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  1. Hi, @Rygaard Yes, I would make a playlist of the brush videos, and made it public, not private. It’s easier to find (even for customers) and it can serve as a promotion for the brush pack, and for the rest of the channel since some people will find those videos by search, and will look at the rest of the channel later. For the customers that buy the pack, it’s convenient to have the videos documenting the product in the same place where they bought it. I wouldn’t force them to search elsewhere for that. But they will eventually do a quick youtube peek once in a while anyway. I wouldn’t make that path difficult with unnecessary steps (like remembering a link to a private playlist). Current satisfied customers may recommend the brushes by pointing other potential customers to that list, and the rest of the tutorials on your channel. I wouldn’t put any obstacle to that scenario either. A 7zip (with multiple files if the size presumably warrants it to be) as a separate download from the brush pack in the store(s) would be ideal, I think. It can look something like this, as a series of download links (both Gumroad and ArtStation marketplaces allow multiple files to download per product): – Brush Pack.pack_extension – – Brush_Video_Documentation.001 – Brush_Video_Documentation.002 – Brush_Video_Documentation.003 – Read_Me.txt – Quick_Guide_To_Installation.pdf – License.pdf – Recommended_links.pdf – Notes_on_the_release.pdf – Thank_you_note.pdf It can also be made with straight zip files. As in,, etc... I think your choice of colours is spot on. Not too bright nor dark, so they can fit in different adjusted themes, and provide clear separation of different kinds of brush usages. Very good idea and choice of colours. Again, just my thoughts. You know what's best!
  2. @Rygaard More thoughts about brushes and their videos: I would finish the brushes and their documentation (or videos) before embarking in making new ones. There will be time to update or add those after the launch. Forty-two is plenty to keep us busy for a few days, I assume. I think colouring the brush icons can be a very good idea. The criteria of the colour scheme should be explained, then, so it won’t be causing any confusion or generate too many customer questions afterwards. One thing I would do, though, is to put the colour coding of the icons behind the sphere of the brush, not on top of it as you showed before. As for the brush pack videos, I would make them short, as short as possible, and separate from each other. Not a long one explaining all or some of them. That long video can be made after the fact, just compiling them into one straight long demo video, if needed. But separate short and to the point videos will act as a guide, manual and reference. It can be zipped in one big or several big-ish files ready to download with the brush pack in the store(s). And even also put them on a playlist in your youtube channel and other sites. Or posted sequentially, or over time as a promotional reminders, in social media sites, one or a few at a time. You may re-use them, or some of them, if later on there’s new updates of your brush pack, or changes in 3DCoat make some of them obsolete but not others. Or use them to quickly answer questions, or feedback, to support your point, or intention. There's many potential uses for those and perhaps quite less for a big all-in-one video. The shorter, the better, as stated ad nauseam (sorry). Bits of them can then be used and combined, along with cuts from the long training for promotional purposes. If you can make an interesting edit of that, it could suffice. A promotional video has to be engaging, showing enough to make the targeted audience curious but it doesn’t need to include all the content. Long promotional videos have less impact than a few shorter ones, I think. Longer, extended videos about the brushes could in fact be made at a later point in time, as a bonus. Or (if) when some more are added to the pack. Or as a reminder, after a while, of the value of the brushes once the novelty has passed. Or for those that were not that inspired the first time around. As always, that's my opinion and you know best what's needed, what's not, why and when. Just engaging in the discussion to bounce some ideas around. You'll do what's best, for sure.
  3. @Rygaard Hi, I have a few thoughts. But I'll release them in chunks, as you do. First, if I may, the brushes videos: As a general "rule", in each sculpt session we use just a few brushes for most of the work. We then use a few more, depending on the project, picked from a wide set of additional brushes. All those brush collections we all love are, generally, specifically designed brushes tailored to save time or effort in particular situations we find ourselves in during our work. So, depending on different scenarios, or the task at hand, we again pick just a few from a larger set of brushes. So for any job given, we tend to use a relatively small number of brushes. The bigger amount of brushes available are mostly there to guarantee that when the time comes, that selection can be made. Seldom is the case when we use all of them at once in a project. That is why I’d suggest to make videos of the brushes in three stages: 1- Show how the brush behaves. Preferably on the simplest scene possible. 2- Show its purpose: What is the intended usage. 3- Show one quick use case. Illustrate it on a mesh when its use is seen as a clear advantage. That can be made short. No need for a long tutorial. That makes the video useful beyond the presentation of the brush and serves as a reference afterwards. I’d avoid any explanation not directly concerned to the three points above. Any deviation or extra information belongs to some other video, like workflow or sculpting tutorial. Having those videos serves two functions: understanding what the brush is and making the selection of that brush in a sculpting session clear. In my opinion, that would make the whole pack of brushes actually used, cherished even. Remember, really seasoned users won't probably need those videos, but then again they probably make their own brushes when the need is apparent to them. For beginners and intermediate users, having a clear sense of when to use them makes the set really useful and helps the sculptors enormously. There. That's my take. When I find the time I'll drop some other ramblings of mine. Thanks again for your efforts and open communication, Rygaard.
  4. It's good to know things are moving forward. Thanks for the update, Rygaard. Just don't forget to rest from time to time. We still need you alive and sound.
