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  1. Can we have a build that don't trigger win 10 smart screen protection and the prevent message which ask you to run anyaway at your own risk the app as the publisher name isn't signed.
  2. fuzzzzzz

    Pose Tool feature request

    sad that it never happenned
  3. fuzzzzzz

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Thanks you Andrew, for the update . I would as a reminder to redirect you on this old feature request i made long time ago : http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17329 the reason that make me purchase for a Zbrush license and never come back to 3dcoat. just had a try with the latest 4.5 33 but exact sample problem, i just try to setup the lattice and i did something wrong i can't to undo and the masking can be reverted... Another thing i hate with 3Dcoat is the confusion with symmetry tool, it create new polygons that are hidden into the model you must to clean up disabling the sym and then delete one complete model side, and if, all the vertices are no longer exactly at 0.000 on the symmetry axis. you try to select them and move them all to snap the 0, using numeric dialog from the transform option panel, but it don't move each point to 0 on the sym axis, the other that were good before will being wrong after that. This issue with symmetry happens since the first build i try when i purchase for a license of 3dcoat, i ever had some issue with every model i made with 3dcoat. you should really polish Andrew. every time i notice there is new beta version, that looks great, few hour later someone report for a new major bug , basically when you read the detail of the bug, it make me think that the version is not a version that can be use, ust to prevent from some various bug that could happen at anytime, so finally i download the new version and i never install it because someone report a bug. It all about the frequency of the release of a new beta versions, that has good point to get new version every weeks. but you should consider that you make a private beta, that you share with some guy from this forum, and when all reported bug get fixed, you can release a public beta version that make more sense. Many in the software editor delivers beta version that people use in production. when pixologic release a version there is no bug at all, or so less that we can survive for many month without any patch fix. so as customer and as the beta version is a service offered to the customer i would like to have the possibility to work with more recent build but that has a better stability. What do you think ? sharing this with you is only some kind of help to make more people happy with 3dcoat.. Best regards, Nicolas sorry for being rough like that, but i d to let you know about This a core tools, for any modeling app, and if that doesn't work well, you can have the best feature ever, 3dcoat is just painful to work with, i hope it change, but i will not upgrade to V5.
  4. fuzzzzzz

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    great news about the refactoring.. i must to confess that i stopped to use 3dcoat because of the insane poor performance on my computer., not only for that but this is themost restrictive issue i got with 3dc.. Andrew, can you tell us more about what half-open-source mean for you ? opening 3dcoat for plugin authoring is a good thing that I already had suggested on this forum, because it would be impossible to compete with Zbrush without the help of third parties developers. If half open source mean that there will be a module, manager, an software kit devlopmentsdk and a git repository onto the one we could commit a pull request , that's fine.
  5. Greg thx for you fast reply, i appreciate you suggest such of future possibilities for 3dcoat , but i am not sure it would not impact the development of the main application, i would really like this to be possible, but even if there is more new recrute on the staff, and a new branching and new type of customers would by the way give you the twice the work that is ncessary right now to progress on the current build. i really think that open 3dcoat to thirdparties developpers is a best thing that could happen to 3dcoat and his staff
  6. just hope that developer of 3dcoat will focus on the app instead of adding a new branch for tablet devices. 3dcoat is million years on late on what Zbrush offers for modeling/sculpting so i would liketo see some more progress on the app, i would agree with a free educational version of 3dcoat, and to open the app to thirdparty developper so this could maybe help to improve 3dcoat and make it more polyvalent that it is right now.
  7. fuzzzzzz

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    look at the first post, MAC and LINUX VErsion 4.5 12B donwload links are available
  8. fuzzzzzz

