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  1. Daniko

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    I have had an issue with the last several versions where i can't select my folders for smart materials, shaders, stencils, brushes, etc. It only shows add new folder, and add existing folder. Moving individual items from one folder to another still shows that they are being detected by 3d coat.
  2. Hi, i'm trying to understand why sometimes my "ON BRUSH" placement objects are off center from the brush. In this case, if i were to start a new project and load the default sphere, the brush would work as expected. But in the case as seen below, the placement of the object is outside circumference of the brush circle. I've triple checked the imported model, and it is all zeroed out xyz and rotation etc. So it must be specific to the scale, or setting of the scene i'm working in. But i don't know how to resolve the issue. Any Ideas?
  3. Daniko

    [Solved] On Brush Models not centered

    Hi, the answer was right there in my initial post. My scene scale and offsets were overboard crazy, and when i reset offsets to 0, and scale to 1, my import models centered on the brush....
  4. Daniko

    SteamPunk Vehicle WheelChair

    Made out of stuff from my back yard.
  5. My first idea is to work on a wheelchair.
  6. Daniko

    SteamPunk Vehicle WheelChair

    BZ life took over, and haven't had the time to work on this until yesterday. With the little time i have remaining, i plan to put a more robust engine together, with electronics, fuel supply etc... do some detailing and paint-work, then render it in a western theme.... It's been entirely kit-bashed in 3dCoat so far, and depending on time, i may just do renders in 3d-coat, instead of thea....and post work with photoshop to get a final image..... Seeing lots of really amazing stuff on this forum.....
  7. Daniko

    Steampunk Leviathan

    Oh...hell yea.... i love this!
  8. Daniko

    SteamPunk Vehicle WheelChair

    And finally had time to spend a day working on this....I have decided to work entirely in 3d Coat, up until final rendering, which will be a combo of Thea Studio, and Clip-Studio touch up work....Mostly using primitives, blob tool, and vox layers..... and kit-bashing a couple parts for now...the color is just place-holder shaders....
  9. Daniko

    SteamPunk Vehicle WheelChair

    My thumb-nailing and silhouetting.... I try to get just enough of the idea that it guides me in 3dcoat,...but not so i feel attached to my 2d representation.....
  10. Daniko

    SteamPunk Vehicle WheelChair

    lol,...i'd thought so too,...but then...google shows a lot of references....so i'll try and push the boundary a bit....
  11. Daniko

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    What are the technical requirements of the final project? Is the judging to be done solely on the rendered image, with proof of work/development tracked through the forum? Or are there specific requirements around polygon count, UV layout etc.? I'm just trying to figure out if i can stick with Hi-poly techniques throughout the process, as I've tended to use 3d-coat this way in the past for purely illustrative purposes. I understand low-poly work for real-time animation etc. But won't use it if it's not part of the requirement.... Also, do we ask for feedback and develop ideas in our forum thread? Or is that just for proof of work?
  12. Does anyone have tips or advice when working with Vector/Clip art in the Epanel "load shape" interface? In general, i'm having a lot of instability with trying to load a shape, and use it the way i imagined. I want to use it in conjunction with the spline tools to, for example, lay down a selection stroke of a clip-art hieroglyph on a wall, so i can create a vox-layer of the shape, and apply another material. I'm having issues getting it scaled correctly, and getting my selection stroke size correct,... and often,... 3dcoat will crash somewhere in the process...
  13. Hi, Sorry... PC Version actually,.... i managed to get it re-installed, backed up my 3d-CoatV4 documents folder,...and re imported my custom settings..files...shaders etc... after re-install... Thanks...
  14. Hi, i was trying to load an eps file into the epanel, and 3d-coat hung up. So i killed it via task manager. Now 3d coat won't start in any of the DX, or Opengl configurations. It just hangs on the initial white screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled but this didn't fix the problem. I deleted my options files, still didn't fix the problem. When i look at the log file,... the very top says this Loading Xml file "Xmls/Settings.xml"... Can't load file "Xmls/Settings.xml" any help would be appreciated.
  15. Daniko

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    After updating to 4.1.11A, when i open up a voxel sculpt project from previous versions, the "Pick-Layer" key H doesn't work, unless i switch over to the paint room, use it once, and then switch back to the voxel room. Not really a big deal, but a workaround.
  16. Daniko

    A "Simple?" change to one of 3dCoat's Shaders...