  5. Hi, upon reading the first post by Carlosan in this thread, I find myself a tad confused. While I interpreted the thread topic "3DCoat features you would like to see resolved" as things to be finished, polished or make fully functional, Carlosan states "(...) existing features that you would like to see removed." Which I take as things that are maybe obsolete, superseded by new functionality or already improved somewhere else, as if one would like to suggest ways to avoid cluttering or malfunction in the software. Maybe the confusion is in my interpretation. It's been known to happen before, astonishingly! In any case, please feel free to move my posts to a more suitable thread if this one is not the appropriate or contradicts the spirit of the purpose of the thread. Apologies if my possible misinterpretation created any inconvenience.
  6. Hi, I'd very much like to be able to change the UI font in in Theme Preferences in the Linux builds. As of build 2022.25 it doesn't work. [If anyone has it working please do tell how.] While the 3DCoat UI is fixed, can we edit some script to achieve that? Thanks in advance.
  7. @mentalthink Did you solve it? It's been a while, but I just wanted to try Instant Meshes retopo in Linux and no, it's not there. I have an executable on Linux working fine, but it would be nice to have it integrated in 3DCoat. Sometimes it's the right algorithm, depending on the mesh.
  8. Yay! 3DCoat 2022.25 build for Linux available! Thank you so much! :-)
  9. Thanks for the new Linux build (2022.24)! If at all possible, in the understanding that your situation is far from ideal, I'd also love to test the autoretopo improvements in the new beta 2022.25. It could really benefit our workflow in such a crucial step. Thanks in advance and please stay safe. I'm in awe seeing you manage to stay focused in such difficult times and plowing ahead with the development of this software.
  10. Thanks. Alright so I have been trying to use it but it doesn't work for me, at all. Using the most recent 3.2 Blender build. Could it be because the 3DCoat Linux build is still 2022.16?
  11. I'm confused as well. Which of the different versions and variants of the Blender Applink are we supposed to use, then? And where are we supposed to get it? Thanks for any clarification on the matter.
  12. From the 2022.22 release notes: "- Fixed problem when exporting custom tools using the "Create extension" leads to losing the user-assigned icon of the tool." So the icons disappearing seems to be solved.
  13. You may also consider the ArtStation marketplace, along Gumroad, to sell and promote the brushes. I wouldn't put all eggs in just one basket. It could unnecessarily limit the reach and visibility of your products.
  14. Having videos explaining how the brushes work and their intended purpose will make them way more useful to the community. That's a very good idea. Seasoned 3DCoat users may be more inclined to make and adjust their own brushes, as you do, and probably won't be needing much explanation about the properties of a new or tweaked brush to begin with. On the other hand, people relying on brush sets from others probably won't mind being told the purpose and characteristics of the brushes in order to take advantage of them and effectively progress as 3DCoat users. I assume you are already in contact with the fine folks at Pilgway but, if you aren't, it might be a good idea to contact them to solve the vanishing brush icons mystery. Thanks for the updates on your progress.
  15. @Rygaard Well that's so very good to know! I'm eager to see what comes out of all that sweating! Now you go and enjoy the ride, as it were, so we'll enjoy the results! Thanks again, Rygaard.
  16. No no, thank YOU Producing something good is difficult, demanding. Not everybody will or can understand that fact. There's no need to be judgemental about the people that can't understand something, and there is no need to apologise to them either. It takes what it takes and only the best learn from both the mistakes and successes. There's beauty in pushing through difficult endeavours. I try to find it and enjoy it while I sweat. It would be a pity if you missed it. Enjoy! (and sweat, )
  17. Hi, just because we are eager to try your brushes and follow your techniques doesn't mean you owe it to us in any shape or form. You are not automatically late just because we are waiting. Things take time and effort. Good things take time and even more effort. There's no need to rush it if you are focused on your ongoing work and the output quality is fine so far. No need to apologize at all. Not to me, at least. I do appreciate your explanation as to why it takes you a bit more time than you estimated or desired to produce the output, because more than a few of us are actually waiting for such goodies. And the exposition about what to expect and the steps to get there you are taking are also welcome. But, again, to me at least, that doesn't require any apology whatsoever and, if someone asked me, I would say you shouldn't stress about it. At all. Release the products when ready and be proud of it. Thanks so much for what you have already shared. Waiting patiently to the final results of your current efforts. Enjoy! I know nobody asked me my opinion, and I don't know you personally. Just wanted to share my support to your efforts and if needed or possible, ease the stress that finishing a good quality project can induce sometimes . Thank you so much again and I'll shut up now. :-)
  18. Thanks for the release! As Ctc_nick says, the ability to move arbitrarily the user path is most welcome. By the way, in the store account, the last Linux build available is still 3DCoat-2022.11 although if you go to you'll find 3DCoat-2022.16 build ready to download. So all is well. Maybe the admins can correct or update the links in the Store Account to avoid any possible confusion for Linux users. Thanks again, and please stay safe and strong.
  19. Yay! New Linux build (2022.15)! Thank you so much for keeping Linux and Mac builds up to par with the Windows ones. Stay safe and strong!
  20. Thanks for the new Linux build! Two in a row! It seems like you overcame a major hurdle and now we get new builds in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. And for Linux and Mac alike. Thank you so much, and congratulations!
  21. You can find a download link in the first page of this thread.
  22. Thank you so much for the new Linux build. I hope the developers, families and friends are well and safe. I certainly wasn't expecting a new build; I admire the capacity to stay focused and committed to developing the software during this trying and horrifying times.
  23. I would also like to have a new Linux build. Although due to the events unfolding where the developers live I only care about their well-being and safety. Hoping for the best, for sure we'll be able to manage with what we have until better days come.