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  1. No difference. Why doesn't 3D coat respect the item location when importing? EVERY OTHER PROGRAM I'VE USED DOES THIS!
  2. When importing int other sculpt room, the results are always unpredictable. Sometimes two meshes appear in arbitrary locations, and that's without symmetry enabled (I forgot to take a screenshot of that) And now, somehow, someway, holes have appeared in my base mesh!?!?! What gives?
  3. In the sculpt room, I want to select and duplicate multiple meshes. I cannot select multiple meshes, so I tried parenting them to a group, then duplicateing the group, thinking it will also duplicate the children, but it didn't work. So how do I duplicate multiple meshes at one?
  4. CognizanCe

    Compositing Unit 003 HNCHBCK

    A lot more info, construction shots etc. here: http://catalanomedia.tumblr.com/post/145892000519/overall-im-tired-of-seeing-designs-built-around
  5. CognizanCe

    How do I reset the position of a mesh that was imported?

    Was supposed to post this here: Zero set it to 000 on the world position. Reset button gives some random position. Pressing undo and re-do enough times causes 3d-Coat to crash.
  6. I'm now realizing a mesh I imported to the sculpt room was moved and scaled by accident. How do I reset the mesh position and scale to where it was when I originally imported?
  7. I have a "boot" retopo object that I want duplicated/mirrored. Trying to apply symmetry to the layer makes it disappear. Virtual mode is off.
  8. CognizanCe

    A weeks worth of retopologizing disappeared?

    Here's what I'm pretty sure happened: For that body, I had symmetry turned on in the x axis. But for the gun/hand, I turned on symmetry for the z axis. So I'm pretty sure the symmetry for ALL my retopo objects tried to snap to meshes in the z axis, of which there are none, so they collapsed/disappeared. How do I get them back to snapping to the meshes on the x axis? setting the symmetry to x does nothing.
  9. CognizanCe

    A weeks worth of retopologizing disappeared?

    Version 4.5.37 Virtual mirror on. EDIT: Turning off virtual mirror mode and resetting the symmetry gives me this:
  10. CognizanCe

    A weeks worth of retopologizing disappeared?

    Here it is with all sculpted surfaces turned off, and all retopo objects turned on. The visible retopo meshes are the latest pieces I retopo'd.
  11. So I have 24 retopo object layers. I've been retopologizing the past week. Where are my retopo meshes? It's like they collapsed or exploded, or are not there!?!?!
  12. CognizanCe

    Mesh camera clipping on import to sculpt room.

    That's what I was trying initially and the exported mesh was huge. Turns out, for whatever reason, exporting as OBJ causes it to be huge. I exported it as .FBX and everything turned out fine.
  13. CognizanCe

    Mesh camera clipping on import to sculpt room.

    Thanks, but the SCALE is not the problem. The problem is when I DON'T auto scale, the camera/mesh clips. (First top 2 images) I THOUGHT pressing auto scale would fix the clipping, and it DOES, but it scales it, which is something I don't want. So if auto scale fixes the clipping problem but messes up the scale, how do I fix the clipping problem without scaling? In maya you can just set the clipping distance. Yes, and the problem is that at that original scale upon importing, there's some clipping going on when the mesh parts are too far from the camera. Using v4.5.37
  14. When importing in to the sculpting room, the camera clips the mesh. How do I fix this? In maya, you can just set the camera clipping distance. When importing, pressing the "auto scale" button scales it so it no longer clips, but it...scales it...and that's something I can't have because I'm gonna be taking it back to another program.