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    [SOLVED] Paint mode - scale a layer ?

    Thank you.
  2. Hello, fellow 3D artists! I'm still new to 3D Coat, so please forgive. I'm sure there's a simple answer to my question: "Is there a way to scale a layer in Paint mode?" For example, I want to scale the depth of a layer to half because the bumpiness is too great. Or I want to scale down the shininess (specularity) of the layer, or opacity. How would I do that? Thank you.
  3. John LaBrie

    [SOLVED] Painting question - "overwrite depth"

    Thank you, Carlosan, you are a demigod! May all you wishes come true.
  4. Hello, I'm new to 3D Coat and I am currently focused on painting. I do have a question regarding painting depth. As for color and specularity, when opacity is on 100%, you are overwriting the information on the layer you are painting on. However, with depth, it appears to be adding to the information rather than overwriting it. I tried changing the "Add depth" in the Layers tab to other options, such as "Choose maximum depth" or "Supress depth", but none of these choices do what I want. Regarding depth, they interact with the previous depth info on the layer and don't overwrite it. What I want is to paint my model from various angles, and where I need to fill in the gaps, I want to use a soft brush to paint texture including color, specularity and depth to blend in with the previously painted texture. That's fine for color and spec, but depth doesn't blend, it adds. I attached a picture, notice the intersection of my strokes is raised. Depth is added there. I need to overwrite depth. Please help!