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  1. AH I think I understand now! I didn't realize after makintg the islands, you have to unwrap the model. Now it makes a bit more sense. Thanks. I'm having another problem where importing the mesh causes it to deform in some odd ways, but I'll make that into another post after doing some tests... I'm not sure if it's the model, or 3D Coat... or a combination of both.
  2. Yeah, but I'm not quite sure what parts on the flat UV map relate to the 3D space. It'd be really nice if you could select faces and things in the 2D space and they'd highlight in the 3D space.
  3. I'm trying to UV the object in 3DC, but the problem I'm having is I can't figure out what translates to what from the UV space to 3D space. For example, if I make an island in 3D space and move the mouse over it, it's a trapazoid shape. When I'm looking at the main UV map... I see that shape NOWHERE on the map. How can I scale, ove or rotate that particular island if I can't even find it on the map. I also could just pick an island on the map and start moving it, but I don't know exactly what I'm selecting so I have to move something around and then go back and see if anything changed on the 3D viewport. I know that if I move the mouse over the object in 3D space, the UV space jumps to that island group, but the group seems to be a different shape from what it is normally. It'd be REALLY helpful if when you highlighted something in UV space, it lit up in 3D space, or if you could select an island in 3D space, it'd show up in 2D space.
  4. Hi everyone. I've made a simple model in C4D and exported it. The shape is correct, but the object has black splotches all over it. When I paint on it, marks pop up everywhere and not just on the spt I painted on. What's going on? It's just a normal .obj file. All I did was import it for microvertex painting. I tried once with smoothign on and again with smoothing off. I've only painted the yellow line along one side, but it's on a bunch of different ones. Is this a UV problem?
  5. Hm thanks. It worked kinda. Maybe it's just that I'm tired and frustrated, but 3DC's starting to get on my nerves and that's a shame because I'm really trying to push and support this program. All I wanted to do was import my low poly model, put some materials and details on it as normal, deffuse, and specular map. I guess I'm just getting all hung up over the specular map because it's not dispaying correctly.. Also, I'm upset that the Fill tool is basically LYING to me because it looks one way in the preview and looks anotehr when you put it on. I'll try on a different object later. Thanks for the help again.
  6. Hm ok. I'll give it a try. 3DC can render it gbecause in the image, it looks correct and that's rendered in 3DC. I'll try the DX engine instead. Also, I don't see why this can't be rendered with a specular channel. All that needs to be done is mak the specular range larger so that the brightness covers up more of the object... but that doesn't appear to be happening here EDIT: Ok this is just stupid. I tried using the FILL tool to just fill in the entire object with the material... it worked once or twice, but now it never works. I know it said it only works on flat objects... but I was JUST using it on the whole thing. Not only that, but it had a nice bright specular too. Now it'll only do it on flat surfaces, yet when I look in the preview window for the fill tool, it just fills the whole surface (in preview) I can't acutally use it to FILL the whole object though... what gives? I tried doing it from the right click menu on the layer, but doing it that way, it'll only fill in the color. It's the option that says Fill Unfrozen. I don't get it. How do I just fill the whole object with the material? Why does the fill tool only fill flat surfaces when according to the preview, it's fully capable of filling the whole object? GAH!
  7. Hi again everyone. Sorry for another post on this but... I've got a nice 3000 poly model of this image. YAY problem of other thread solved. Now this problem should be MUCH easier to figure out. I'm in micro vertex mode and want the specular to be wide so it looks like metal. (Kind of how it looks in that image. The problem is that when I go and pick a grey color and even after I make a metal material with a specular channel... the object just appears to be wet like it's coated with... (lol) paint... 3D Coat... get it... xD um... anyway, How do I make the object have that nice metalic sheen like the original shader had. I think I just have to make the specular spot brighter. Iv'e tried playing with the specular settings, but it didn't work. I set the specular even to 200 percent. Then I even set the opacity to 200 percent. It should've been blown ALL the way out... but it wasn't... what gives?
  8. Thanks... Great, there's a lot of work down the drain. Hmm.... Man, I'm afraid to do anything in the voxel room now... geeze. Even for larger things, I'm afraid it still won't come out right even though the larger things should work just fine. As I said, I DO have a low poly version alright. (without holes,) so I guess I could paint on that. Thanks.
  9. I have a problem. How in the LIGHT do you retopoligize THIS??? I've tried mutliple times and it didn't work. I think it's because there were some extra voxels in the layer elsewhere that I couldn't erase. I've just exported two version so fothe model. I exported a low 2000 poly version and a high 144,000 poly version. How do I bake the detail from the high poly model to the low poly model? I tried using Big Mesh import, but I wasn't sure what to do. I know there's another app to do this, but I think I'm know 3DC can do it already. This is almost always the main issue I have with 3DC. I can never get it to polies through retopo. I just export straight from voxel. That way, I can be sure the shape is EXACTLY right and I can reduce it later. I just need to get the high poly details on the low mesh. Thanks.
  10. I dragged one of the sub layers out to put it in a different vox layer, but it won't parent itself under another layer.
  11. Hi everyone. I've created some shapes in the voxel room but I put them in the wrong places. I know I can select each one and move it, but is there a way I can select multiple pieces and move them all at onces? I then need to copy and paste them and then rotate. Can this be easily done? (radial symetry would be cool.
  12. I konw this sounds insane, but they're doing some kind of test. Check it out and spread the word. http://www.projectmessiah.com/x6/shop.html EDITed to say that rereading this... it looks like a spambot... but it's actually not... it's really me writing this. This is a pretty interesting sale and I think it's pretty cool that they're doing something like this... so I'm just tryin' to spread the word... and get a license... xD
  13. LOLXDLOLZBRUSHLOL Y WUD U WANNA DU DAT!?! No but seriously. If you have all your voxel objects in different layers, but they're all showing, just go to File Export then export it as an obj. Zbrush should be able to reaad those just fine. And uh... sorry about the first line, I was just joking. ... kinda
  14. Wow that's really nice work. Great job. Glad you got it figured out.
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