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  1. So i tried it as in the video. I tried to make the eyelid, but little same issue again. Is there anything that is wrong with the reopo?????? CARLOSAN3d.3b
  2. I dont understand, why the hell, we have to import our HIGH Poly to "Sculpt" Window. Why not directly to Retopo? Its the logic, that i dont understand. Somebody know?
  3. Hello how did you mean that, the high poly has to be on "Sculpt" mode?
  4. Hey, i have watched all videos and made everything like in the videos.. i have only artifacts on my retopo WITH normal map. I dont know whats wrong. Why on some place that artifacts. I makes me confused, because i dont know how to fix that. ( The uploaded file is the retopo with symmetry) and unwrapped. With baked maps, but its bad. carlosan.3b
  5. Thank you so much ;-) I will watch these Videos and follow them. I will write again after i tried the videos!
  6. Could you try to bake the normal map? Maybe you could see the failure Carlosan. Thanks 3dcoat tut.3b
  7. Hello Carlosan! Could i maybe upload the file and you could see it by yourself in 3dcoat?
  8. Hello! Nothign happend when i switch off " Voxels in paint room". How could that affect the crizzly artefacts on the eyelid?
  9. Hello! My steps to bake a normal map failed. 1.) Export the high poly example head from zbrush to 3dcoat with retopomeshimport 2.) go to retopo room and start retopo with symmetry 3.) retopo ready 4.) Make automatic unwrap (makes it when you ask 3dcoat, to bake the normal map) 5.) So there are some problem with the normal map , look. Why its so crizzly at the eyelid? And why i dont have an anbient oclusion map? Maybe its so crizzly on the eyelid, because i havent unwrapped it by myself and the UVs are bad? Greetings ;-)
  10. Hey! I want to ask, how i get this material in 3d coat for my reference mesh? Its so clear, and i can see everything on my model, so thats why i ask.
  11. He guys ;-) in all these years I try to find the best alternative for Maya and 3dsmax. And earlier I have seen 3d coat too, but never noticed, that it can actually modeling too. What I want is only the modeling from 3d coat, to built clothes or other things, thats hard to build in zbrush. Im not a fan of zbrushs edge loop option. So can I model with 3d coat?
  12. Hallo ihr ;-)!! Ich wollte mal nachfragen, wie ihr so modelliert? Baut ihr ein Basemesh in einem 3D Programm, damit ihr das in Zbrush oder Mudbox weiterbearbeiten könnt? Oder baut ihr direkt eine Figur/Gesicht in einem Sculptingprogramm? Hm.. ich habe auch überlegt, was mehr Zeit spart und ich glaube, es wäre ein Sculpting Programm wohl besser, wenn man es kann. Lg Kenso
  13. JUHUUUU^^^^ Now its going!!!! My bad failure was it, that i havent seen the bar at the top at the window, with the AUTO , VERTICES, EDGES, FACES, EDGE LOOPs, EDGE RINGS. Huu.. my failure! But thanks all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. @Malo : Aber mit dem Aufbauen/Teilen Tool, kann ich doch nur neue Poly zeichnen. Ich wollte doch nur die Scheitelpunkte verbinden ;( @Novice: Still the same ;( Could somebody make a shorrtttt very shooorrtt video, where you show in 10 seconds, how to connect. Maybe there is a failure in my programm..
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