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  1. Hi, I'm not sure why but 3dcoat seems to heat my cpu quite a lot compared to zbrush or blender. It causes my pc to crash with blue screen. I have non problems with sculpting in blender with dynotopo or  in zbrush.  

    Even if I sculpt without Live Clay my CPU is getting hot. Similar thing with texture painting.

    I'm on latest 4.7 release.

  2. @Jose...

    Could you explain more about inserting a new mesh to a layer...  maybe show a picture... Not sure if you are talking about importing a new mesh to a layer, adding a primitive, models panel, cloning etc...

    Was the external normal map created in blender?  Not enough information for testing... more details needed.

    If possible share the 3DC file and external normal map for testing. You could pm me with a link to download...

    About importing mesh, I figured out what is happening. Basically when I has symmetry enabled and I want  to import tool (from left toolbar, or space menu) 3dc is creating 2 copies of mesh. And if I have option 'import as child' enabled, 3dc is creating left copy for parent layer, right copy for child layer:


    Also I finally get it, why sometimes putting simple sphere on center of scene fails. If I have symmetry enabled 3d coat is booleaning left and right copy, which are overlapping 100%, and that is why it fails to create sphere (because boolean fails).

    I wish Andrew prevented this, by checking obj. position on mesh addition. So if object x position is ==0, then just make one copy, without boolean, else make right and left copy, with boolean.

    And if 'import as child' is enabled just put both copies into single child layer (not one to child, one to parent layer, like it is now).


    About importing normals, sorry I can't share the file.  But basically, when I import second normal (from external file) 3dc messes up green chanel display in 'relief only' display mode. And if I export my uv painted object, throught file-> export obj & textures, normal green channel is flipped too.

  3. Hi guys I made this feature request on mantis (feel free to add +1 if you like it):


    I don'n know how 3d coat defines default material, that is restored when 'reset' button in pressed in SMat editor, but it seems buggy. But instead of fixing it, I would much rather prefer to change the way it work.
    In some painting apps (krita, pss, cps) there is feature called 'dirty'(temp) brush. It works like this:
    - default brush settings are stored as 'master' backup,
    - any tweak you make to brush now, is saved to 'dirtty' version (original 'master' version is not destroyed), so we can change brush spacing and it is saved in dirty presed
    - if we want we can reset 'dirty' brush to 'master' backup by pressing 'reset do default'.
    - there is also button 'save dirty' preset to 'master - this saves current brush settings to 'master' version.
    I think this would be great way to handle smart material edits, as sometimes you want to change stuff, but then you would have ability to 'revert to master' version, or save tweaked 'dirty' preset to 'master' version.

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  4. Michaelgdrs, I had simiar problem. I had old Smart Materials in folder 'OldMat'. I moved skin smart material from 'OldMat' folder to newly created 'Skin' folder. Now there are two duplicates of skin materials: one in 'Skin' folder - as expected, but second copy is in 'Wood' folder - and all default wood materials are gone! 

    So while moving SmartMaterial from old folder to 'skin' folder, 3dc erased wood materiasl ! and put copies of skin materials into it! Not good. I better backup my material library.

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  5. digman - I understand the difference. But lets say you need brick material, with some dirt,  worn edges effect. In 3dc coat you can make smart material form texture, save it and use it from now on forward.

    But how about substance painter? Can you make 'smart material' in SP? Or you have to go through SD nodes to make substance, and then import into SP? 

    Bitmap2Material seems like nice tool, but, If I understand correctly, it creates just one layer material - no effects like cavity masking, ao masking etc. So it seems workflow in substance suite would be:

    - bitmat2mat - create base material - single layer  -from texture

    - go to to SD, to add effects like dirt, edge wear -> create substance

    - import substance to SP and use it from now on. 

    Or maybe there is ability, in  SP, to create presets of material, like 3dc SmartMaterial?  

    Anyway substance way seems more complicated, possibly more flexible, but not that much of a visual difference compared to 3dc SmartMaterials IMO. And your metal test is nice example of that. No need to go into SD nodes then.

    Btw. Maybe you heard about Awesome Bump - nice free alternative to B2M.

  6. How about creating materials? In substance you would have to learn all the node thing, and then creating some substance is probably day of work, right? And in 3d coat you could just use photo as a base. In 15-30 minutes I could have made new material from scratch. And procedural substances tend to have the 'procedural look'. It is hard to beat the photo base - it is quicker and gives ofter better results. Or is there something I'm missing?

  7. It seems painting with stroke type 'single polygon' crashes 3d coat everytime on medium to big polygon size. Try eg, uv paint on demo head, on some larger polygons. 

    Works on in 3dc x.19, but x.20 crashes


    actyaly 3dc x.19 has problem too - single polygon, line and posibly other strokes with paintbrush are ignoring smart material condition masks. When I paint with ordinary stroke type, material looks ok, but when using eg. line stroke - material looks nothing like before.


    Also from time to time earser just stops working on uv model. Restart helps for some time, untill it breaks again.

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