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  1. Hey hey! I have a bit of a pickle, and I'm still learning all the fantastic stuff in 3D Coat, but there's this one thing which puzzles me so: How do I make colored seam guides for UV maps and export them as a neat graphic? For example, StitchWitch does these neat color-coded UV maps (see attachment for an example), but as Genesis 3 (by DAZ 3D) uses a completely different method of doing UV maps, it can no longer extract them correctly, and therefore, I figure I should try to export one via 3D Coat, since 3D Coat has no probs dealing with the figure. I, ummmm, haven't quite figured out how to do it. How would I do it? I've done UV maps of my own and successfully exported them in objects, but I haven't done this thing. Help?
  2. Also, I'm willing to take suggestions for something reasonably simple a beginner can do as freebie projects; I have a decent selection of critters from DAZ, so if there's something that absolutely needs a different take of a skin, I find it hard to say "no" to animals... especially prehistoric ones. I need practice before I can start doing commercial projects.
  3. Ooo, pangolins are awesome. Although I'd be tempted to try that scaly surface as an instanced object with Look At My Hair plugin, so it would be even more dynamic; I've been thinking of a similar solution to the hedgehog/porcupine dilemma (namely, that there's not enough hedgehog/porcupine figures available on the market). Oh and DinoRaul is right now having a sale at Renderosity (this is pure coincidence, I swear!) so if anyone wants a cute widdle extinct mammal to their runtime, they can now snag it cheaply.
  4. Thanks! I have prior experience with graphics, and handling tiny objects in need of paint (I love miniature painting), so this is like a perfect combination of both. As soon as I get the pro version of 3D Coat, I'll get back to my Wyvern 2.0 and finish that freebie. Although it is pretty finished right now... well, sort of. (One sample of the wyvern project. Similarities are there, yes...) I'm thinking about less furry skins for Millennium Subdragon and other beasties; a black-dark purple dragon skin surely would look great, not to mention a tiger-striped but scaly one. Maybe couple of new morphs tossed into the mix?
  5. Hi! I just finished my quick project (my other project is still being worked, but my demo ran out and I'm waiting for the end of the month so I can buy the pro version)! Prehistoric animals are my favorite things, and while dinosaurs are really popular, I like post-dino era beasties more. I recently bought Eurohippus by DinoRaul from a sale, and while it comes with two lovely skins, I decided out of lark to make my own version. I painted it in two parts: first diffuse and then customized bump & displacement. I used new sub-surface scatter shaders in DAZ Studio 4.6, and while I am not 100% satisfied (then again, I never am, I just need to learn when to call it quits), I think this is as good as it gets in my hand at this stage. I have a lot to learn before I can even think about cranking out professional stuff. So if you have EurohippusDR and want to give it a spin in DS4.6, or if you have the model and want to try a new skin and aren't afraid of making your own settings... here's the free skin if you want to grab it. Protip: It is a very good idea to add more geometry to the critter, and crank up some subdivision. Catmull-Clark Legacy algorithm works the best, Catmark is OK as well (DS4.6). Second, you may want to replace the hair surfaces (mane, tail, ear tufts) with fibermesh or dynamic hair; I have a LAMH (Look At My Hair) plugin hair in the works right now.
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    Hello! Newbie here, to the forum and 3D (I've been doing this a hair over a year by now, so I think that's still within realms of newbieness). An online friend (and 3D goodies vendor) recommended 3DCoat and gave it a good spiel, so I downloaded the demo and I've been happily tinkering with it! Wow! So cool! Unlike other software I've tried, this one clicked in my brain right away! I don't have any noob questions yet, but I'm sure those will come in time. Right now I'm just happily slathering paint over digital figures (as opposed to real ones -- this is very much like miniature painting hobby I also have) and exporting textures to my main software (DAZ Studio 4.5). At this point sculpting is just a cherry on top of my sundae, since I wanted to try this for painting purposes (I hate UV seam painting with a blazing passion); however, I've dabbled with that too (mostly with Hexagon and Sculptris), so it is going to end up a rather huge cherry on my dessert.