    Right, so like i was saying, i want to get the brick-type wrap-around working with the normal-map shader. What i've discovered is that the bake settings seem to be hard-wired/called from the method <id> of the variable.xml file. So <ID>CubicTopSide</ID> method wraps the way i want, but doesn't bake the Normal mapping of the shader, and <ID>CubicNormalmap</ID> bakes the NormalMaps from the shader, but doesn't wrap around the object, regardless of the customized code in the .hlsl file itself. Maybe i'm out of luck? or maybe there is a place where i can modify the baking method? I guess this wasn't simple as i had hoped.
  17. Hi, I will preface by saying i am not a programmer type, but wanted to make a change to one of the shaders i use with 3Dcoat. I opened up the hlsl file in notepad++, and managed to understand enough to find the variable that needed changing to get what i want. // Vertex shader float4x4 g_WorldViewProjectionMatrix; float4x4 g_WorldMatrix; float3 g_ViewerPos; float4 Sphere; float OverallScale; float4x4 ShadowTM; struct VS_INPUT { float3 Pos : POSITION; float3 Normal : TEXCOORD0; }; struct VS_OUTPUT { float4 Pos : POSITION; float3 N : TEXCOORD1; float3 Ps : TEXCOORD3; #ifdef SHADOWS float3 SPos : TEXCOORD2; #endif }; VS_OUTPUT main(const VS_INPUT In) { VS_OUTPUT Out; float4 P = float4(In.Pos, 1.0); Out.Pos = mul(P, g_WorldViewProjectionMatrix); Out.N = In.Normal; Out.Ps = In.Pos*0.005/OverallScale; #ifdef SHADOWS Out.SPos = mul(P, ShadowTM); Out.SPos.xy += float2(1.0/4096.0f,1.0/4096.0); #endif return Out; } // Pixel shader struct VS_OUTPUT { float4 Pos : POSITION; float3 N : TEXCOORD1; float3 Ps : TEXCOORD3; #ifdef SHADOWS float3 SPos : TEXCOORD2; #endif }; sampler ShadowSampler; sampler CustomSampler1; sampler CustomSampler2; sampler CustomSampler3; float4 Color; float4 CurrColor; float4 ColorMod; float4 SpecularColor; float3 LDir; float3 VDir; float LDiffuse; float LAmbient; float Opacity; float ShadowMin; float Bumpness; float Specularity; float SpecularPower; float4 LightColor; float4 main( const VS_OUTPUT v ) : COLOR { float mpl=1.0; float4 mxy=tex2D(CustomSampler1,v.Ps.xy); float4 myz=tex2D(CustomSampler1,v.Ps.zy); float4 mzx=tex2D(CustomSampler1,v.Ps.zx); float4 nxy=tex2D(CustomSampler2,v.Ps.xy); float4 nyz=tex2D(CustomSampler2,v.Ps.zy); float4 nzx=tex2D(CustomSampler2,v.Ps.zx); float wxy=v.N.z*v.N.z; float wyz=v.N.x*v.N.x; float wzx=v.N.y*v.N.y; float3 dN=float3(nxy.x-0.5,0.5-nxy.y,0.0)*wxy*Bumpness; dN+=float3(0.0,nyz.x-0.5,0.5-nyz.y)*wyz*Bumpness; dN+=float3(0.5-nzx.y,0.0,nzx.x-0.5)*wzx*Bumpness; wxy*=wxy; wyz*=wyz; wzx*=wzx; mxy=(mxy*wxy+myz*wyz+mzx*wzx)/(wxy+wyz+wzx); #ifdef SHADOWS float3 m=tex2D(ShadowSampler,v.SPos).xyz; float3 d=float3(1.0,1.0/255.0,1.0/255.0/255.0); mpl=clamp(2.0-(v.SPos.z-dot(m,d))*120,ShadowMin,1); #endif float L=length(v.N); float3 N=normalize(v.N-dN); float3 refl = VDir-2.0*N*dot(VDir,N); float S = dot(refl,LDir); float dd=clamp(L-1.0,0.0,1.0); S=clamp(S,0.0,1.0); #ifdef AOPASS float D = LAmbient-LDiffuse*dot(N,LDir)*mpl; #else float D = -LDiffuse*dot(N,LDir)*mpl; #endif float4 C=ColorMod*D*mxy*2+SpecularColor*pow(S,SpecularPower*mxy.w)*Specularity*mpl*mpl*mxy.w; float4 c1=tex2D(CustomSampler3,float2(dd,0)); C=lerp(C,c1,dd*c1.w); C.w=Opacity; return C*LightColor; } I highlighted the lines where i simply changed the .yz to .zy, and when viewing an example object in the vox room in 3d coat, i now have my bricks in this case, wrap around the wall or cube the way i was hoping. however, when i bake this to a retopo mesh, the textures still project as in the .yz orientation..... Can someone help me understand what changes i need to make so that the displayed voxel representation, and the low poly baked output are the same?
  18. Daniko

    A "Simple?" change to one of 3dCoat's Shaders...

    What i mean is, the normal map bakes just fine in the above shader, and that is the result want. If i can just figure out how to get the .zy - .yz projection of the texture to bake as it is displayed in the viewport, i'm good to go. The first image shows the viewport, the second image shows the result of baking, where the bricks go the wrong direction on the sides of the cube.
  19. Daniko

    A "Simple?" change to one of 3dCoat's Shaders...

    Hi, it seems the variables.xml is just exposing certain variables/slider options but i am changing a variable that isn't exposed through the interface. The txtr_tree01 does project/wrap the texture the same way i am looking for, but doesn't have the bump-mapping. If i could figure out how to add bump mapping to that shader, it would be fine too, but it seems easier for a total novice like me to just get the projection parameter changed in the shader with the bump-map. I am trying to study some 3d math/hlsl shader documents to see if i can understand what is going on in the matrix-math area of the shader.... but ....ugh.....
  20. Daniko

    A "Simple?" change to one of 3dCoat's Shaders...

    Sorry, the Highlights didn't show. The two lines where i flipped the .yz are line 71 and 75.
  21. Daniko

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi, i bought 3dcoat last christmas. I'm 40, and 3D started out as mild interest for me many years ago. Somehow, in the past 6+ months, it has grown into a disease. I had doodled with many different trials, and low-cost/free solutions, ...and occasionally used something in a web-design/motion graphics project,....but it was never very good, or whole hearted..... now..... i have 3dcoat....and the possibilities keep me from sleeping at night... I live outside Seattle WA..... I have many outdoor interests.....and am a true northwesterner......... archery,...motorcycles...soccer........ etc... The past two years, i have spent a lot of time in Unity 3d, photoshop, and now adding 3dcoat to the mix,....and hope to combine these skills with my past work in Video and motion graphics... ..I also have a history in web design and wordpress,.... but grew very tired of it..... I want to thank everyone who's insights, tutorials, and inspiring examples make up the body of this forum..... i've been lurking a long time,...and have gleaned soo much useful information here..... Darren