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    Spirals are soooo hard lol I wish I had some sort of fibonnaci template for it. Perhaps a large mountable snail would have some slight cracks signifying age? No convincing you? Thanks for pointing out the groove thing, I need to move it over and back then. I'm going for a kind of sea snail look with the colours and shape. I want to add layers for a wooden blocky sadle and the traveling merchant himself as well as some throw over donkey saddle bags or something.
  2. Chesty

    Newbie WIP's

    First part of a snail riding merchant, the snail's shell. What do you think? http://3d-coat.com/turntableID=137026915290
  3. Hello 3D Coat community. I am new to 3D art all together and bought 3D coat on a whim. I made my very first creation in a day and a bit and am excited to share my work and have it be open for hints and tips commenting by more experienced users. This thread can also be used by any other person new to 3D art and hopefully we might learn collaboratively. Thanks for any comments and helpful criticism. Chesty http://3d-coat.com/turntableID=137017747353