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  1. No unfortunately i have no chance to try with a different GPU card, and disabling the incremental render as you suggested to do , do not fix the issue at all. I already have seeked for some similar isue on the forum but nothing match the current issue i encounter. What is the most annoying is that for a long time i hadn't get any troubleshoot with 3dcoat with the current GPU i have on my computer :/ Thank you, Carlossan, i just hope that Andrew will thrown an eye on this place :/
  2. Nicolas Liatti responds on steam forum about the 10k revenue limit , i quote you his purpose; Carlosan, to me the whole layer system must to be refont in 3dcoat , i mean at the ui level. I would like to have the possibility to do some multiple selections , grouping, renaming, when there is a lot of layers so the big mess just to rename and rehandle the hierarchy. I am not talking only about the the paint room but also for the voxeltree,retopogroup etc.. how the ui element respond is really annoying, and require more reactivity, i got so much problem when i have to move dozen of voxtree into an empty group so i can move them all at the same time and apply the transform tool on the parent group. By the way having layer stack per materials should also be helpful, but it stucks at the UI level, just more mess into the ui to bother with.
  3. there is no support at 3dcoat ? wrong place to post such of issue ?
  4. The beta 8 has been released
  5. Physically based rendering is the main reason why 3dc will not being use anymore for texturing with game development. All the major 3D game engine use now le PBR algorhytm (reflectance or metalness workflow) ,so cryengine, Unreal engine 4, Unity 5, and many more. Layer and mask system in substance painter is the best example of what Andrew should mimic for 3dcoat, I think that when Andrew say "Layer ala Photoshop", allegorithmic did it in SD/SP The Ui and the app is greatly intuitive and very efficient, and each component of the ui reacts correctly You can paint a mask directly into a layer Group. This is also what i would like to have in 3Dcoat when i had in past time to texture some models with it. But the biggest problem of 3d coat is the viewport rendering, and because of the global lightning system, handle the ambient light intensity and the primary light intensity settings is going insane everytime i tried to work on textures. I would just like to have a traditional globale lightning with uniform lightning, and with a IBL map support. (for specular reflections and with metalness workflow) so we can defie where we want to display metal and reflection and where we won't to bother with it, like for skin shading. The problem in 3DC is that shaders on the viewport lightning influences a lot how will look your final outputed textures. If the lightning setup and the shader applied to your model is not proper in your 3dc viewport, the albedo/diffuse map should looks very different from what you expect before you open them in PS, in comparaison to what you see in 3dcoat viewport. So you have to edit the texture in photoshop to fix how will look your texture in your game engine, and that not really handfull. Most of people that make model for game industry, use xnormal for normal map/AO baking, and Quixel or SD/SP for the rest of the work. Factually all texturing workflow is made out of 3DC. Probably 3DCoat dev team should focus on Sculpting room and apply a deep Refine of the shading and rendering in the viewport, adding some preset for each type of use, and simply a lot at that level.
  6. fuzzzzzz

    4.1 Released! (Current stable version)

    so where should we talk about PBR in 3Dcoat ?
  7. abnRanger, did you really understood what Physically based rendering is ? it is exactly in the scope of 3Dcoat ; if 3D coat do not do that, Zbrush with. and there are still a lot of software that handle PBR right now, you can't compare this request with people who ask for an animation module to integrate in 3dcoat, sorry but that has none sense. I don't understand very well how the shader have to be build to support the PBR in 3Dcoat, i am just an artists tha works with the technology of today, and now standart comes to PBR, if 3Dcoat don't follow it i repeat another software will do that instead. and ijust thought that painting data on model was the scope of 3Dcoat i am sorry if i have wrong. Also i am not interested in the rendering engine of 3d coat, but if you work on PBR shader, the viewer have to be capable to display what you are painting. So no it not about the improvement of One Shader for the paint room ideally ( fresnel is necessary from what i know). and a refine of the layer system to bring it to deal with more Channels to paint on your object as refletivity, microsurface, gloss map.
  8. I can't to give a try right now, but i could test out when i get some more time. Andrew i would like to know what to expect with the Next version of 3Dcoat, and it seem that the stuff that is In, right now is the physically based rendering. Now that is will start to be the standar for Game engine too, it would be important tfor 3D coat to have that support . I can provide you some good article on the one you will surely by yourself understand the power of this method, and i guess it would be so nice to have that supported ion the render room of 3Dcoat, theory : https://www.marmoset.co/toolbag/learn/pbr-theory technical : http://www.marmoset.co/toolbag/learn/pbr-practice and there are good link on at the footer,
  9. fuzzzzzz

    4.1 Released! (Current stable version)

    Nope, sorry Andrew, it seems that steam_api.dll is missing in the root directory , i made a screen for you : EDIt : It seems that a steam_appid.txt with the steam appID is necessary.
  10. fuzzzzzz

    4.1 Released! (Current stable version)

    Hey nice to hear about 4.1 just something about the steam version, the steam_api.dll is missing, so we can sync steam to say we are on the software and use the hub feature that steam offers Bravo Andrew !
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    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    since i am using 3Dcoat , ( 4.0.03), i had behavior from the app. so now when i get a odd issue i do prefer to save my scene under a different name, and then open a new instance of 3dcoat and load the the saved scene file to check if the problem happen too. that's a bit weak an suffer of memory leaks :/ 1. for a time when i passed from voxel to paint and after a fex hour was back on the app to continue my work, the vox layerwas all switched from voxel to surface mode, i don't know why , it happens several times but 4.0.13 hhas fix this issue. 2. another moment it was the marked seams that looked strangley in voxel room,reopening the scene into a new instance , resolved the problem again. 3. yesterday again with 4.0.13, it was the voxel roomm > merge > subdivide before to drop the mesh into the workspace. i get few other similar issues i can't remember well, so i will not to mention them there.
  12. fuzzzzzz

