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  1. Thank you very much for your help Aleksey and Digman. I tried your suggestions and they worked great. However, I have another question as a follow up based on the revised workflow you described. Unfortunately, I do not have screen prints at the moment (sorry, different computer) but I will describe the issue. Steps 1-3 are fine. Step 4: when importing the Retopo Mesh, 3DC asks if the mesh should be snapped. If I click YES, the retopo mesh (as it suggests!) snaps to the new geometry and I can proceed with the rest of the workflow. However, the retopo mesh (when snapped) creates a number of polygons that are not in the original model. If I click NO, the mesh aligns well to the original geometry and does not snap to the sculpted areas. By clicking NO to Snap, I do not get any artefacts. However, this means I cannot apply the diffuse map texture to the sculpted areas. My thoughts are at this stage that I may need to Autopo, export, import, retopo, merge and paint. However, I guess I am asking if I need to go through this convoluted workflow or do you have a more elegant solution. I cannot discount the NOOB factor so I may be making a simple mistake. Thanks once again for your help. Ash
  2. To all 3DC'ers! I am new to 3DC and I have been trying to solve an issue with sculpting and texturing a model that I would like your help with. I have a .OBJ file of a sculpture that has been captured by a 3D Scanner and has a UV map/texture. The problem is that, the model has some defects, both texture and geometry that require correction. I have managed to correct the geometry defects and I have also managed to correct the textures and export the model out of 3DC. I can do these operations INDIVIDUALLY but I cannot seem to bake the new texture on the modified (Voxelised) geometry. Could you please help correct my noob mistake or if this is a known issue/limitation then please feel free to put my mind at ease. My workflow (based on tutorials and searching the forums): 1: File > Import > import for voxelising (select the .OBJ) 2: Make modifications to geometry using clay tools and live clay etc. 3: To the Retopo room 4: Retopo menu > import - select the same file as original import to get Retopo mesh - (no UV edits as the texture already has UV mapped textures) 5: Retopo Menu > Merge NM 6: To Paint Room 7: Import Texture > import normal map 8: Back to Retopo 9: Bake scan settings and Bake 10: Back to paint Room for export and the model shows the Voxel sculpted edits and the texture (albeit with wierd layers - most of the time the texture is a bronze colour!) Please help!!! Endless hours trying to solve this and I am stuck. I appreciate your comments and help, thanks in advance. Ash