    Pose Tool feature request

    The only reason i bought 3dcoat was for sculpting, i am now into the mood and i ask me some questions about what is the objective of 3d coat, is Zbrush the main concurrent, or substance painter ? Pose tool is the tool that generate on myself the mostof the questions 1. Surface mode subdivision system is out of control 2. Pose tool is not what i need to pose my characters, it symply break your model so you can't to correct and fix anatomical error made at first stage when building your base with curve tools. 3. there is no sculpt layer and layer group, it would be a huge improvement and a good direction to get a non destructive workflow. There is a lot of potential in 3dcoat but it would be necessary to push more work on the app. Rename retopo room to modeling room, make a vast presets library of low polygonal meshes, so we could start to build our own library of meshes, then reuse them lately for different project, Artman batchkit is good , but all pieces are hir res meshes. It wouild be easier to send such of meshes for preparation before to make it be a voxel or surface mesh into the sculpt room, just adding crease edgeloop and chamfer/bevel , edge loop inserts, and than send the mesh into the sculpt room, and subdivide the mesh only at that moment. Append mesh to sculpt group, would be the command to send the mesh into the sculpt room. and then sync the transforms operation from the modeling/retop room, and that would simply update the layer group into the scultp room. With this Modeling room you could do retopolygy work too but also some low polygonal modeling, so it could be better that what the new Zmodeler tool offer in Z4R7. we would be able to store the meshs in modeling room into the custom library, for future reuse. The scene outliner that list and sort each component of the project , would be the place to pilot everything. you can see each components of the project, it would be sorted by type of component Meshes / retopo groups, (from modeling room) scultp vox /surf ( the hierarchy from sculpt room with the shaders assigned to them, but also the curve tool could be stored and call them back for editing) Meshes (for painting ) with models and materials assigned to them, and the layer that corresponds to this models and sorted with the similarhierarchy from the scultp room. From the modeling room we could seperate part of our meshes and then create a cage, by simply moving the vextices along the vertex normal, it would help too to create a cage for baking purpose. then cage shoudl be listed too into the outliner. The outliner could also list the cameras and lights for the Render room and we could add more camera than a single one, and store the position and configuration with the post process effect settings. sorry if i am not very clear in my purposes i am just very deceived because i have no choice and must to switch on Zbrush for sculpting project, Substance painter is already what i use for PBR texturing. Now i should only have to use 3dcoat for retopology purpose, as hobbist it becomes harder to assume the price of 3dcoat almost 400€ for software i will use only for retopology :/ Lat poitn I think that Andrew should ship 3dcoat with an sdk for third party developers. that might help to make 3dcoat progress faster.
  9. fuzzzzzz

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    haha allego mentions Smart materials to come with Substance painter 1.3 ;o https://www.facebook.com/AllegorithmicSubstance/posts/852632364799356:0
  10. fuzzzzzz

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    i get that problem whre i can't to read the full name of the voxex/surface tree layer name Anyway the new antibump smoothing is very nice, thx andrew for that improvement
  11. fuzzzzzz

    Steam & PBR

    the information are not correct, steam can support Beta program, there is a tab under 3dcoat properties, many app use it to provide preview and beta program
  12. fuzzzzzz

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    it doesn't crash for me
  13. We can add this two pdf written by allegorithmic Volume 1: the Theory of Physically Based Rendering Volume 2: Practical Guidelines for PBR Texturing
  14. fuzzzzzz

    Pose Tool feature request

    for sure we want PBR, ..but i didn't expected Andrew to respond to the feedback I had shared about that pose tool, but he did, and he asked for a solution , and it seems that many people has reacted about that real lack in 3dcoat, transpose tool was shipped with ZB 3.0 if i remember well, the tool has not evolved a lot since it has been created. PBR will not being fully built in few month and then let it go for ten year more without any viewport improvements, time is necessary for the tool to growth in maturity , pbr will not escape from this rule. We could try to launch a funny challenge that only allow people to give a posture with the manequin model without allowing the user to use any ot the sculpting tools, that would be somehow funny, but it would be also tragic :/ This is the point I am trying to express, no need to launch any event like that, but it some how also "not really acceptable" that we can't do such of tasks with the cost of the professional license. Last point, i don't think this topic is only dedicated to PBR, the topic is open to the 4.5 development, now only Andrew knows what will be part of this version, and optionally he is the only one that could define if my request is legit or not. Sorry if this suggestion, was not welcome at that point of the development, but as customer i was free to give my personal feedback. and trello card wasn't available for vote. I am not starting to bang the war drum with unrelated feature, i asked for a tweak not a new feature at that point, I didn't know that many people go to enter into that "unrelated" discussion , how could i had known for this? So why should i had created a request on a separated topic because I didn't know the request would be as popular as it has been ? I wanted to transform the full sized Images into simple urls, but i can't to edit my older posts. Carlosan, can you split the topic and create one apart of 4.5 ?