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  1. Space76Ghost

    Poser to 3D-Coat

    Hi, I'm a DAZ/Poser Artist from Long Island, NY! I am decent at both DAZ & Poser. I want to start learning how to make my own content, clothing, hair and accessories. I like the user friendly flow 3D-Coat has which is why I thought I would give it a try. I know to import Poser models you export them as a Wave Object but if I were to want to add clothing to my character ( base mesh ) I'd like to know what 3D-Coat users would suggest? Does anyone know how I could export my Poser model with its texture to 3D-Coat? It only imports them as one solid base mesh. Thanks! I look forward to your suggestions! Ghost
  2. Space76Ghost

    Looking for a cape tutorial?

    Hello I am trying to make a superhero who wears a cape. I am trying to learn how to make one in Zbrush. I'm a newbie in 3D-Coat and Zbrush. Is there a tutorial or if someone can give any tips how I could go about making a cape? Thanks! Ghost
  3. Space76Ghost

    Any good hair techniques or tutorials?

    I definitely find that it is easier to sculpt hair in Zbrush. I wish I could find more hair or groom brushes for Zbrush. I also just installed the 3D-Coat Applink for Zbrush. Thanks for the help!
  4. Space76Ghost

    How do you export to Zbrush?

    Hello Basically I am creating my models in Poser Pro 2014 then exporting them to 3D-Coat so I can create my own clothing there. I think I find it easier to create hair with ZBrush then in 3D-Coat. Is there a specific way you have to export your model from 3D-Coat to Zbrush? I exported my model from the Voxel Room as an OBJ file. But when I import the model to Zbrush I get an error message. It will not import it. Assistance would be great! Thanks!
  5. Space76Ghost

    Any good hair techniques or tutorials?

    Thanks for sharing that, but I'm mainly looking for how to make hair from scratch.
  6. I am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction to some good hair techniques or tutorials? Thanks!
  7. Space76Ghost

    How do you merge???

    Me finally got it!!! YAY! Thank you! Some of the videos I watched were helpful but not actually showing you visually these steps that you all explained to me. When it is easily explained, I can catch on pretty quick. Hopefully my Poser skills will be just as good after learning more about what 3D-Coat can do. Now that I can create my own clothing, there are endless possibilities!
  8. Space76Ghost

    How do you merge???

    Okay, I did the first two steps. I imported my model into the voxel room. I scaled it to how I want it in the view area. However, I get this on my model after I hit ENTER. How do I get rid of this gray stuff all over the model??? I really appreciate the help! Thanks!
  9. Space76Ghost

    How do you merge???

    This is an image of where I am at... from this stage how do I save or export this to the voxel room so I can fit them together and give coth to the pants I made in the retopo room? Thanks!
  10. Space76Ghost

    How do you merge???

    I saved both the pants and the model from the retopo room separately. When I import them from the model menu on the right into the voxel room only one of them appears in the scene. Not both. My problem is getting both into the scene so I can transform them together. I'm using 3D-Coat V4. How do I get them both into the scene of the voxel room so I can do what you suggest?
  11. Space76Ghost

    How do you merge???

    Hello I'm new to 3D-Coat. I learned how to use the Retopo Room. I made a pair of pants for my poser model. When I go to the Voxel Room and click on my model to import it to the Voxel Room my model appears fine. However, when I go to the model menu and import my Retopo I saved ( the pants saved as an obj ) my model disappears!? I know am probably missing a simple step somewhere. I just can't seem to figure it out. Are there any tutorials how to do this? If someone could help, that would be great! I am frustrated! I am guessing I am not exporting it properly nor saving the file correctly so they can be imported to the Voxel Room. Thanks in advance! Ghost
  12. Space76Ghost

    Newbie needs help! :)

    Are there any tutorials or videos that show you how to merge / export / import properly? I'm having some difficulty doing this. I really appreciate the help and advice! Thank you. I think 3D-Coat is awesome. I run it on a laptop almost 10 yrs old. It is about the only thing I can use that runs decent on my laptop to make clothing for my poser models.
  13. Space76Ghost

    Newbie needs help! :)

    Thanks! My next question is, I just created pants with retopology. I'm ready to give it cloth. How do I transfer the model and the pants to the Voxels so I can give it cloth. I watched a video but when I hit the Voxels tab my model does not show up. Any videos how to do this? Thanks again!
  14. Space76Ghost

    Newbie needs help! :)

    Hello! I just joined in hopes of learning 3D-Coat! I really love the ease of the interface it offers. I'm a newbie at 3D Modeling. I've been an artist all my life and thought I would venture into the 3D world! I've got the basics down, but need help with adding texture to my model. I imported an OBJ model from Poser. I want to add realistic skin. I have an image imported to the materials section and have it selected. However when I paint onto the model I noticed the color is orange instead of the skin color I chose? I'm using V4 of 3D-Coat. Below is an image if it helps find a solution. I bet it has something to do with my settings. Just can't figure it out how to change to the texture of the photo / image. If someone could point me in the right direction I appreciate it. Thank you! Glad to be here and looking forward to learning a lot here!