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    Help please..? Need to export retopo UV's as separate to each mesh

    Aha! That's done it!!! Thank you so much
  2. SanguineJackal

    Help please..? Need to export retopo UV's as separate to each mesh

    Hey! Thanks so much for the tip. I'm not quite there yet, but I feel some progress...! Perhaps I am doing something wrong though. I use the "Select" tool to select all the faces. Then if I click on "Mark Seams" to get the option to move it to a new map, it deselects all of it. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but I DID just get while I was marking seams, somehow a bunch of islands got selected (no idea how, I was marking seams the whole time) and when I tried the "Move to x set", it actually moved those islands! Now if I can figure out what I did I can recreate it. Any ideas?
  3. Hey all! I'm having a bit of a hard time here so perhaps I could maybe get some help in here..... I hope this is the right forum. I just don't want to keep wasting time if I'm not getting anywhere! So, here's what I have- I have a dragon I have modeled, separate layers/objects for the eyes, teeth, horns, body and wings. I retopologized all of them, marked all UV seams, etc. in the Retopo room. I also painted it, and exports all work well (though I find Normals worked better in Voxel mode instead of Surface, and my paint is in Surface mode, sooooo.... I have to export separately. but that's not the big problem). Here's the problem: Being that I need them all as separate objects, I want to export all the retopologized UV's with their proper meshes. I.e., horn retopo and mapping only with horn .fbx, and so on. HOWEVER the mapping is all on one big map, and I can't get it to separate! I can get the OBJECTS separately, but all their maps- not so much. I tried importing the retopo mesh into PTEX so I could get it in the UV room and... oh my goodness. It's so glitchy. Also it deleted all my seams! The only thing I can think of is exporting each mesh, high res and low poly retopo, and baking normals that way. But would it transfer my paint data as well separately? I've attached what the PTEX error mess looks like, as well as what the current Retopo room looks like with the packed UV of all the objects. Thanks guys for any advice. -SJ
  4. I try to stay inspired, but it often is very difficult. I mean, looking at my work just a year ago I can tell I have made leaps and bounds. But a year ago, on the other end of that scope, any form of great realism just seemed so improbable. Now I am making baby steps. I find I tend to get so detail-oriented I lose sight of the big picture. Sometimes, that's a terrible thing, and sometimes it's a good thing. For example, when drawing, a lot of people sketch out the entire drawing very roughly using light lines and large shapes. I tend to do better when I start on one small detail (I tend to start with the eyes and draw outward) and perfect it before I go to the next step. It does make it more frustrating sometimes, but to me, the immense amount of hard work I put into detail ultimately comes together as a cohesive work on its own.
  5. Just out of curiousity, since I will need to have this as a much lower polycount for a game, would it be more realistic to just outright retopologize? Also, if I paint on this I should be able to export bumps AND paint, correct?
  6. Awesome, thank you guys so much for the input. Since I have several layers of objects, it seems I have to resample them all individually... and yeah, the entire polycount on this mesh is pretty mind-boggling. So I'm resampling each to a much friendlier resolution, and it seems when I do so, it's making it uniform at the same time because that red warning goes away? But yeah, it seems that the V next to the layers has changed to S (it popped up a warning about surface being lighter loads on the memory but not as good on detail or something? messing with the polygons themselves?). Is there a way to merge a few of my layers into a single object? I can't find that anywhere on the help either or in the menus. :x EDIT: Okay now and it has my cursor stuck as something so I can't zoom in or out, just change the size of the cursor.... >_<
  7. SanguineJackal

    Introduce yourself!

    WOW. Thanks to all of you for the welcome and the wealth of information! Funny you mention unity, as that is exactly what I'm using to develop my game. Coding isn't my strong point, I can do some basic stuff, so this will help immensely. I'm hoping to have as much of my 3d assets done before I start crunching code and the like. Thank you for pointing me to the Youtube channel, I'll have to check it out! I had found some stuff on there but none of what I looked at (so far) really answered my question. (Yet.) Happy arting, everyone. <3
  8. SanguineJackal

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone! My name is Samantha. I'm a college dropout trying to develop my own games. Great start, right? :P I've been doing 3d for years but only recently started sculpting, and that was with Sculptris. I happened to find out about 3DCoat as I was trying to find something comparable to Zbrush... Sculptris is nice but hardly workable for video game stuff, and Zbrush is way out of my budget. So far I am absolutely IN LOVE with 3DCoat, and will definitely be pulling some overtime at my usual 40hr job to buy a full license. I'm one of those overly ambitious, maybe-too-much-of-a-perfectionist-to-be-a-good-thing, and sometimes stupidly optimistic people. Oh, and stubborn. Very stubborn. I will bash a 3d model into submission if I have to.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and to 3DCoat. I just got the trial version last week and I am SUPER impressed. I am, however, having a bit of a hard time with something. So my project will be needing a lot of fine details in it, but I have a lot of the important ones in it already. The face of this beast, for example, already has a good bit of detail. However, now I am trying to do a repeating pattern of scales that I made the alpha for in Photoshop. When I try to run the brush along the length of its snakelike body, it displaces the HECK out of everything and while the scales look good from the side (kind of), it looks like a seismograph if I rotate the view. Now my big question is, would it be at all possible to use this brush in the Voxel sculpting to get this detail, rather than the surface mod options? The surface seems to bog my computer's memory down WAY worse than Voxels, too. Or would it be possible to just apply the alpha as a bump map in this program, so I don't have to bother with exporting? :x Sorry, I looked in the Help and it didn't seem to help me that much... I appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thank you!