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  1. giovannyarce

    Baking PBR test

    3d coat pbr texturing, manual projection test using screenshots from camera angles and then some projection in photoshop. Shadeless, only diffuse map. Done in Blender SKETCHFAB link: https://skfb.ly/CDyq Cap Hi V01 by Giovanny Arce on Sketchfab
  2. giovannyarce

    Sharing custom PBR materials

    Hello guys, I ask here because I cant anything in the forum related to this. There is any thread where people are sharing their custom PBR materials?
  3. giovannyarce

    Isolate selected

    I want this too.
  4. giovannyarce

    VoxTree - Thumbnail Preview

    I would love to know if there are future plans to this feature? this a top 1 feature that we need. I work as a 3d / concept artists in games and I'm starting to incorporate 3dcoat more and more in my workflow. Please I would love to see something like this, also multiple layer selection, voxtree groups and "MERGE DOWN" ( since there is no thumbnails, using "merge to" is a pain in the #$%^&). For the momment, I have to say, GOOD WORK, I'm starting to love 3dcoat even more than zbrush, I saw zbrush 4r7 features and.... I feel like zbrush is copying a lot of existing features that are already in 3dcoat. I also suggest that you guys put a little bit of more effort in the marketing area, I'm really sure that all that could help to put 3dcoat in the top of the industry. Voxels are the way to go, is the future and uff, fure 3dprinting imagine arquitects doing sci fi buildings with a giant 3dprinter using a voxel model as a base. Keep it up the good work guys.
  5. giovannyarce

    ZBrush R6 AppLink -32 bit version only-

    DarkEdge, thanks for this, now I can bring my zbrush models to 3dcoat, but still, I can't bring them back to zbrush... any solutions to this?
  6. Wuao! thank you so much, awesome features and improvements. Keep it up the good work.
  7. giovannyarce

    ZBrush R6 AppLink -32 bit version only-

    By the way, I'm using 4r6 and still have no luck installing it even changing the path to the zplug of 4r6 and downloading the version 5 of the applink.
  8. giovannyarce

    ZBrush R6 AppLink -32 bit version only-

    This need to be fix and let the users know in the download link, I was fighting with zbrush to make the applink work without any luck , I also did not notice this post have 3 more pages of conversation... so I was so lost.
  9. giovannyarce

    Giovanny Arce - Sketchbook

    True Journeymen, I usually like to change my workflow from time to time so every time I do something feels completely different, it helps to change the monotony. I really enjoy sculpting in 3d-coat, if you go to my blog you can see some models sculpted in zbrush and others in 3d-coat. I did some retopology in 3d-coat once but, I'm really use to do it in Blender, it feels more fast to me. For texturing and creating details with bump map is so awesome in 3d-coat because you can mix the original normals with the bumps and export them in a single normal map. In my workflow I start with Zbrush and when I feel the form its completely finish I move the model to 3d-coat and add extra details, I do this because 3d-coat allows me to use voxels and push the limits of my video card with the GPU feature, this is a big plus because is 64bits and zbrush its still 32bits. Here some stuff I did in this workflow I'm explaining, started in zbrush, adding details in 3d-coat, auto-topo in 3d-coat, texturing in 3d-coat:
  10. giovannyarce

    Giovanny Arce - Sketchbook

    Gracias jeje, saludos. Stage set concept art, hope to do this in 3d and texture in 3d-coat.
  11. giovannyarce

    Giovanny Arce - Sketchbook

    Thanks Timmy, the 3d bow was textured in 3d-coat, I'm posting here illustrations, concept art, 3d, and sculptures.
  12. Time to start my sketchbook around here. Here some finished illustrations, sketches, wip's, sculptures, etc... Enjoy and don't forget to watch my portfolio: www.GiovannyArce.com
  13. giovannyarce

    Monsta, sculpture / texturing.

    Hi, thank you guys, Carlosan, I will explain later on my full workflow, hope you guys don't mind if I start the tutorial with zbrush and then i show you how I jump to 3d-coat.
  14. Helly guys, I'm new around here, this is a sculpt I did in zbrush and then import it to 3d-coat for adding details (thanks to the cuda support), then did an autotopo and then fully textured in 3d-coat. Normal baking was done with xNormal, I will test the normal baking of 3dcoat later on. Enjoy.