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    What am I lacking for realism?

    Okay... thanks. I will try it out. Did you paint your model? They look really good if they are just shaders. I found the liveclay tool, and probably need time to learn it, but what do you mean by removestretching brushes? Thanks for your help
  2. KillersNight

    What am I lacking for realism?

    Thanks for the advise! Yeah I do realise the details I am missing. I will study more and try to incorporate it for my next project, hopefully. Are your models sculpted in 3D-coat? If so does it mean you will need a powerful computer to run the high resolution voxels for the details? Or is there other ways than just using high resolution?
  3. KillersNight

    What am I lacking for realism?

    Hi guys. I am posting this for help and advise. I have been modeling human characters in 3d-coat, then rendering a scene with them in blender. But i just keep noticing that my characters aren't close to real, they look more like mannequins. Am i just lacking something, or am i just fundamentally wrong?? would really appreciate some advise for this... Here are some of my recent works (hair is done with blender hair emitter) Thanks
  4. KillersNight

    Exporting UV from 3D-coat to Blender

    Not sure where 'smooth group' is, but i think the problem was because i had my 'coarse mesh' turned on when i exported the model. I tried on a different model with out that on and it turned out fine. Thanks for the help
  5. KillersNight

    Exporting UV from 3D-coat to Blender

    I only had the normal map and the diffuse texture on. Yeah i realised UV don't effect the mesh. The only problem i am having is that Blender imports the model with deformations, and i can't fix that.
  6. KillersNight

    Exporting UV from 3D-coat to Blender

    Hello guys, I have used 3D-coat for a year now, but haven't actually tried out a lot of stuff. Mainly i have only revolve around the voxel room. I have recently downloaded and tried Blender, and it was amazing to me. But I wasn't going to give up 3D-coat, and looked for ways to link them. For the first few times, I have just imported the object straight from Voxel room, (usually 1 500 000 poly or above), and it is terrible to work with in Blender. I found out that i should autopo the model before hand, which i tried, but though the model turn out fine in the paint room, after exporting into Blender it was horrible. I tried UV mapping the model myself, but it didn't change a thing. What am I doing wrong? Really appreciate some help... T_T Model in the paint room which looks fine I only got the default and i didnt save the UV map i did, cuz it made no difference Model in Blender with the deformed mesh circled