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    [Solved] Missing Scale

    please bring back the parameters input on the transform tool window.
  2. RichardDoble

    [Solved] Vox hide bugs

    I'm getting the same problem, did you manage to fix this?
  3. RichardDoble


  4. RichardDoble

    Modok fan art

    Thanks Fuad!
  5. RichardDoble

    Modok fan art

  6. RichardDoble

    Richard Doble

  7. RichardDoble


  8. RichardDoble

    3D printed project

    Thanks Brother!
  9. RichardDoble


    Thanks guys! really appreciate it!
  10. RichardDoble

    My 3D Coat adventure

    thanks guys! here's the final.
  11. RichardDoble

    My 3D Coat adventure

    update![ attachment=17277:Controller_concept.jpg]
  12. RichardDoble

    What Are You Working On ?

    had a little window open for some personal work, and I still have tons of work to do on this, but here's my WIP for a ship navigator.
  13. RichardDoble

    My 3D Coat adventure

    Thanks for the kind words guys! my 3d print wip! thanks for visiting!
  14. RichardDoble

    My 3D Coat adventure

    some more wips I'll definitely think about that tutorial. I'm not sure people would be interested.
  15. RichardDoble

    My 3D Coat adventure

    another 3d coat sculpt I 3d printed with my Makerbot Replicator.