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    First 3D sculpt

    My first 3D sculpt in any software. Have always been 2D. One image shows a quick 10k poly render, the other image shows it in the Voxel room. I lost stuff like clumps of hair and other things in the render which I will keep learning and figure out why.
  2. All of them? All my files crash now when I open them. There is maybe one file that will open properly. I just tried again. Made something, save it, exit program. Load program, open file, instant crash. Tried re-install as well as options above. I've done the submit thing after the crashes also.
  3. Crash, tried both. All my files crash now. I can work on them once, if I close them and try to re-open at any time... crash when loading. I've tried reinstall. Same same.
  4. Hey this was happening in 4.0.8 then I had to drop to 4.0.4 Was working on a sculpt, save as usual. Exit program. Open up file later, whole program crashes. I sent the report when I was prompted after but really want some help / want to get working on my file. I tried open recent, manual open, etc. Pretty much can't open the file. This happened to every file in 4.0.8 ALMOST all the time.
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