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    Thank You!
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    My Hard Surface Sculps

    I love machnes, spaceships, sci-fi themes...
  3. jay27

    Adjusting Default Retopo Mesh Color

    So, for example, i cut my retopo mesh into parts, then i export it to blender, to do polymodeling based on it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0wps5l1hh3c8th9/kepp.jpg and that would be nice, to see the different retopo layers in different colors(like on phinolan3D user's image), to help me to do better planning,...
  4. jay27

    Adjusting Default Retopo Mesh Color

    I see. I'm working on a robot, and i'm using multiple retopo patches (by mechanical parts) and now can't see the patches, so can't see my breakdown, would be nice exactly that what you have posted above (the colored image).
  5. jay27

    Adjusting Default Retopo Mesh Color

    is it exist yet? i can't find and would be nice If it isn't then +1
  6. +1 dual monitor handling would be nice
  7. jay27

    Plugin for Octane Render

    +1, i'm dreaming about this as well
  8. jay27

    Bigger pen ALPHA sizes

    Dear Andrew, 3D Coat is amazing. Can i ask for to increase the available alpha brush resolution? Now if i try to make and load form an other app, the dialog window allows 512, and i think 2 or 1 k could me way better. If i try to make a new pen alpha from texture file right in 3DC, the same result. For example, i have a perfect circle in a 1k PNG file, and a 8 million poly CUBE, and now the result is not HQ (https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxrzhy7m9tdbwd0/this.jpg) Thank you
  9. jay27

    Sci Fi pistol

    Thank You AbnRanger!
  10. jay27

    Introduce yourself!

    Thank you AbnRanger for the tips! Can you mention someone, who know how to use autopo for HARD SURFACE models? I wanna contact him! That would be a really big help for us...
  11. jay27

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi Guys, I'm Robert Ferenczi, CGI artist (what a suprise:)) and have a question: I would like to make concept sculpts for our short film, and i'm not sure about some things...So, the goal: want to use 3D coat texture paint system without retopoing (autopo fails; i'm talking about hard surfaces) and use outer GI render engines, like octane, or blender cycles, but, in UV room voxel sculpt doesn't appear so can't make any autoUV and bake down PTEX onto those. So, i make my sculpt, can texture up but here is a break, as while PTEX only supported in maya and v-ray (not in octane and not in blender yet), so if i export my obj with ptex i can' render... Now, i have to export without texture painting, go in belnder, render metal pass, other passes, go in GIMP put togeather and make texturing, but that would be nice to do IN 3D coat the texturing as well. Are there any way (WITHOUT retopoing and expensive softwares) to achieve this? Can i somehow bake ptex data onto some kind of autogenereated UV map INSIDE 3D coat? (i repeat without retopoing) My goal is sculpting, texturepainting and exporting a sculpt with textures and auto UV-s with textures and render in a physically correct GI engine. Thank you for any help or tips!!