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  1. chikega

    Performance problem with surface sculpting

    Yes, same issues. I haven't used 3dCoat for sometime, recently upgraded to the latest stable release. I have a fairly standard gaming rig with a GTX 1070 Ti, latest drivers. But 3dCoat overall interactivity is sluggish from what I remembered previously. Everything from navigating, to painting to sculpting is sluggish and erratic. The brush hesitates then jumps, lurches when I try to paint. It stutters. Parts of the UV maps will flash in and out when I try to paint, flicker and disappear until I paint more or rotate the view. It's unusable for me. I don't remember any of this happening from earlier versions a few years ago. I do not have this issue in Substance Painter nor Zbrush
  2. chikega

    Export for Lightwave ?

    I've scoured the forum and from what I can tell it appears that there is no plans to support for LW 2020 either
  3. chikega

    [Solved] Normal Map Artifacts and Lightwave

    It appears to be an issue with LW on Win 8.1. I created normal maps in Zbrush and get the same artifact issues on the PC. But the same objects render correctly on Mac OSX. I've started a thread on the LW forum: http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?145007-Normal-Map-broken-LW-2015-1-Win8-1&p=1415543#post1415543
  4. chikega

    [Solved] Normal Map Artifacts and Lightwave

    I used the Unreal Engine setting and I didn't flip the Y. The results are the same .. artifacts.
  5. chikega

    [Solved] Normal Map Artifacts and Lightwave

    I actually tried switching on and off X, Y, Z ... no joy. Here is a screen shot of my preferences which I have never messed with before.
  6. It appears that I'm getting significant normal map artifacts with the latest version of 3dCoat 4.1.17D. In previous versions, I would always get clean normal maps by simply exporting the object as a LWO. I've tested the objects in both Lightwave 11.6.3 and Lightwave 2015.1 to see if it was a Lightwave problem, but the same artifacts show up in both versions. I then loaded scenes with objects and normal maps generated by previous versions of 3dCoat and the renderings are clean with no artifacts. See images. The first image is an older scene using Lightwave 2015.1. The second image is a new scene using Lightwave 2015.1 ... it looks the same in 11.6.3.
  7. chikega

    Gbball's sketchbook

    I enjoyed your overview of 3dcoat ... nice caricatural sculpt of Wolverine!
  8. chikega

    Metha`s Workshop

    Nice sculpts Linda!
  9. chikega

    Chikega's Doodle Sculpts

    Thanks Tony! Cheers, Gary
  10. I've seen similar issues. I've downloaded xNormal to compare the results it produces. http://www.xnormal.net/1.aspx
  11. Here are some small studies I've done while I learn 3dcoat.
  12. I just subscribed to Digital Tutors and I look forward to watching your video. I have Topogun as well although it doesn't seem as it's been updated in some time. :-/
  13. chikega

    Belanus Hi

    I've seen this creature before .. oh, yes ... it's in the Guerilla Render
  14. chikega

    3DC review in 3D World

    Antony Ward is the author of "Modeling in Silo": http://amzn.com/B00ABL68MM He also contributes tutorials on Maya and Silo for Digital Tutors: http://www.digitaltutors.com/11/search.php?searchString=antony+ward
  15. I've been a longtime Lightwave/MODO/Silo user but I've been adding Blender to the plate more and more lately. Silo was the zen of modeler's but it's development has all but ceased as the founders chase the Apple App market. I recently purchased Nvil and it's a superb replacement for Silo (Windows only). It just needs to be 64-bit to handle larger datasets. I still enjoy animating and rendering in Lightwave although I wish I could use some modeling tools in Layout. MODO has some long-standing bugs such as the bevel bug (loses symmetry on non-planar polygons). I enjoy learning Blender on Cgcookie and I also follow Christopher Kuhn who is an amazing Blender modeler: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyzuy0na-XIxMQOPKNLodLg https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kuhn-Industries/345392525548878