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    EVE Online Jove Cruiser

    Nice i like the meshflow
  2. Ist es möglich MicroVertex Painting mit normalen Pixel Painting zu kombinieren? D.h. dann praktisch auf vier Maps zu malen? Man könnte dann ja stellen erhöhen per Pinsel und diese noch mit einer flachen normal map verfeinern Ist das auf der Feature Liste oder auf der zukünftigen Feature Request Liste mit drauf? lg Vito
  3. einfachder

    HOW can i lock the Texture View (Mouse1)

    Okay i found out this problem only appears when i have multi tiled UV's
  4. Hi, this makes me crazy - i can move the Texture View by clicking into a non-shell area and then drag around (with mouse1) ... But how can i disable this? Sometimes, no sorry, all the time when i want to paint (with mouse or wacom) i grab accidentially the canvas and drag around instead of painting... please dont say that i cant disable this And i think, that the middle mouse button function is enough for moving the view around (because this is also the way you do this in 3d view) [ sorry for my english i am from ger ] regards, Vito EDIT: Forgot to say, that there is also a Bug and it drag the cavas around SOMETIMES, EVEN when i inside the UV-shell