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    hey Andrew, before you release 4.1 i would like to see in retopo room 1. duplicate retopogroups ( without to snap on the voxel/surface object) 2. expand/contract the selection Actually as you are talking about 4.1 there is an improvement i would like to see with voxtree panel. let me explain shortly : Working into the voxtree is really painful sometimes. 3. multiple voxlayer selection when you have to reparent lot of small objects, like teeth. note : with the multiple selection we could also rename/merge several layer at the same time. Right click > merge selected , to prevent that by mistake we forget to unhide a layer before to merge with multiple selection it would be easier to hide/unhide or enable/disable the ghost mode. That would be greatly appreciated when it come to save time during production Nicolas
  13. fuzzzzzz

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    nope because its will also change the speed rotation/scale on other navigation ways, i wanted to use this icon when the pan is disable because of the win tabletpc driver, but now I know how to disable the tabletimputservice its ok for the ones who are looking for help to disable the sevice. Just open a cmd.exe with run as admin,and paste these two lines : sc stop "TabletInputService" sc config "TabletInputService" start= disabled Thanks you guys:)
  14. fuzzzzzz

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    @stusutcliffe thx you alot, i forget about the possibility to just not start the service at all. @Andrew thnx for the quick answer sorry for the point 2, as it seems that i forget to finish my explanation ^^ i would meant that, the pan, zoom, and rotation icons on the 3dcoat viewport, acts strangely when I used both of them with my updated wacom intuos 4( last driver). if i use the rotate , the model turn and turn and turn very fast, with the pan icon, i move so fast, and the camera of the viewport is very far from the model, same problem with the zoom icon.
  15. fuzzzzzz

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Thank for making the UI more robust,Andrew, this is a point that might be improved on 3d coat, i will wait before to update, currently I am on 4.013A that is the most stable version to work with. 1.I also noticed another problem with my wacom, at some point 3dcoat switch from the native wacom driver to the stylus and tablet provides by window. it make the pan navigation, unable to work, i have to switch on any other app, like Chrome, and then come back on 3dcoat so the pan is enable again. 2.Another problem with the viewport and tha tablet, is about the two icon on the top of the viewport , to PAN and rotate, it acts exactly as light wave modeler, when you have the input device set to mouse, and you are using the tablet with the naviguation icon on the top right corner of the viewport. 3. can you update the steam version , because the steam_api.dll is missing and steam work is enable to link the app to the community hub, steam is a very nice place with a lot of game developers, it would be great to maintain an activity and posting some guide and video and some better screen capture, that do not give an good feedback of the app, with the noob work that are displayed on the hub. Nicolas
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    68 Minute Voxel Head

    nice timelapse thx for sharing John
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    Free Photoshop Actions

    thx for sharing John
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    A Tiled Roof

    Hi Tony; nope it could works, but it would be nice if the 2d snap grid would works properly with the curve tools. it snap the cursonr on the gris not the spherical control, sio it coul have been a good solution for you to respect the distribution of the tiles.
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    Manuel de la V4 terminé! VF

    bien joué !
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    CryEngine 3 and 3D Coat?

    i agree with alvordr Scrotie, you should describe the project you have in mind, because each game engine get advantage for specific requirement of the game you want to develop, it simply depends of your gameplay and what you need as base for your gameplay. UDK and cryengine can deal with models based level, and means that you level is just made of lot of model dispatched on a Terrain(cryengine), or into a Bsp format that describe the space of your level(UDK) Source engine use BSP for the level, and means that levels must to be optimized as hell before to get acceptable results, the level creation tool are too old. source SDK 2013 is perfect if you need a strong IA in your game. the coding is in C++ and must to be compiled with MSVC++ compilers (source + cryengine) UDK uses at that time the Uscript, that is a embbeded language. that give you the possibility to script and to rehandle the source code from the game code. This is really good to prototype a game quickly, but learning Uscript when UE4 is not supported anymore, could be a waste of time, i can't say.. Unity is good for short game with simple gameplay , like you have to script everything yourself, or push all your money into the asset store if you can't code some important AI tools like nav mesh, path finding etc... it really depend of the game you want to create. we could give us our game developer experience and orient you on the right choice if you describe a bit the gameplay of your gameplay
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    nice character!
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    CryEngine 3 and 3D Coat?

    3dcoat support DAE format for export. the tools to convert your scene into the format that cryengine can read, can deal with DAE, i also think that crytek has start to add FBX support, but it can be wrong, Scrotie you will need a 3d app for all the common tasks you have to do out of 3dcoat. So if you dislike blender there is not alot of possibilities , and if you still wish to test out various game engines, like UDK, Cryengine and Unity ,maya, 3dsmax, XSI are ok with all this engine. Lightwave, cinema 4D, will be limited at the export level. best choice are maya and 3DSmax because of the community support over the internet.
  23. fuzzzzzz

    Vertex Colors and Information Layer

    Yes the FBX format can handle the vertex color. I know that Zbrush can convert texture map to vertex color (polypaint).