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  1. NecrochildK

    Reopen file objects missing from scene

    It's been over a week, I even emailed support and have had no reply. I guess I'm just doomed to redo all the work I lost?
  2. NecrochildK

    Reopen file objects missing from scene

    It was. I opened the autosave file and it has even less than my last save.
  3. Meant to post this here, accidentally posted in regular 3DCoat forum, if that one can please be deleted. I'd been working for days on a model and when I went to bed last night I saved it and closed 3DCoat. Nothing seemed amiss. I open it today, all layers are still there, the last actions I took were there, but most of the objects in other layers are gone. Of a nearly entire dragon skeleton, all that's left is the ribcage, hip bones and fleshed out head. What on earth happened to my save? Is it lost for good? How can I recover the objects in the layers that are failing to show? If it helps any, I'm in version 4.8.37
  4. NecrochildK

    [Solved] Multiple layers at once ?

    Really wishing they had it on all brushes even now. Wanting to alter two layers in sculpt at the same time and I can't merge them for what I'm doing. Five years and they still haven't made this an option.?
  5. NecrochildK

    What to do when Symmetry gets broken?

    Here I was hoping to find a solution. I'm having the same problem in the voxel room with just one specific layer. Other layers mirror fine, but that one doesn't, it just vanishes. I'd hate to have to rebuild that one layer all over again, but I guess it can't be avoided.
  6. NecrochildK

    Dry brush

    Thanks so much! This was bugging me all night.
  7. NecrochildK

    Dry brush

    D: Why can't I see the answer someone replied with? All I see is Rhino's posts. What was the answer? I'm needing a brush like this too.
  8. NecrochildK

    Normal mapping issue after retopo and uv map.

    Well, oddly it's not doing it now in 3DCoat, but it still does it in Second Life. This is what the normals should look like. And what they look like mapped and displayed in SL. Keep in mind, it looked like this in 3D Coat as well the last time I imported it back into 3D Coat to test to see what was going wrong. You can see the UV map seams and how the lighting in front and behind it come from different angles instead of from all one direction.
  9. NecrochildK

    Normal mapping issue after retopo and uv map.

    As in posting pics of the oddity or emailing you the file itself? I could do either.
  10. NecrochildK

    Normal mapping issue after retopo and uv map.

    I wish it were so easy. It's not that kind of seam. They meet perfectly, but somehow the normals map tells it the lighting is coming from different directions on each UV zone. Even when I import the normals map back into 3D Coat, it does this, so it's not just SL that's having the problem with the map.
  11. NecrochildK

    Normal mapping issue after retopo and uv map.

    I'm having this same problem with a statue I'm working on for use in Second Life. When I render the normals map, it flips the lighting direction of some areas even though the edges on the map line up perfectly in color with each other. When I import the map back into 3D Coat, it does the same odd flip as Second Life does. Apparently with some, the UV parts have to face the same direction on the map. They can't be rotated odd ways to fit better, they all have to be lined up straight up and down. I'm just too far in my work to redo the UV map as I had fully textured it before finding this problem when I uploaded to SL. I can get away with just using the normals map desaturated to bake as shadows, though not to as interesting an effect, but hope you can work your's out. I'd like to know if reorienting the UVs upright does in fact fix this.
  12. NecrochildK

    Demo/Basic/Full version Differences?

    ::facepalms:: Well, I got it to work by just opening a new work process and opening it from obj at least. Seems odd though that you can't transition right into it? Unless that is indeed a glitch or something missing.
  13. NecrochildK

    Demo/Basic/Full version Differences?

    Thanks for the help in getting my questions answered about the differences in the versions, guys. Though on the topic of if UV mode is working or not, I'm not sure what I did the first time I played with it, but it seemed to work fine then, but now I can't even get the model to appear in the UV mode's view field. My mouse can move over it and I can tell it's following the curve, but there's nothing visible in the field. I've already clicked unhide all just to be sure, but no changes. Also, all the tutorials I find don't mention of anything additional is needed to transition between retopo to UV or how to get your retopo mesh to move into UV mode, so I don't know if I'm missing a step here or if my trial version is just glitching or what else it might be.
  14. So, I got the demo and was playing around with a model I had made in Maya before. Got to say, I LOVE the retopo tool in 3DC, SO wonderful and simple! As well as the UV mapping, I just wish Maya's were so intuitive and easy to use. Unfortunately, when I made a voxel model and retopoed it and then UV mapped the retopo, it wouldn't transfer it to the voxel as well? So it had me wondering, is this because it's just the demo? Do certain features simply just not complete and not tell you in the demo or is it bugged? Also, in the basic version versus the full version, what is and isn't available? Will I be able to do all of this in the basic version or only the full version? I also wanted to know, does the company consider use of things made in it in Second Life to be commercial use and do I need the full version of that or do they count that the same as selling items for use in TF2? If anyone can tell me ASAP, I'd greatly appreciate it, Steam's sale on it runs out in just a little over a day and I'd like to get it on sale, but not sure if I can get just the basic version or if I must get the full version to use for Second Life even though I make barely pennies from it.