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    How can I make a Flower?

    I can't edit my last two post for some reason. But, I just wanted to say. I was able to separate them and now have a Beautiful flower Thanks to Timmy! I based my design off of a Daisy though so the petals and How many petals are different. :-) Although, One question still remains. How can I get the Heart shaped stone to sit snug in a Heart shaped Bracket? I made the brackets already But, I have no idea how to make the hooks that will Hold it in-place. Here is a screenshot of the ring thus far. Comments/Advice/Suggestions?
  2. HonestAustin

    Engraving with Text?

    Dear 3DCoat Devs/Users, How can I use the text tool to engrave high quality text onto a voxel object? Every time I press enter it makes a very jagged unreadable text on the object. Even with a Higher resolution. also, If I wanted to introvert the text where it cuts the text into the object How might I do this as well? If anyone can show me a short tutorial that'd be Awesome! Thank you!
  3. HonestAustin

    How can I make a Flower?

    Update: I managed to just use the cutoff tool to get rid of the 2nd object/instance. and now it just 5 Axial petals. However they are still extremely close and bunched up that they are clipping eachother. and, I would of got a screenshot but it crashed due to a instability error when I clicked take screenshot in program o_O EDIT 2: what would be the best way to make "hooks" inside of petals for the Heart shaped stone? just asking in your case if you wanted to put a Heart shaped stone in the center what design maybe I should incorporate. EDIT3: Timmy, You saved me loads of time and also showed me how to use the Axial, VoxLayer and spline tool. So, now I can create some complex shapes that I was "attemping, but failed" to do by hand before :P So, Really Thank you again! I may just finish this in time for the proposal!
  4. HonestAustin

    How can I make a Flower?

    Hi Timmy, Wow! Thank you for the Awesome tutorial! I followed it perfectly but I am encountering one issue. when I make the petal it creates one on the other side too instead of just one petal on the one side. so, when I go to use the axial tool there is so many petals they are all bunched together. even when I use only 5. Because, I think it's detecting the 2nd petal that was created with semetry as another object/instance and thus making 5 turn to 10 lol although I created a very nice pattern! But, is there a way I can separate the petals making them farther or closer away from eachother because they are all bunched up right now
  5. HonestAustin

    Layout's, Color Gradient, e.t.c. |NOT WORKING| :(

    Yes, Sir. didn't fix it did it multiple times too. Neither works in Windowed mode or full mode
  6. Dear 3D Coat Devs/Users, I seem to be having a problem with my 3D Coat and I tried reinstalling it. I am unable to change the layouts, color gradiants or any settings I can open the menu and click them but it acts as if there is nothing being received by the clicking. if I tick a box or change a color it doens't change it or the box never gets ticked. or if I click a tab to a next menu it never goes to the next tab. I tried reinstalling, switching to a diff compatibilty mode, running as administrator..e.t.c. nothing worked.
  7. HonestAustin

    How can I make a Flower?

    Dear 3DCoat Users/Devs, How can I make a simple small flower and can anyone possibly make a tutorial to make one? I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. HonestAustin

    Smooth not Smoothing

    Sorry Malo, I should of been more specific. it smooths the object but WAY too much no matter what setting I have it on it degrades the object like I am pouring Acid on Clay. it just eats whatever object it touches. Even with a Low-Poly Model. the primitive of Freeform Torus and Ring both have very sharp jagged edges which show up in the Model and in the 3D Printed Molds. Do you know how I can get the models to be smoother on the edges of the Torus and Ring without them turning jaggedy? Also, I tried seeing if increasing the resolution(res+) on the model takes it away or smooths the model better and it seems not to be doing either. I know it's probably nothing wrong with the application just maybe me doing something wrong. But, I have no idea what I am doing that it is causing this :P So, any help would be appreciated! Thanks Malo!
  9. HonestAustin

    Smooth not Smoothing

    Dear 3DCoat Devs/Users, When using the freeform ring primitive in 3DCoat it has hard edges near the inside of the ring. No matter what res+ it's at. and, I try to use the smooth tool to kind of smooth it down. But, unlike the rest of the primitives it does nothing on this one. changing brush size, brush, e.t.c. seems to have no effect. or any of the settings for smoothing. What can be going on?
  10. HonestAustin

    Measurements using the "Measure tool"

    Nevermind. If, anyone is looking for a answer to this as well. See here:
  11. HonestAustin

    Measurements using the "Measure tool"

    Dear 3D Coat Devs/Users, How do I use the measure tool correctly and what is the measurement? mm's? cm's? e.t.c.? Thank you! :-)
  12. HonestAustin

    Proposing and Engagement Ring with 3D Coat.

    Know where I might get some different finger sized models for 3D Coat? :P [EDIT: Nevermind, Found some :P] I tried the measure tool and it gives me the diff points. However, it doesn't tell me what it is "actually" measuring. if it's cm's, mm's, inches e.t.c. it's just like a 8 - 12 string of numbers lol [EDIT: Figured it out. You can change the measuring points and what it measures inside settings. Also, Paint has a nicer measuring tool] EDIT: New problem. How can I make a perfectly cut circle in the center of a cyclinder? I keep trying and it keeps coming out lopsided to one side
  13. HonestAustin

    Proposing and Engagement Ring with 3D Coat.

    I hear you. Now, I have kinda tricky question as I am not a expert at any of this. How would I measure the dimensions of the interior of the ring to make different ring sizes? since, I am pretty much 3D Printing a mold from this? Thank you Malo!
  14. HonestAustin

    Cutoff doing odd things

    Dear 3DCoat Users/Devs, I was using the cut-off tool to make holes in the ring and while doing this for some odd reason it would cut all the way through the entire model. So, I would use the limiter so I only cut through the needed bits. Well than it wouldn't cut at all unless I litterly made the brush size 5x the size of the ring. and now resetting the value it won't cut off anything :/ so, I don't know what I did but I think I broke something :P
  15. HonestAustin

    Proposing and Engagement Ring with 3D Coat.

    Yes Sir. Attached is the concept I am looking at doing. Not that exact ring.. But a cross between that one and another one. :-) Thank you!