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    I've been wondering...

    Thanks for the answer.
  2. Clayphd

    I've been wondering...

    Since I got 3d-coat I have always wondered, why does voxel and surface model use triangles instead of quads? I am thinking it must have been answered somewhere but I couldn't find anything in quick search. Thanks.
  3. Clayphd

    3D Coat and Daz Studio

    They are a few years old, but Fugazi3d on Youtube did a few tutorials on Girl 4 but you should be able to adapt it. http://www.youtube.com/user/Fugazi3D/videos He also does some tutorials about making textures.
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    Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for. And thank you AbnRanger for the useful info.
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    Hello, I'm Josh though I normally got by Clay. I am fairly new to 3d-coat only have had it a month and a half, and have made basically nothing I've got a question... I don't have zbrush but I have watched a lot of videos on it on youtube trying to learn as much as I can on sculpting that I can, I do realize that 3d-coat and zbrush are very different programs but I was wondering if there is anything like, I think it's called, the stamp tool in 3d-coat?
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    Thanks for the fast replies.
  7. I am very new to 3d-coat... so I'm sorry if this is a completely obvious question but what is RS?
  8. I want to thank you for these tutorials. Even the ones in German (even though I don't understand a single word in German) are teaching me a lot, simply by watching what you are doing. Because you go over the each tool in detail it gives me a better understanding of how to better use 3d-coat.