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  1. Thank you! You set the metal shader in ddo not marmoset.

    Ddo let's you chose from a list of metal type (chrome, plate, aluminium, etc) and it will create the gloss/specular maps accordingly.


    I haven't used z-brush in years so I can't help you with fibermesh.

  2. love this work! Any chance you could do a tutorial showing how you rendered this with marmoset. I'm thinking about buying toolbag 2.

    Thank you Denis, unfortunately i won't have time to do a full blown tutorial.

    however I can give a breakdown of how the different textures look like:




    There is a very good tutorial here that explains how to render skin/faces in marmoset:




    If you want to showcase high-res real-time assets, I would say go for it, it's only 100 usd.

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