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  1. HunterWolf

    (sell)3D-Coat license

    within two or three days is willing to sell for 160$
  2. HunterWolf

    (sell)3D-Coat license

    to personal reasons I need to sell my 3D-Coat license Pro (Win) price 200$ contact me at hunterwolf6969@gmail.com
  3. HunterWolf

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Someone can confirm the error opencl baking AO in version Beta19, using driver version 358.50 nvidia? Checked on two graphics cards gtx960m and gtx850m, win 8.1 (64): After the error, you can select only the CPU In the version of the same bug in Beta18, version Beta17 works fine
  4. HunterWolf

    2nd UV-set for light map?

    I do not worry, I'm doing two uv-set with doubling polycount, then in maya still have to work with vertex normals, I imported into maya two mesh and then take from the second mesh uv-set, and the second mesh delete.
  5. HunterWolf

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Tools "Vertex lasso and Stroke lasso" are behaving like a normal brush clamped mode "ctrl". Closed only after the re-selection points and welding. Tool "Stroke lasso" in general almost never get to do closed. So it should be?
  6. Есть возможность использовать панель Пресетов для этого
  7. HunterWolf

    Освоение программы

    Как то так :
  8. HunterWolf

    3D-Coat Pro vs Educational version

  9. HunterWolf

    Импорт из Cinema4d и ApplinkCinema4DR

    А сама меш, материал и файл синемы как называются? небось Моя моделька, Материал и Документ
  10. HunterWolf

    Импорт из Cinema4d и ApplinkCinema4DR

    Не должно быть ни какой кириллицы ни где, тогда проблем не будет. Забываем про русский во всех названиях и путях к файлам
  11. Andrew, I have two computers and a laptop, one is worth Intel Core i7-4770K (3.8 ), on the other AMD FX 8350 (4.6), and on a laptop i5 3210M (2.5) When tested on a model 7000000 poly. and a large brush(Voxel mode). On AMD is almost impossible to work, but on the i7-4770K is quite possible and a little worse for i5 3210M. And the difference is very noticeable when working on Intel and AMD. AMD for me - it's unpacking archives and a separate computer to render CPU
  12. HunterWolf

    New Training - Introduction to 3D Coat

    Thank you, I think the world is not only to one such innovation will be useful
  13. HunterWolf

    Текущий русификатор для 3DCoat

    Русификатор обновлён до версии программы 4.0.10 + текущие исправления В дополнение перевод встроенного пособия по скриптингу в Coat https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_IKnqj6-ri9c3BtTktBaFBRSzg/edit?usp=sharing Те у кого есть возможность исправьте название темы на "Текущий русификатор для 3D Coat"
  14. Someone can tell what it means?
  15. Many thanks Andrey for the update! Particularly for the font, it became much nicer aesthetically. Tomorrow will update localization