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  1. Wait wait wait - does this mean we finally get high quality projection painting? I've been waiting for this ever since I owned a license.
  2. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    I also think emissive should have its own sphere up next to specular and its own dedicated texture. I also do not think it makes sense to seperate specular color into a blending mode. Why not enable us to paint specularity with colors activated? When you do not want color you simply paint black and white, and if you do you choose a color. Workflow wise this is much more intuitive and user friendly.
  3. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    Is there any hope of also improving "normal" projection painting? It basically suffers from the same problem.
  4. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    This. THIS. THIS! I cannot say enough how important and awesome such changes would be. A lot of texturing work relies on projection painting which always results in a blurry texture in 3d coat. This needs to be adressed!
  5. UVs will definitely NOT become obsolete with that feature. Image you have to export your painted textures to another application - you will definitely need to bake your textures onto a layed-out uv map. The main use of direct paint on voxels will be to postpone the retopo and uv process to a stage past the initial design, so you can get faster feedback from your client/director. It will also be great for illustration and rapid prototyping.
  6. ace63

    Vector displacement..?

    I also feel this should be possible - that is what vector displacement is for after all.
  7. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    I can confirm this - LC still crashing when using stamps.
  8. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Ah there maybe a missunderstanding here. I exported a decimated mesh from the voxel room because we did not want to work with displacement here. The decimated model was 300k triangles (the new decimation algorithm kicked it down from 4 million without loss of quality - great!). So I went ahead and imported that into PPP, but the cavity painting did not work here - which I needed badly - I guess because it only reads the cavity values from the normal map, which I did not have. So I imported it into Microvertex Painting, and the carcass resolution set itself to 1.3 million triangles. Cavity painting did work, but the whole process was veeery slow, as I already explained above.
  9. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    The problem with painting them on seperate layers is that it makes the scenes even slower and bigger (I think). I thought of a system where you can select your spec, depth and color layers in seperate lists simultaneously. I think the problem here is that even if you do only paint color an a layer, the depth and specular for that layer is still stored in the file, resulting in 3 maps per layer, even if only one is needed.
  10. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    I just finished a job which was mainly about creating digital chocolate and packaging for that. About 70% was in 3D Coat, while I modeled the rest in Softimage. So after using 3D Coat for the third time in a commercial job, I have to say there need to be updates to the painting room. While the functionality is fine the speed is not. It takes a minute to fill a simple 2k texture with the rectangle tool - this should happen in the blink of an eye. It took nearly 5 minutes to export 4 2k layers to photoshop. Any kind of painting larger than a few pixels wide is ultra slow even on simple meshes. Projection quality needs to be raised a lot aswell. But the main problem is the speed and filesizes - I had a simple 1.3 million triangle mesh (Microvertex Painting) and a single 2k texture on that, and the filesize was already at 300 megabytes. There was nothing else on that scene. Waiting for 3D Coat took more than 2 hours a day while working on this stuff and almost killed me at the deadline - please do something about it. Oh and please seperate depth, specular and color layers. It is a mess when you have to guess from what layer that specular is coming from, especially when it takes half a minute to switch a layer on and off.
  11. ace63

    Self illumination channel

    THIS! We definitely need specular color aswell!
  12. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    http://farsthary.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/radial-symmetry-for-3dcoat/ Woohoo!
  13. ace63

    SUBD Topo?

    This is exactly what we need. While it is fine that you can bake down your voxel details to your retopo mesh and retain all details, it simply does not work so easy for any other retopo work. Don't forget that you do not only retopo voxels but imported meshes aswell. I once tried retopo on an imported car model - it was impossible because I only could guess how well it would hold once subdivided. I don't understand that this has not been requested more often considering how important it is.
  14. Hey guys, I just wanted to show you one of the latest pictures I made. The fish was completely sculpted and textured in 3D Coat, rendered in Softimage and a little postprocessing in After Effects. Enjoy
  15. ace63

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Here are the artifacts I am getting with any kind of cavity painting - the lines are equal to the wireframe of the object. Win7 x64, 3D Coat 3.5.17 CUDA on the latest Nvidia Driver. This did not happen a few versions ago.