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  1. BTW -- for those of you on the latest 3d-Coat, you may need to make your own ' Scripts\ExtraMenuItems\ ' folder and on my Windows 7 install the location is in 'My Documents' not jsut documents, but it works like a charm once in place
  2. A huge thank you for the script D/L Link! Great stuff
  3. Looks like a fun intro/refresher, and this will be a great way to get a feel for your materials too. Signing up now. Regards, AF
  4. Reminds me of the look I see in Lightwave when some 2-point polys haven't been crushed and/or some points need to be merged. If neither of those are the culprit, the retopo step is a spot on fix!
  5. AFalk

    Slash Brushes

    I'm still a raw newbie with 3D Coat, but am loving it so far. I ran across an online tutorial for ZB constructing a hyper detailed set of gear for a soldier, and one brush shown is a Slash brush and it looks pretty useful. Do we have something equivilent to that in 3DC (or perhaps better since we are talking about 3DC here after all hehe). Thanks! Tony
  6. AFalk

    Lightwave-->3D Coat-->Unity3D, efficient pipeline?

    This workflow should work really well :: Lightwave or 3D Coat for initial modeling --> 3D Coat for texturing and normals --> Lightwave (Genoma and or Nevron with Mocap is AMAZING here) for Animation --> output the final version as FBX to Unity3.x
  7. Just wanted to offer a huge THANK you for all the great training materials, They always illustrate some little thing I'd missed before and are both really useful and highly entertaining.
  8. AFalk

    Introduce yourself!

    Just wanted to say hello. My name is Tony and I've been a LW user for more than a decade now. I've been dithering over adding a new piece of software to my little shop and was experimenting/evaluatiing Sculptris, then 3DC and ZB. I finally took the jump and picked up 3DC. What a great piece of software! Decided to get active in the community as well... managed to keep my usual moniker AFalk which is great. You may have seen me at the Newtek, Liberty3d, or foundation boards before now. I look forward to seeing how many ways I can incorporate 3DC into my work! Tony
  9. Great little series and it helped a lot, so thanks Greg!