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  1. ToreB

    Don`t save Jpegs with the scene files?

    I wonder if this request has been adressed since the last post of 23th august 2013? It still would be nice if it was possible to turn off the saving of jpg's with the scene files - I just haven't been able to find any way of doing this...yet.
  2. ToreB

    Where is my shaders?

    Thanks for your answer, but please note that the version used for the instruction video is 4.5.33. Thus the new system should be in effect there, and be the same as my version 4.5.36. But I have far less shaders. I am a bit confused here...
  3. ToreB

    Where is my shaders?

    In an instructional video on youtube a broad selection of sculpt room shaders can be seen: In my installation of 3D-coat (latest beta) only some of those shaders are present: I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but the full selection of shaders in the sculpt room never appears. Any advice on how to obtain them?
  4. ToreB

    "A Victim of Duty"

    - new short film
  5. ToreB

    Nude torso

    Torso sculpted directly from a sphere with 3D Coat's excellent new Live Clay tools. Rendering also done in 3D Coat.
  6. ToreB

    Victim of Duty - new short film

    Finally finished my "digital stop motion" short "A Victim of Duty" adapted from a story by the master of absurd theatre, Eugene Ionesco. All texturing is UV-mapped and handpainted in 3DCoat and animation+rendering is done in Animation Master. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/100828440