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  1. Not a fan either. And Sergyii already packs what's needed in the install.
  2. Well if it was a fresh install of a Genome Desktop distribution then I don't know what can it be. I suspected using nemo file manager or some other file manager could be it, but apparently it isn't. Let's hope @SERGYI can find the problem on his own, or tell us if he needs for us to test or document something. Thank you for reporting the issue, @ebitz.
  3. I see. We've been trying to pin point the issue without success yet, some of us. In some circumstances, opening and saving from 3DCoat crashes it on Linux. I thought it was to do with maybe with the file manager, but if you are using Gnome and Files, I'm out of ideas for now. In Cinnamon Desktop it happened to me, with a variant of Arch. On the same machine, and the same OS on another drive, using Gnome everything goes fine. I'll do some more tests. Have you tried to delete all 3DCoat folders and configs on the local user and tested it from scratch? If you find anything new please report it back.
  4. Are you using a different File Manager other than Gnome Files (nautilus)?
  5. @ymesh There's a new Linux build (2023.2). I'd be surprised if it was fixed already, but it might be worth a try.
  6. Well, @Elemeno, yes and no, then. For some workflows, it works perfectly fine as it is. For some other workflows I agree with you: we need quads, non-destructive geometry on different layers and preservation of UV's. Mind you, I also want and need those and I would love to stay in 3DCoat too for those tasks. I was pointing out that the feature is not broken, and it works. Although, yes, not for what you and me mostly need right now. Still, I'm pretty sure they are well aware of the challenges we face in some of our jobs, and what we need from the tools. We've explained and ask for it for a while now. They gave us multi-res. We still lack the rest. They are probably doing something about it. It will take time, but eventually we'll have those features, I'd say.
  7. No, it doesn't. But, yes!, we really really really do need it for some workflows. If not, I didn't understand how it's supposed to be used, then. It can happen. If and when that comes, the long awaited good performant multi-res system with quads (be it as an added option or by default), it will be a massive improvement for 3DCoat's adoption in some industry sectors. And for the whole 3DCoat reputation as a whole. Having that feature working fine, while preserving UV's from retopo room, and nice and easy baking will be a killer selling point. Multi-res without quads, as is today, has many uses and seems to work very well (admittedly I haven't tested it rigorously yet.)
  8. @ymesh you are welcome! Not that I solved anything anyway, though. I actually use Cinnamon quite a lot because fractional scaling with multiple monitors with different resolutions works very well. I'm currently quite busy, but when I get the time I'd like to test if we can pin point what's exactly going on with 3DCoat and non-Nautilus file manager windows. I suspect something is wrong there and I'm confident @SERGYI will eventually fix this. I'm just unsure with the resources available to them right now, not to mention the whole horrific situation they are forced to live in still, they'll find the time to check this out. Hence my willingness to get it from our side. Maybe if we can perfectly reproduce the issue, and point to the exact behaviour and probable cause, they may be able to fix it. Again, a lot of assumptions from me, here. Still, if it were just that, a kind of call for a file browser that isn't working if not a specific one is called seems like a not so insurmountable amount of extra work to fix. Hey, maybe Sergyii will check it out on his own! If at a later stage you find a way to make it work in Cinnamon please let us know here.
  9. I'm pretty sure though that 3DCoat has trouble opening and saving outside Nautilus. But at this time I can't test it properly to make a formal bug report. If you could effectively check that with your same system it works with Nautilus made default, we could probably find the cause of the crash. I don't think the 3DCoat team tests this out by themselves, since they don't use it in Linux. As far as I understand Sergyi makes the necessary changes to the code from the Windows build and makes the corresponding Linux builds to run against Ubuntu LTS vanilla (which I assume defaults to Nautilus). If something is to change in the code to make it work outside of those constrains we better give him something to look at directly. Otherwise I doubt he'll have the time to check every possible permutation. Thanks for testing it out @ymesh. If you can test it further, please keep us posted.
  10. I see. It can also be possible that the default file browser is still Nemo, even if running Gnome. Make Nautilus default. You can try, to check it out, saving a file from an internet browser, the dialog probably is till Nemo instead of Nautilus. I think some preferences come across from Cinnamon to Gnome if on the same system (meaning if booted, and then choosing one desktop environment or some other.)
  11. You don't specify which Desktop Environment you are using. I'm telling you this because it happened to me before in Cinnamon, which uses Nemo file browser. If using Nautilus, it wouldn't happen. It could be worth a try to install and set-up temporarily Nautilus (it's branded "Files" in Gnome now, I think, if it helps) as your default file manager, so when prompted by 3DCoat it's the one opening and saving files. If that works, we could pin point a culprit and make a formal report to @SERGYI. Also, in the mean time, if it works that is, you could keep using a more recent version of 3DCoat until the open and save dialog crash is fixed. I'm not so sure abut all this, but it could work. And if it does, probably it's not a crazy amount of work to fix for the developers. Just a thought. Keep us posted if you try it, please.
  12. But their strategy is absolutely failing: It's really a very useful tool for everyone!
  13. 3DCoat 2022.58 Linux build works fine in Linux without having to mess with the system libraries (python). Thanks!
  14. Not an option here, for a variety of reasons. We've been through that when 3DCoat 2022.48 was out, if memory serves me well. It was solved then. I'm confident @SERGYI will fix this one too. Build 2022.55, the last build before 2022.57, is working perfectly fine without having to mess with the system's installed libraries, as stated also by @ebitz
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