly, or feel right. This is partly attributable to stage craft, tricking the eyes and the mind behind them, but also the Maniera of the late Renaissance is a rejection of Albertian classicism of the early Renaissance with its clarity of light and Euclidian proportions; the Maniera is the adoption of the occult, the mysterious, and the alchemical. Stylizations with deep abstract impulsions come to dominate the icons, pushing aside mere proportional correctness with strange distortions that suggest spiritual qualities that are unspoken, cryptic. An analogous movement takes place in the sciences with Galileo's classical geometrical astronomical mechanics being shouldered aside by the mysterious and occult force of gravity for which there is still no obvious mechanical explanation or even rational model. Gravity travels through space instantaneously in some cases, at the speed of light in other cases. It's occult. The Maniera is occult. The later Michelangelo is of the Maniera and has more to do with Bronzino's peculiar proportions than it does with Leonardo's brilliant Albertian analyses...
  6. That's unreal work and I love the direction you're calling for in workflow development.
  7. I handn't thought of that. My own creation was excruciatingly difficult to retopo and it was nowhere near as complex as this. Hopefully it's made up of a lot of layers so that he can retopo them individually
  8. What game engine are you planning on using?
  9. Wow that's great. Is it all built in 3d coat or is it partly constructed in some other 3d app?
  10. http://vesalius.northwestern.edu/ https://rs111l32.rapidshare.com/#!download|111l34|261998998|Vesalius.__De_Humani_Corporis_Fabrica__1543_.PDF|97234|R~E0A6D062F7C0F052832F1B150872CEA4|0|0
  11. I'm going to have to go back through this thread and see how you pulled that trick off with the laces as separate objects from the boots and their loops..
  12. Great concept, excellent execution.
  13. Got to get rolling on this now...there's a lot of work ahead..
  14. That would be excellent michalis. You're a very knowledgeable and talented guy. I look foward to seeing your contributions to it. Maybe it'll inspire me to get off my lazy ass and start working on it. And I agree that the mechanical approach to anatomy is not the be all and end all to sculpture, but it's an essential fundamental skill that allows the higher functions of the art to flourish on top of a firm foundation of correct knowledge.
  15. Is that a sintered powder or a polymer extrusion technique?
  16. That looks good. What sources did you use for skin textures? How high was the resolution in the image of skin you used for texture painting?
  17. Here's an experiment from when I first bought 3d Coat when I was struggling to learn how to get thin walled surfaces...it's a study of the interior of the skull, just a crude sketch but still successful in that I got what I wanted from it.
  18. If there's one single subject of study that will immensely improve the abilities of any artist, it's the study of anatomy. And we, the beneficiaries of the computer graphics revolution are fortunate enough to have at our disposal the resources and tools that only a very few wealthy people or people fortunate enough to be patronized by the wealthy and enlightened could experience. We have a sculpture studio on our desk capable of amazing things. Man is the microcosm of the universe, and if we master the art of sculpting, drawing, and painting man to excellence then we master all... Therefore I want to consacrate this thread to the study of anatomy, mainly human but also animal. My own struggles to master anatomy have paralleled my struggles to obtain some mastery over this new medium. Early on I assumed that NURBS was the only way to model and my struggles to create the kind of complex irregular surfaces one encounters in the biological world repeatedly frustrated me. Then I discovered SubD polygonal modeling and the advent of Zbrush and I was able to make further progress. But there again the difficulties imposed by the topology of a subD polygonal object raised all sorts of difficult barriers. Of course we have the examples of Zack Petroc over as Zbrush but I wasn't really inspired to undertake this work, the work of constructing the human form from it's individual constituent parts in all their detail and beauty until I came across 3d Coat and Leigh Bamforth's superb tutorial series on the human skull that I got the courage to try again. That's when I decided to buy 3d Coat and get into Voxel sculpting, which I feel is the way of the future. http://vimeo.com/channels/ljbsculptingtutorials So join me and contribute your own serious efforts at mastering this difficult and rewarding subject. I'm not going to stop this thread until I die or triumph.. In the process I hope to be sharing resources that all can use. I own a real human skelton that I purchased in 1980 and I've been gathering texture palettes that I will be posting for everyone's use here as well as models and 2d resources. I hope you too will have resources you can share with us...
  19. Why avoid Normal Maps? I thought they rendered a lot faster than Displacement Maps?
  20. I'm finding the MOVE tool to be one of the most useful tools in the Voxel tool box I made this maquette with almost 90% move tool work But for certain specific uses it's a bit lacking. When i want to pull out a mass it tapers the mass out...I don't want that...I'd like the mass to pull straight out. The extrude tool just doesn't cut it for this. I would want it more like the EXTRUDE tool in maya polygons where you select polygons then just extrude them out in a mass. What I'm proposing is a modified MOVE tool with a new name where you paint/select on the surface of your voxels then just pull the painted/selected voxel surface out the way you pull out the selected polygons in a Maya EXTRUDE. You could pull the mass out as far as you want without tapering off of the mass...it would also offer a more precise selection of the surface area you want to pull out than the present MOVE tool does..this new precision would make it much easier to say, just pull out an arm from the selected voxels of the shoulder area, then just pull out the forearm from precisely selected voxels of the elbow and have an angular bend at the elbow without any messy pulling of areas you don't want pulled as it does now.. Of course this may already exist and I don't know about it but if it doesn't I think this would be a very useful tool.. Thx.
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