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  1. woah ajz thanks for that advice, thats very smart will try
  2. more with the sketch cookie cutter voxel technique.. pretty powerful technique to get started sculpting
  3. easier to start with 2 layers i found
  4. ajz3d - yes i agree about the last image texture , too saturated, that was my first test with the pipeline so it had lots of problems , but still good progress for me , and yes i agree i need to start adding gloss/spec maps that will definitely help. karth3d- thank you so much today i wanted to experiment with the sketch function in 3dcoat to help get started faster with full character voxel sculpts , here is the results, its awesome and i love it!
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this was my first attempt with the texture, /alternate bump map from 3dcoat http://www.justin.tv/cg_village_captain ^^^^^^^^^i stream myself here, there is possibly 4 hours of 3dcoat practice in the archive videos
  6. hey guys! thank you so much for the comments and suggestions, I feel welcome here render engine- octane render. and yes , there is many problems with the texture fuzz, I must take things 1 step at a time, this texture was huge progress for me. I will soon be beta tester for substance painter and that will definitely help. I want to learn to finish models, and lots of robots and spaceships, so i had to start small. i will continue posting my work here, again thanks for the support and positivity
  7. Hey guys, I want to share something i made. Pretty happy with some of the results. The pipeline - entirely experimental. Lightwave for geometry+UV, 3dcoat to paint bump map, ndo2 to convert bumps to normal maps, then take to substance designer to make final texture. The process for painting the bump map- I just poly paint in 3dcoat with alphas i made for 3dcoat detailing and use lots of the poly lasso paint projection tool. Painting the bump maps is seriously time consuming, but for me it seems to be worth it, it is a skill I am glad to be working on and I am very happy to be able to accomplish this task with 3dcoat. ivan mitkowski
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