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  1. The forum is buggy, I agree
  2. The problem was that _DIFFUSE texture is created in black. Here is the texture. 6511C076_DIFFUSE.rar Location: Documents\3D-CoatV48\Temp\panoramas_ggx2
  3. When you add new environment map to all of color become black standart added: last in the list at the bottom but the shadows are turned on everything is fine
  4. No, it's not. Earlier there was such problem in 3dsmax, all polygons stretched across the stage, same thing here By the way, this problem always occurs in retopo room if you save the scene, then take a step back Once again, I apologize if I write not there. In Mantis is not yet understood
  5. There is a problem with retopology. Also unwrapped UV, saved, made a correction in voxel room, then back, survived again, and got such a bug. In retopo and textured the room all messed up. How to fix? Too much time it will take to do it all over again.
  6. You can adjust the degree of sticking of the cursor to a 2D grid, very low level of adhesion?
  7. strip

    Thank you! Glad this helped you.
  8. Thanks!
  9. strip

  10. strip

    FABRIC Only strips
  11. strip

  12. new tool

    From what I've heard, work on the program not so many people. If so, then I think the realisation of such novelty can really take a lot of time and effort. But still it would be nice to see it in 3Dc.
  13. new tool

    I agree with you. On account of the groupings of instruments would be nice. I also did a request to add a procedural filters for materials. But I think it's better to discuss it here on the forum, because some may not agree. But if Andrew thinks this is correct, then I think he can add these innovations into the program.
  14. new tool

    And why all this time I didn't pay attention to the radial symmetry Thank you. Topic can be closed