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  1. after creating a triangle between a quad the add split tool is left active from my last click point. how do I select a new vertices to begin on to start adding/splitting? Clicking on a different vert will start a split from my last click point making me hit delete a bunch of times to clear it out .
  2. nice ! looking forward to playing with the new retopo tools. can we get the flat shade roughness bug fixed before .11 stable ? its still present http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2189
  3. (paintroom) bug: folders lack the ability to act as a pass through group. i.e. putting a layer set to blending mode "color" inside a folder will be overridden by the folders "standard blend" setting. Expected behavior is that the folder acts as a group only by default and allows whatever layers and blending modes are in the group to act like they should. though it seems like this works with some of my groups and layers. maybe its a bug related to the color blending mode only? ( i have multiply and screen layers currently in groups and they appear to be working as expected .... Paintroom UNDO bug: Undo bug just occurred again. things i was doing at the time: reordering layers. and running a hue/sat/value adjustment. Undo stack has been wiped and cant undo.
  4. id love to see some performance improvements on the texture adjustment operations. they are pretty slow when working with many layers and prb materials. more advanced even non destructive adjustments aka Photoshop/substance would be cool to see. i.e. to preview a change when perfoming a RGB adjustment on a layer atm in my document takes a full couple of seconds to change just one channel i.e. red from 100 to say 120 value. also is there any planned updates for using an IDmap in paintroom to aid in masking?
  5. thanks for confirming that! - I had to just restart 4.7.10 due to the undo stack no longer recording more than 1 action. strange bug not sure if i can reproduce... will monitor it some more. - rotate around last draw point seems to randomly reset its self at times as well.
  6. Further testing: The following relates to what is seen when going to view > spec color mode, and view > flat shade mode (under glossyness/metalness workflow) using the "preview sphere" (and turning off the ambientocclusion layer that it opens with) Metalness is ZERO in all these cases. 4.5.39 spec color shows up as grey 23% painting a blue stroke (zero roughness, zero metalness) of 0,0,255 shows up as 0,0,255 under flat shade mode spec color remains as grey 23% as strokes are painted on it that also contain a roughness value. (behavior is different in 4.7.10) 4.7.10 spec color shows up as black. painting on the sphere with any value of roughness will now add 23% grey to the spec color. blue stroke painted 0,0,255 shows up as 58,58,255 under flat shade mode!!! deleting spec/roughness values from this layer will return the color back to the apropriate 0,0,255. when viewing in flat shade mode. Deleting this information also makes the "spec color" go to black. It seems somehow this spec color is effecting what is seen in the flat shade mode. I am expecting when entering flat shade mode to essentially see albedo only. If for whatever reason other data is showing, can we get a view mode to show albedo only or fix flat shade mode.
  7. Bug in 4.7.10: - Flat shade mode seems to be displaying specular/metalness information instead of just albedo. I am using the roughness/metalness workflow. - areas designated as metalness in flat shade mode show up as much brighter and colorpicking them does not sample the lighter color as seen in the viewport but rather a color much darker. - switching from flat shade mode to specular color mode seems to display the correctly painted colors without a lighter filter over the top as seen in flat shade mode? - In line with the above, painting roughness on a layer adds a mid grey to spec color.. is this normal behavior? Selecting a layer.. turning off all paint able channels except spec/roughness and hitting delete willl return the spec color channel to black. Is this channel meant to be black in a roughness/metalness workflow? or the mid grey? - it appears that the brightening of metalness areas in flat shade mode isnt happening in 4.5.40.
  8. yeh it means i cant import say a cavity map and use the black and white values to mask some tiled texture in paint room :/ thanks!
  9. Clip masks seem to work well with opacity to determine what is clipped and what isn't. Are they also meant to work where White is shown and Black is masked out? I cant seem to get a simple black and white mask to work as a clipping mask as one would expect. i.e. how photoshop operates.
  10. awesome works perfectly! As a minor request i'd love to see it set by default like Quixel or Substance painter.
  11. is there a hotkey to rotate the lighting/env map in paintroom in 4.5?
  12. Show/Hide Freeze mask is still broken. Function does not work in "Smooth Shade" viewport. Functionality does work in flat shade however. Can we get this working again in smooth shade, its been busted for awhile. i'd love to see new shader options as well... support for SSS and Alpha test and coverage in the paintroom.
  13. the clip mask feature is pretty handy . i wish there as a visual way to see which layers have a clip mask and also which mask layer they are using to clip... even something simple like color coded icons or something
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