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  1. I just bought a MSI Armor RTX 2070 ($550), so far it's been working great. Otoy just released their version 4 of OctaneBench so I have been running the card through the bench. Right now it's just below a GTX 1080ti by about 4 to 6 points (213). Not bad with no RT cores being used, according to Otoy's testing the cards can get twice the speed when the RT cores are used, and that is not optimized yet. The 2070 is twice as fast as my old GTX 980 and has double the vram so I'm happy for now. In fact it's not much below a 2080, about 15 points. https://render.otoy.com/octanebench/
  2. Grimm

    [Solved] New display tablet, no pen pressure

    Sergii, gave me the fix, it's working great now! Jason
  3. Hi, I just purchased a new display tablet, XP-Pen Artist 13.3, for my Linux Mint 19 system. It works great with Krita but in 3D-Coat I'm not getting any pressure changes for radius or depth/opacity. XP-Pen has their own driver for Linux which, at this time, is somewhat limited on what settings I can change. I have tried all of the pen settings in 3D-Coat but I'm not seeing anything change. I'm running version 4.8.23 for Linux. Any insights would be great? Thanks, Jason
  4. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I'm running 384.59, I just updated it a couple of week ago.
  5. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I have a launcher on the Cinnamon desktop that I edited to point to the new version. Does that make a difference?
  6. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I'm having a problem with this latest version, no smart materials show up. Do I need to do an extra step? I did run the copy data from the previous version, but not even the smart materials that I created before have shown up.
  7. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    I'm having issues using Renderman on Linux. 3D-Coat complains that it isn't installed, although I have it installed and running on my system. I have it working with the Blender plugin and I can run it via the command line. My system is Linux Mint 18.2 and Renderman is installed in /opt/pixar/RenderManProServer-21.3 Using 3D-Coat version 4.7.36, although the window header says 4.7.35 Is there any way to point 3D-Coat to the install? I didn't find any preferences to set that.
  8. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Thanks Sergyi for the updated version for Linux! Jason
  9. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Email sent, thanks Sergyi! Jason
  10. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    +1, any news on a new Linux version? Jason
  11. Grimm

    Help with smart materials

    I put in a mantis issue on the layer problem as it's still a problem in 4.7.24: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2273
  12. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Thanks, I was able to down load the file. Wget had to restart the process several times for it to work. I have been noticing issues with my network connection of late.
  13. Grimm

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    The 4.7.24 Linux download is broken, when downloaded it's only 24 KBytes in size. Edited: looks like it's either a network error or a server error. I'm doing a wget that is more resilient with those issues. Seems to be working better. Thanks.
  14. Grimm

    Help with smart materials

    Thanks again for your help David! I was able to get a pretty good porcelain material now that I understand what is going on. One of the things that confused me was that when you first open up a new smart material you get a first layer. Then if you add another layer (on the Linux version at least) the new layer will pop in under the first one. This is very confusing when it (I think) should open above the first layer. Any new layers after the second will pop in above like normal. Does anyone else see this too? If it can be confirmed, I will post a Mantis bug. The second image is my reference image. Jason
  15. Grimm

    Help with smart materials

    Heh, thanks David, that is probably been my issue all along. It's very counter intuitive though, I assumed that any new layers would automatically be on top of the old layers. Not having buttons to move the layers is also very unintuitive. When smart materials first appeared there was no way to move the layers, so I have been waiting for that to happen. Thanks again. Jason