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  1. Here's the dumb question of the day. Why have I noticed people using this sort of format "graememcdoug (at) aol (dotcom)" to share their emails? Does it have to do with spam?
  2. Mike DaPrimate

    Educational Version

    No commercial use. It's very clear. Intent does not create a clause for bartering.
  3. Mike DaPrimate

    [SOLVED] How to embed videos in forums ?

  4. Yeah, been trying to figure this one out in these forums. How can I embed my Youtube videos in these forums with the editor? Thanks.
  5. Mike DaPrimate

    Bridge in retopo?

    AbnRanger, you just gave me an idea on adjusting my topology after I'm done in the voxel room. Still is an issue financially, as Max is too expensive for commercial work. Want coat to handle all freelance work.
  6. Mike DaPrimate

    Bridge in retopo?

    6 years since Coat's last major release? Okay, now I have some research to do. That is a long time.
  7. Mike DaPrimate

    Profile Albums?

    When it comes to the albums we get with our profiles, is there a limit? Is there a resource that informs us of restrictions?
  8. Mike DaPrimate

    Bridge in retopo?

    I'm curious, how long between major releases?
  9. Mike DaPrimate

    Several Questions

    Okay, will try that also. But here's the other challenge. Let's say once I get the handle stuff figured out, which I'm confident I will. But I'm thinking ahead to other challenges like this example. If I get a concept to design like the image below, I wouldn't even know where to start trying to get the precision required for this build when working in 3D Coat. I'm trying to think of a way to cut out the shapes with primitives and then use those same shapes in a subtraction merge.
  10. Mike DaPrimate

    DDO beta is out!!

    I'm guessing that dDo support within Coat never became a reality?
  11. Mike DaPrimate

    Several Questions

    I tried, several times. Couldn't get it done. I will continue trying to use the tool as you advised. I know you're able to get it done, so I'm just gonna have to figure it out.
  12. Mike DaPrimate

    Several Questions

    Well, after some help from Javis and AbnRanger, I was able to accomplish more with the mesh. Javis really helped with optimization tools. I'm still not satisfied with the handles. I tried my best to get the desired result, but I just couldn't get the tools to perform. When working with a reference image, the control just wasn't where I needed it to be. Free form modeling, I'm sure I would be able to create interesting shapes that can make a handle look better, but control just wasn't there.
  13. Mike DaPrimate

    Several Questions

    No need to apologize. Work your magic.
  14. Mike DaPrimate

    Several Questions

    Gizmo tip did not work for me. Also, I always make sure not to voxelize upon import. It still does not look identical. This is becoming a major issue for me. I've /exported/imported in several ways without getting the desired results. Again, I will assume I'm doing something wrong. But why is it this difficult to just import a model and just get the results every other 3D app gets upon a simple import? I've seen "Res+" in single increments in the Youtube Channel videos. So it can be done. How? Unless I'm going blind, I can't find "Camera Options > Customize UI". I'm running version 4.1.04A. I've been getting other results I've been looking for with the axis options, but I have still yet to figure out how to resize the axis so it can fit the screen when I zoom in. This is the stuff I really need to learn. You are right about trade offs. 3D Coat has been one of those apps for me that I want to use regularly, but it seems it's missing some polish and consistency. Which makes sense when only one developer is working on it full time. Some great work has been done here, without a doubt, but there are some issues that can benefit from a more resourceful development team. Out of all Sculpting apps I've been testing and studying, Mudbox comes across as the most stable application. By far. 3D Coat happens to be the one I like the most. I've been exhausting the Youtube channel videos to get caught up with understanding how 3DC works and it has helped a lot, but still have to figure out more. I really would like to figure out the answers to these current questions, so I'm gonna get back to work on it shortly. Long day ahead and it's focused on porting work flows and trying to figure out how to make asset creation easier.
  15. Mike DaPrimate

    Several Questions

    Okay, I'm still trying to port over work flows. 3DC keeps calling me. ;-) After watching some key modeling videos on the Youtube channel, these are the following questions I have yet to figure out. Thought it would be a good idea to post during my lunch break. Does 3D Coat support dual monitors? Basically, I want to be able to drag all dialogue box's over to my second monitor and use my primary monitor for the work area. How to “Res+” in single increments? Pretty much as it sounds. I've noticed that Res+ seems to jump in increments of 2. Can this be controlled? How to make Gizmo smaller so it can fit within the screen? Sometimes I zoom in so close that my gizmo handles are off screen. Want to put an end to this madness. How can I translate with numeric values when working with primitives? Here's the example that will help. I don't get how to use these "Point" options. As I've noticed 2 categories are influenced, even when manipulating one axis (Z for example). Is there any way to change a primitive while adopting the general location and scale? Wanted to change from a cylinder to a cube while remaining in the same work area. It does not have to be exact. Just a general relation would be fine, I can make all required edits before applying. Example: When using the "EditPoseFalloff" option within the Pose Tool (or any curve editing tool), is it possible to snap to a point or edge within the graph? Example: I'm having this strange issue when trying to subtract with a primitive. As you will see in the image, the subtraction is not following the silhouette of my primitive. No matter what I do, after I apply, it keeps giving me this result. Why? (This part of the mesh is a child within the layer structure). I also noticed that the subtraction seems to follow the primitive as if it were "standing straight up" on the Y axis. Importing models does not look the same? All I'm trying to do is start building a library of models. However, my models are not importing or merging with the same resolution before export. Example: How can I get rid of this gray border? It has this weird influence on the gizmo handles and will not work as expected when selecting them on the outside of this border. Another attempt to get the most out of the work space. Example: That's it for now. Thanks!