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  1. Allabulle

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    Are the Linux and OSX builds coming soonish or are those builds expected not before some weeks or months yet? I don't particularly mind to wait, but I could skip keeping track of threads like this until we get them. It surely looks promising this new 3DCoat. Thanks in advance for any estimation given. :-)
  2. Allabulle

    Retopo - next big Step

    You can activate English subtitles with auto-translation pressing the settings icon next to the subtitles icon.
  3. Thanks for the new builds.
  4. It'd be nice to have the new version available for Linux too. Beta features trial ends tomorrow in the current version (4.9.70).
  5. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    I just tried it and it works. Thank you, Sergyi!
  6. My guess would be they're concentrating on a final sprint to polish and release 3DCoat 2021. There might be the occasional spare time to fix a bug in the current builds here and there but I wouldn't be surprised if we won't see any major improvements before the new thing is really ready to publish. Maybe between finishing and getting the store and marketing ready there'd be a window but I wouldn't count on it. That'd be my speculation, mind you. I seriously doubt 3DCoat has stopped being developed is what I'm saying.
  7. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    Have you tried with these drivers? --> https://pypi.org/project/kamvas-driver/ There's an explanation in the disscussion about installing the drivers successfully in Ubuntu here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1250689/is-huion-kamvas-pro-13-supported#1250692 I can't be of much help since I don't own a Huion tablet, but the problem looks like a driver issue to me. It may be worth a try.
  8. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    What input device are you using? It works fine with my two wacom.
  9. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    It works here, with two different Wacom tablets. Could you elaborate on what doesn't work and what you do exactly, to test it?
  10. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    Thanks! I've just tried again with 4.9.69 and it does, apparently, the same. In my case, it's mostly brush size dependant. Large radius brushes lag considerably. More moderate brush sizes work well, though. Example: setting the brush size to approximately match the scale of the head, it lags. Setting the radius then to the scale of what would be an ear, it works pretty well. And a bit tinier and it works absolutely smoothly. It may also depend on other factors, like machine, operating system... Just guessing. Thanks again for trying it out, 3dlancer.
  11. you can try installing libomp-dev and spacenavd and possibly libcanberra-gtk-module We made it work, solving some other issues that were found, here: --> Link to thread <--
  12. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    Update: So I used a spare hard drive to install and try the same procedure in Windows, with current Nvidia drivers, and it behaves exactly the same. So not a regression for the Linux version. It's been quite a while since using 3DCoat so not sure yet what's specific to the Linux builds that we can now use or what's expected from the software as a whole. It has evolved quite a lot.
  13. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    Oh, sadly the issue with the missing Smart Materials is still there in the newer 4.9.68 build. Maybe for the next round, then. Also, has anyone experienced quite low performance when voxel sculpting? Here's how to check: - Start a fresh scene - Pick Voxel Sculpting from the Greeting Window - Now, choose the Full Human Male figure (just to the left of the Head figure) - Try to sculpt over the male figure with Vox Clay (with any brush) - It lags considerably when trying any stroke length. At small bursh sizes it's working decenty, but not great. Not completely unusable, but almost. [This on a system with an 8c/16th CPU, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080 and GTX Titan X, running Ubuntu 20.04 with 450.80.02 nVidia drivers]
  14. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    New version was released, by the way. 3DCoat 4.9.68 for Linux is here.
  15. Allabulle

    Linux updates news

    Thanks, it worked! After fiddling around a bit to get to a windows machine I tired it and it worked. It shouldn't have to be this way but, for now, it does the trick. Thanks again!