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  1. Hi all, in case you have also a NURBS modeler in your toolbox you might find this little tutorial, below my gallery images, also useful. It describes my technique on how to create rounded letters or other basic NURBS shapes, which are otherwise difficult to model in a NURBS modeler, if at all. https://www.behance.net/gallery/67631047/(NURBS)-shapes-from-shading Hope you like! Regards Stefan
  2. The next step would be to combine this technique with photometric stereo images taken from family members, friends or co-workers... ;-) Regards Stefan
  3. Hi all, i created a small tutorial and images to show you my little technique on how i create proper bas reliefs. Please note this technique may be not so good for hard surface models due to an unkown reason, bit i hope it might be useful to you! https://www.behance.net/gallery/62753223/Bas-reliefs-from-3D-models Regards Stefan
  4. Hi all, just came across this Kickstarter campaign via Facebook and thought character sculpters with an own 3D printer like the idea of this workflow. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adambeaneindustries/cx5-sculptable-filament-for-3d-printers?ref=project_link
  5. Ok, es funktioniert jetzt! Grüße Stefan
  6. Danke für die Information, bekomme es aber nicht zum laufen, obwohl ich alle Schritte durchgegangen bin. Grüße Stefan
  7. Hallo miteinander, habe die letze Win beta runtergeladen und wollte Factures mal ausprobieren, jedoch wird beim malen nur die diffuse Farbe aufgetragen und nicht die Textur. Was mache ich da falsch? Wäre sehr dankbar für eine Antwort! Grüße Stefan
  8. pengo

    PBR in Blender Cycles

    I have also problems with the normal map with the PBR Shader Vers. 1.75. It gives in some areas (were shadows should be) very dark and sharp shading results. With the dual shader it does not happen, but i don't have then the shiny shading results, the surfaces look matte then.