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  1. 3D Coat layers folder doesn't support Pass Through as far as I know and this make it (folders) a bit useless if you want to organize layers with independent blending modes inside. Nowadays any paint software has pass through, enable by default or as an option to be activated if you need it. Krita, Photoshop, Affinity, GIMP.... You will find pass through everywhere because it's part of a common workflow and allows better organization of layer stacks that serve the same purpose. At the moment in 3D Coat it is impossible to organize layers properly because you have to work with the limitation of a folder/group which does not allow layers to function independently within. A pass through blending option would be really welcome. If it is really difficult to add this blending (AS OPTION), I suggest a new folder/group type, just a "invisible" container you can use to hold organize layers as the actual folder without any influence on the blendings inside the folder and below
  2. Hello i have this problem with 3D Coat, this is not a new thing, it has always been this way in several versions, in several computers, I'm living with this problem for +- 3 years. So, i have my Hotkey/Shortcut setup on paint room like in Photoshop, E to Erase, B to brush, etc most of the things works fine and are always saved (Common keyboard keys like , A, B, C, D, E ,F, CTRL, SHIFT, ALT...). I also use the [ to decrease radius and ] to increase radius. The problem is, 3D coat never saved shortcut ] (That i use to increase radius) and I have to set the key every time I open the software, every time I open a file, every time I reload a mesh, every time I have to do something else inside the software or when in some way i change the geometry I'm working. I know about the "Options_Hotkeys.xml" file and I have tried to change it many times but 3D Coat will always overwrite the file, even if I mark it as "Read Only". I'm in Brazil, my keyboard layout is ABNT https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_keyboard_layout and I believe 3D Coat don't have total support. Take a look at the image below, the "Decrease Radius" is set to ( ] ) even when I manually set it to ( [ ) it will always appear as ( ] ) but it will act as ( [ ). When i set the "Increase Radius" to ( ] ) the key became invisible there (but works until i do something else, load a model, open a file, close the software). I have tested with different computers, different keyboards ( All ABNT layout, the layout used in Brazil ) and I always have the same problem. I have 2 desktop computers and 1 laptop to test. Right now I'm using 3D Coat 4.7.24 on Windows 10 64bit but as i said before this was always like that, different versions of 3D coat, different versions of windows and on different computers that I had. And as I said, yes, I know about the hotkeys XML file, but that is not the Solution in my case, don't do anything unfortunately... This is something with 3D Coat and the Brazilian ABNT keyboard layout because I've tried all sorts of things and nothing solved the problem. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_keyboard_layout
  3. I'm painting in 3D Coat and i have everything organized inside groups, whenever I send to photoshop and saved there, the groups get messed up. Already tried everything, I have removed all the groups and created new ones, already changed the name of each layer (with and without "_" ) and each group, this always happens. There is no space in the names, everything works normal until i save in photoshop and return to 3D Coat. The bottom group is added to the top group creating a ladder of groups, one inside the other. I already exported all layers as .psd, opened in photoshop, saved and reimportei in a new file in 3D Coat and the same happens How can I fix this problem? Even if i put all groups inside a main group holding all groups this happens after i save in photoshop EDIT: Also tried with 3D Coat 4.7.23 64-bit. Same problem
  4. thanks for the reply Symmetry has always been off so i decide to turn it on to try. Now everything works perfect, perfect blends over overlapping seams in this case has symmetry on, solved the problem
  5. Hello. I have a low poly model and i'm trying to figure out how can i paint in 3D Coat without constantly fix everything in photoshop. I have this model that the uv was made with half the mesh and then applied symmetry, overlapping shells. the problem is that the 3D Coat brush is horrible to paint over any seam, even those that do not overlap have some sort of problem already tried to send one overlapped shell to 1-0 (no overlap, each shell in a UV room) and still the problem persists I am using 2048 texture size what am i doing wrong? how to avoid such problems with this UV type and seams?
  6. I aways use hangouts and i love the screen share. paint, modeling and sculpt or just chat with friends. It is possible to create persistent rooms with a lot of people in hangouts and have a chat text and the possibility of video hangouts (for screen sharing) at anytime. To create a persistent room, just start a hangout with someone, after that you just need to invite more people. You can chante the hangouts name and it will be listed there forever, until the person leaves the room (a new invite must be sent if the person wants to join again) Notifications can be configured, can be turned off or paused for a period of time that you set. this way, those who can not attend, just need to pause the notifications. this is good for those who have hangouts app in smartphone/tablet, can temporarily pause the notifications while working or sleeping. So no one need to leave the room because of the notifications, just need to pause or turn it off There are also a "desktop" version using the chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hangouts/nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjanaoiihapd?hl=pt-BR by the way... 3D Coat needs a google+ community like the zbrush https://plus.google.com/communities/108556938069525001552 my google+ Diogo Santos (dreatern)
  7. unfortunately these settings are applied to the pipette tool (pick tool) only, has no effect on the "pick color" using the shortcut V ( Windows > popups > pick color/depth/specular [V] ) would be great if there was a configuration like the pick tool to the "pick color"
  8. Heya! Well, in photoshop i use ALT key a lot to pick color. Everyone knows that you can't pick color with blends cause it will alter the real color. In 3D coat we have the V shortcut (would be great if it were possible to switch it to ALT) to pick color and we have the "pipette" tool that takes a color sample of the selected layer Well, before i start painting, I like have a layer of ambient occlusion to guide me. This layer is on top always [Multiply Blend], using the V key 3d coat will pick the color result of the blending, i have to hide the AO layer and paint without it. Using the pipette tool i can pick the colors in the layer i'm working (selected layer) without pick the result of the blendig. This is very good, but using this tool i have to click on pipette, use, change the brush again...., with V key the workflow is non-stop. Is there a way to change the pick color (V shortcut) behavior to make it pick only the selected layer like the pipette tool? Create a shortcut to the pipette tool is not a solution couse it will chante the current tool and i have to select the brush again....
  9. I purchased 3D coat last week after using the trial version. Here's a character I'm working. This is the "cartoon cute" version of the Ucides cordatus Painted in 3D coat <3 (diffuse and specular) [model made in 3ds max] the texture is still a wip, missing alot of details and better spec Here you can see the crab with some animations i'm doing (unity web player)
  10. Hello everybody. My name is Diogo, I'm from Brazil I just acquire the 3D coat, so i'm a newb right now. I used the trial version and decide to buy it because i LOVED the painting, topology and uv tools (rooms) <3 I use zbrush, 3ds max and photoshop and now 3d coat. I think 3D Coat can be a very useful tool. Now i just need to get used to the interface...., already started customizing things there for my taste.
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