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  1. Not a complete n00b now, but still a long way to go.


    Been trying to do an extrude on my body mesh, to create very basic clothes as part of the same.


    Using a rectangle selection (performed from the front of the model) here is the result of an 'absolute' operation, but this is pretty much the same with extrude and gum:




    I've tried all the "extrude direction' options, though I would have thought that 'vertex normal' should have done what I want.


    Anyone know what's going on? Bug maybe? User error?


    I'm using the latest Mac build 4.1.11B



  2. Sorry to resurrect an old threat, but just looking to see if anyone was having this issue. I've been having a number of crashes lately, usually related to importing from other programs (MD4, Blender). In any case whether it's just a SBBOD or an out of memory crash, when I then try to force-quit, my whole system hangs and I need to hard reset.


    This is every time with 3dcoat, rarely had this issue with any other program and have run some pretty hungry ones on my machine.


    Mac Pro 3,1 8core, OSX 10.8.5, 16GB, Geforce GTX 660 3GB. At the moment I'm on 4.1 I think the most recent build, maybe a couple of weeks old. Can't check atm cos I can't interact with 3d coat till I force-quit and restart ;)

  3. Ok here he is. As always there's things that could be better, but I'm pretty happy overall. And he's been a great learning exercise. Did more in 3d coat than I had initially anticipated: all the modelling except for a couple of armour base meshes, the straps on his waistband, the final rock and his pearl necklace.


    Still would have liked more definition between his lips, and had some trouble balancing visibility and mood in the key light, but it's all early days in my 3d coat and Blender cycles education. I did manage to slip in a bit of rudimentary cycles SSS in the end too, though not enough to get backscattering through his ears.


    Hope you like! And please feel free to make crits, comments and suggestions. Not sure if I'll change much, but I do want to hear your thoughts. And thanks again for all the guidance and encouragement from forum members so far. :)


    The Monkey King by Moonlight

    Monkey King closeup

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  4. Sorry for the previous image. I rendered a png with transparent background, which translated to white when I uploaded. I can't figure out how to edit the previous post so here's my next render which is easier on the eye.


    Now with flame! updated eyes and a bit more grooming. Really going to stop showing now till I get to a final image contender :)



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  5. Great bust digman. :)


    Speaking of bust, it looks a bit like some nipple shape behind the top of the blouse, but if so they seem very high up, anatomically speaking. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for nipples, but I think in this case the sculpt would work better without.


    Fine work in any case. Inspiring scene too, very Pompeiian.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys :)


    Had to break for other commitments, but here's another WIP with more armour, refined hair, eyeballs and whatnot.  Once I unravel the mysteries of Cycles flames, I'll set his tail on fire, do a bit more grooming, and work on lighting and setting for the final.


    Haven't had a lot of success with SSS in cycles yet. Anyone messed around with it much? Complicated by the 2 UV sets on his body I think - same with the spec map.


    Anyway, such fun :D



  7. OK, time for an update. I had some strange challenges transferring UVs to Blender, especially using two UV maps on his body mesh, for his body and head. But found a solution that works, and have started working on cycles shaders and hair/fur. No proper eyes yet and much still to be done, but here he is for now :)



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  8. Let the painting (finally) begin!


    Here he is after many hours of retopo and uv work, with normal, ao and basic shader baking as a starting point. Not going to show wireframes as the topology is nothing to be proud of :) He's still high res too. With all the accessories he's down from 18M to 240K, but I'd always planned for that kind of thing. Not that you can see much detail in this render.


    Wish me luck!



  9. Thanks digman again. Yeah that sounds like a good plan - next time when I can see more than 1 step ahead I guess...


    I've got another quick Q as I'm now done with retopo and unwrapping. Will pm you. 



  10. Thanks digman - this got me where I needed:


    I right click on the layer with the low poly object in the scene > export obj

    then retopo>import - place (without snapping) et voila!


    I'm not unwrapping the pearls anyway I've decided, but will use this method on the staff and straps and a couple of other bits. Great :)


    Might be cool if there were a one step workflow for this, rather than exporting-importing into the same room, but no biggie...



  11. Thanks for the reply FreezeFrame. Yeah I think I blew it merging things into the same layer - not thinking ahead. Good suggestions anyway.


    And yes I just wanted to get the low-poly from the Voxel room to the UV room to unwrap, without retopo. but can't figure that bit out. As in this screenie, I can't mark seams on the object in the retopo room.





     I could reimport from Blender, but I'd have to reposition and whatnot. Maybe I'll just leave them till I do the Blender Render and use the original low polys there.





  12. post-37883-0-63873600-1403270154_thumb.p


    A couple of quick questions:


    1. Working on my Monkey King (see my WIP thread), I've brought in a couple of low-poly meshes to the Voxel room, without voxelizing. I'm retopo=ing and UV unwrapping most parts of the model but a couple that are largely unchanged (e.g. his staff and pearl necklace) I'd like to just unwrap as is for painting. 


    I haven't been able to figure out how to get these meshes into either the UV or retopo workflow. They show up on the Vox tree (both in Surface mode still), but how do I just use their meshes as-is for unwrapping?


    2. A couple of parts I merged into a single vox layers but now they won't retopo easily and I can't separate into their parts even with "separate disconnected pieces" (e.g. hanging rings on end of staff, belts and buckles on his vambraces). Is there a way to approach this or should I just remake the offending parts on separate layers?

  13. @Tony Yes that's a great way to think of it for UVs, that actually helps me approach things.


    @Methelina I hadn't made the connection with Hanuman. I think the artist who did the painting was basing it more on the Chinese Monkey King myth (as in 'Monkey Magic', Tripitaka etc.), But this guy certainly has some visual links to Hanuman, especially once his tail is on fire  :huh:


    Tearing my hair out trying to do nice flat strips of fabric curved into loops in 3dcoat, so I'm going to do those in Blender and bring them in. In the end I've only done a couple of base mesh bits and the staff/knob in Blender so far…so yeah learnt heaps. Wanna paint now. And make hair. And Fire….mmmm fire…. ^_^

  14. Thanks Tony, I wasn't sure with a project like this whether to do a T-pose and then rig/pose it, or to just treat it like a clay sculpture - 'it is what it is'… :) There's certainly some ugly spots where parts of his body are merged together that I would have happily avoided.


    Given that the project is up in the 16M triangle range, I suppose I need to at least do a perfunctory retopo job to make painting and rendering more practical.


    Is that the most sensible approach going forward do you think? Every step is a new learning curve for me, though I've dabbled in retopo — it was the initial reason I bought 3dc.



  15. Feels like I'm getting bogged down and lost a bit of direction. Sculpting some fine detail on face hands and feet particularly, but probably doesn't stand up to close inspection. Still I'm very gradually coming to terms with *some* of the tools. And then there's all the Artman presets. Whew! I feel like I need weeks on this full time just to get a handle on what's possible and how.


    But I think I'll move on now to armour. It won't be perfect but still been a good learning experience, and I just want to get into doing his paintjob and hair etc. Better I do more sculpts than work on this for too much longer  :blink: