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  1. GeneralAce55

    Farsthary update channel

    Awesome! That'll be a tremendous help when using the tool. Great job with the speed you've implemented these suggestions with!!
  2. GeneralAce55

    13th Challenge: Tin Toys

    Wow you guys! But hey, what's with all the "cheating" AJ, I didn't know we were allowed to take photos of the objects and post them haha, and geez, Blaster, how'd you turn your photo into a 3d-model automatically in Sketchfab :P I have got to find that feature hahaha. Seriously though, both of these are absolutely fantastic! Great work guys
  3. GeneralAce55

    Farsthary update channel

    Hey, Michael, if you are referring to the quad-paint and poly-strokes tools, then they are already in the 3d-coat beta version 4.5.33. I'm not sure if they are in previous ones as well, but I am currently using this build and they are in there.
  4. GeneralAce55

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I may be a bit late in reporting this, but when ppp a model that I have made and imported into 3d-coat, I get horrible performance when brushing. My frame rate easily drops to a quarter of the speed it was at with any size brush with any alpha. In contrast, vertex painting a model works extremely smoothly as does painting models made entirely in 3d-Coat. Btw, the model I imported and was working had a 1k standard map on it.
  5. GeneralAce55

    Farsthary update channel

    When can we expect to see this feature implemented into the betas? And keep up the great work! It's looking fantastic!
  6. GeneralAce55

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Can someone please help explain to me why 3d-Coat becomes miserably slow when I zoom in on an object in any of the rooms? In order to do the detail work for retopology on a model I'm working on I need to be able to zoom in close enough to make slight adjustments, but when I zoom in even relatively close, the framerate instantly drops down to 10-13 fps. If not zoomed in it runs at about 40-50 fps. Granted I only have an Intel 3000 integrated graphics chip, but even so, why such a slowdown when zooming in? It didn't always use to be this way and is currently unusable for me. Thanks in advance for any info!
  7. GeneralAce55

    Farsthary update channel

    Congratulations!! I'm extremely happy for you!
  8. GeneralAce55

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Thank you Andrew! Will try this build out as soon as it finishes downloading
  9. GeneralAce55

    Pose Tool feature request

    How so? Are you referring to a similar curve to what the pose tool already has for adjusting falloff, and if so, what would this curve do independently?
  10. GeneralAce55

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Loving the new smooth tool Andrew!! Thank you so much! Here's a little comparison I made with the standard sphere in surface mode. First image is starting point, second image is old smooth tool, third is the anti-bump. P.S. The smoothing was done with same radius, same smoothing, and same brush.
  11. GeneralAce55

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    I agree completely! And I too received that email, was that not supposed to go out yet?
  12. Thanks guys for the info! Since most of what I use 3d-Coat for is video game production, that is absolutely fantastic news to me! Thanks again for the clarification :cheers
  13. Would someone mind explaining in a practical workflow application what this addition will do for us please? I'm not sure I fully understand the terminology and workflow he's suggesting? Thank you!
  14. Okay, here are my first WIP's, just the general outline of the base of the ship, all critiques welcome!