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  1. Thank you very much. I understand that things take time. Knowing that there is a plan in such direction is surely reassuring. Thanks for the clarification again.
  2. If it's of any help, I managed to make it work in Ubuntu, Pop!_OS and Manjaro without issues. Just unpacking the compressed file into a folder, and then running the program from terminal should help to establish if any extra library is needed in your system.
  3. Hi, Is there any news on the status of the Linux builds development? It's been almost a month without a build, now. Is there any scheduling in the works for a more consistent (and shorter) release cycle? Thanks for your hard work. Just please don't forget about us, that's all.
  4. I agree, mostly. They would show that much more love for the Linux platform (and Mac, for that matter) if they would streamline their building process to be able to release Linux (and Mac) builds within hours after the initial Windows build is published. Having to wait for days (and days) for critical bug fixes already solved is a tad frustrating. Other companies manage to do so (and not just by delaying the publish of the main build, in this case, the Windows one (that's not what this is about)) and this great team can do it too. Then, they'll show that absolute commitment to all selling platforms. During a Beta phase is not optimal to wait for days to try to help to find bugs in all platforms, but is not a big deal. Now, though, we're even skipping entire build releases, for days on end, on a released product. That being said, the work done for the new 2021 version is patent, and with a bit of extra organisation, or allocation of resources, it'll be fantastic, for sure.
  5. Can we please have a new Linux build? We're still at 2021.06 as of July the 23rd. We're missing out on a ton of bugfixes already present in more recent builds. Could it be possible to streamline the internal building methodology so we wouldn't have to wait for days before the Linux build is released? It would mean a lot to some of us. Thanks in advance.
  6. @linnos @Elemeno Have you tried it like this, though? --->
  7. I can confirm that happening here also. Good catch, @ebitz
  8. It worked here, but the new primitive stays "inside" the large sphere, if I hide the layer in the sculptTree I can see the primitive generated.
  9. Same here, 3DCoat 2021.06 Ubuntu 20.04, Kernel 5.8.0-59-generic
  10. The [E] Stroke mode panel is empty in 2021.RC2 Linux That in the main UI and invoking it with the "e" key.
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