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  1. Ok, I know what I did wrong, I was like a dumbass . I got too greedy with the detail and always set the bake tex res to 4096, and my computer often freezed as a result. Actually it's works surprisingly fast at 2048, who need that kind of detail anyway.
  2. I have 4GB Ram and 512MB Video Ram, But my computer is pretty old and it's not very effective at memory handling and stuff, Actually I Just tried your solution yesterday and It almost worked, retopo the part one by one and remove the voxel afterwards, I guess I really have to lower the res of my model, Killing a little detail woundn't hurt that much. Although getting a better computer seems like a much better option.
  3. Please excuse my poor english Some days earlier I made a post "Huge .3b file?", which express some of my worries about the size of 3b file. And I see it's a pretty common problems, But I still having trouble dealing with it. I Just finished the calf of the leg for my character, I am having a hard time to combine it to the body, head, and feet. I REALLY REALLY wish if I can just combine all the parts I made in the voxel room and retopo them and then paint them altogether, and then get rid of those insane CPU memory killer "voxels" for good. but that's not possible, 2 more of those calf (not even with symmetry on) and my computer will simply stop running. So I separated my model into multiple 3b file, retopo them and bake the texture first and then tired to combine them later. but I have no idea how to combine or export/import different object from different 3b file. There is no option to do with object ( Materials ) other than hide or remove them, If I export my model as obj and import it back to another 3b file for paint it's layer will become messed up. I sure there must be some workaround for it, I am just too dumb to figure it out, please enlighten me!
  4. Really thanks for the quick reply!
  5. The model I am currently working on is very detailed, It's some sort of biomechanical human/alien hybrid. I only finished half the head of my character and my .3b file is already over 700MB ( I have to downgrade some of the volume to keep my frame rate acceptable). I am pretty sure when I finished the whole model (If I keep everything in a single file), It will be over 2GB. The huge file size did give me some trouble, sometime it takes a lot of time to downgrade to volume, my computer even crashed 1 time when I try to downgrade to volume and corrupted my 3d coat settings. It also takes a lot of time to save (obviously). other than that everything seems pretty much ok. Is this something 3d coat expected, or I am putting to much detail into my model? Is it necessary to separate my model's into multiple part when my file gets too large? I hope nothing goes wrong when I try to retopo or bake the texture, or I am just being paranoid? By the way, thanks thy great pilgway god for granting me this powerful magic, so I can bring my most unholy creation down to the surface
  6. This is my first serious 3d-coat model. I've always want to make a character based on Rob Conway "The Con Man" (I found his WWE entrance song "Just look at me" extremely amusing). Since I am not very good at sculpting I had to made my "base shape" on 3dsmax, and then export it to 3d-coat for fine detailing. Just Look at me! Now I need to make some sort of tactical armor and a shiny pair of sunglasses , and a stylish hair for him. Does anyone know any good hard surface tutorial for 3d-coat? especially for armors and stuff. I have no idea how to make them in 3d-coat And a hair tutorial would be appreciated. if there is one, I always have trouble making those "good looking hairs". Merry christmas!
  7. Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Studio 1558 BIOS: Ver 1.00 BIOS A11 PARTTBLr Processor: Intel® Core i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz (8 CPUs), ~1.7GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5400 Series 3D-COAT 4.0.04(DX64) I removed my old configs(using newly generated default configs), end up with no luck. I hope you'll find the information useful. and thank you for your time!
  8. There you go, the "bugged" voxel. Btw, Here is my current progress. I've been following psionic's tutorials, it's really fun learning 3d-coat! I made a bunch of models during the past few years using 3dmax. now it's time to refine them. ZombieLowres.rar
  9. I fixed the issue by export the voxel as obj and then import it back, auto-resize it and there is no quaility loss. Anyway, really thanks for the help. I can't spot the difference between the "bugged" voxel and imported voxel, actually I don't think there is any difference at all. they work pretty much the same unitl I try to bake the maps. that's really weird.
  10. First I'd like to thank Pilgway team for making this awesome software! I created a zombie head, after I go through "AUTOPO for per pixel", there is no BakedOcclusion layer, the normalmap have no effect on the model. It's been very frustrating trying to figure out what's wrong. I also made a human head, which everything worked just fine. if anyone knows the problem, please let me know, thanks!
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