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  1. Lobito

    Youtube Dragon tutorial

    Thanks a lot, AbnRanger
  2. Lobito

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Yes, also had that crash with the V key. I'm having this same issue with the last 2 betas, reported the bug. Win 7 Pro x64
  3. Lobito

    The Nvidia 970

    WTF is this guy an engineer or an idiot, must be a comedian for sure, i didn't get the joke neither he got his teeth, just disgusting to look at.
  4. Lobito

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    You're right, i was using the top row to delete, sorry.
  5. Lobito

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    @ bocs CRTL+click is working on my end.
  6. Lobito

    SurfaceMode sculpting presets

    Hello artman, How can i strip out those obsolete presets? Which are new and which are old/obsolete/redundant? Your presets are excellent, thanks for that. Cheers
  7. Lobito

    Somebody did a Modo UI theme already?

    @ AbnRanger, Thanks man, much better/easier to work with.
  8. Hello all, Psionic, could you place the tutorials you make with a better quality? They are too low quality and sometimes you refer about some details and we can't see those : ) Thanks a lot for the videos. Cheers Carlos