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  1. havent tried with r20 yet, but i would really like this to have separate buttons for separate commands. So i could hit a button ( or a shortcut) for a command which sends to uv unwrap room for example. I don't want to open that dialogue and set it up each time. And have a different shortcut to send to voxel room for sculpting. etc...
  2. Hi, the official youtube channel says pressure is not supported, can someone confirm that it works:
  3. Im trying to get a symmetrical uv unwrap on a symmetrical model, but its really not being symmetrical at all..
  4. ok, but i seem to have the same problem, right after baking the high res mesh to low poly. or is it because i bake normal map instead of displacement?
  5. Is this the expected behaviour? Im trying to clean up some baking. essentiall i just want parts of the mesh to not see the normal map. Can anyone help?
  6. Is it possible so that when we export model with textures, the tiff/psd files have all the layers still intact? like not flattened? i found videos about live photoshop connection, but thats not quite what im looking for.
  7. Oh man! that right click! Thanks a lot! That is um.. less than intuitive :)) thanks for the help! Glad you enjoy my videos :))
  8. ok, depth modulator in the "brush settings" was the culprit, weird discrepency there. other depth was set to zero, but was still getting depth. anyway.. so thats fixed! But the color problem persists. so i made a video: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/3bwmkvhpxxjh49q/3dcoat cant paint.mp4
  9. also cant get materials to blend into each other, when painting. the falloff doesnt help, just get this wierd ridge. Is there any way to switch back to the old painting approach? before smart materials? that made a lot more sense in my head. I just need to paint color and bump maps mostly..
  10. yeah i posted that one in the first post. its in japanese and doesnt show how to go back to regular brushes.
  11. ok, i figured it out. just drag the jpg into smart materials, then use on screen widgets and paint. my issue now is i don't get how to get out of it. I want to paint on layers above with just normal brushes and colors, but it won't let me. everything is always white. cant change color? Any tips?
  12. Hey! trying to find a tutorial on 3d coat which explain how to paint with photo textures. like in this video: I believe they are called stencils? i only found this:
  13. export res was already set to "low poly" as seen in the video obj didnt help. tried exporting "export uvs" from paint room, didn't help either. still havent heard from andrew. --- I imported as reference mesh, but cant get it to the UV room. The frustrating this is this used to work just fine. I even made a tutorial about it :)) I need this to work, because i sometimes have rigs and stuff already set up on a mesh, and i just need to place the UV tags onto it.
  14. i press apply, because ussually i would actually go through and make a uv unwrap. not just use the default. I will try obj again, but im pretty sure i tried it already. i will also try exporting from paint room. thanks.
  15. i sent an email to support, but havent got an answer. posting video here as well. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/jbvtk0dpskht5sr/coat import.mp4
  16. also that checkbox keeps getting unticked. even if i save a new preset
  17. it was off, tried it with it turned on, same issue. these are my export settings ( they look different from yours) I think it was working until this preset stuff was added.
  18. and polygon selections mess up ( meant to be on nose and ears)
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