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  1. Hiya quick question, is there a way to preserve uv's in the retopo room? I have an LOD created and would love to relax this over the reference mesh so I don't have to make clean looking loops and such manually. All other 3d apps I tried kills the UV's like doing any form of relax. thx!
  2. lildragon

    Retopo Extrude locally?

    Thx guys, not quite what I was looking for but I did gain some new knowledge. I'll just stick to Maya for certain operations like this.
  3. lildragon

    Retopo Extrude locally?

    Hmm same deal from any camera view, it shoots towards the camera. Thanks for the suggestion though. Unfortunately not a very functional command if they're no options with how you extrude... for instance, there's no option to extrude with disconnected faces, not that I need it but yeah.
  4. lildragon

    Retopo Extrude locally?

    Hi I was curious, is there a way to use the Extrude command in the retopo room to extrude locally or along normals? Say for instance I have a circle of edges selected and I extrude, right now it appears to be trying to extrude in 3D space which I don't want, I would like the ring to extrude locally inwards... is this possible in 3dc? thx
  5. lildragon

    Problems during retopology

    Question.. are you exporting but choosing "Export Selected"? if the mesh isn't selected it'll still export but a empty file... If you did choose that, just use "Export" in the Retopo menu.
  6. lildragon

    Retopology questions...

    Hiya guys, I haven't used 3Dcoat in some months as you can tell by my original post, but I've recently tested out the new 4.5 version for this particular section again (retopology) as I have an extremely complex mesh I'm currently working on retopo'ing and noticed something with my previous complaints... Maybe it's just me, but they appear to been have addressed? I'm pushing the mesh around with intentions to 'break' it like before and I'm very happy to see it's working extremely well, the retopo mesh is actually is staying above the surface. If this is in fact a fix made I'll be very very happy Can any vets confirm? thx
  7. lildragon

    Big test with 3D-Coats Autopo routine update

    Appreciate the time spent on this, I'll definitely give these settings a test and report my findings when I do!
  8. lildragon

    Retopology questions...

    Awesome thx, yeah sorry I'm using surface mode. But thx much for those vids! Cheers
  9. lildragon

    Retopology questions...

    Hiya guys, have a couple issues/questions with manual retopology First - Is it me or doesn't the "snap" function not work? I click, click, but nothing happens with the mesh, maybe I'm doing something incorrectly? Second - Have any of you ever have you low poly mesh vertices 'trapped' under the reference mesh? I would then have to go to odd angles to try and bring it to the surface. Retopo in 3dc is sweet, but these two things make me scratch my head.
  10. I just wanted to say this - As a newly established Full-time Freelance character artist, 3Dcoat has saved me countless hours and I look forward to showing you all the work I've done since using it. From the incredible retopo tools (smart auto UV is a blessing) To the paint tools, it's successfully reduce my need for additional 3rd party apps. When the sculpting reaches Zbrush 'quality', I would barely need to leave this amazing software. Andrew and crew, hats off to you, please continue to improve this amazing tool. Just wanted to touch base here since I've been absent from the forums the last few months due to workload. ~t
  11. lildragon

    Importing just a simple .obj no fluff

    Hey polyxo, what I was getting at was in any other application where you import an .obj, it's simply that an import of a raw mesh without any sort of manipulation. It was a bit confusing for me dealing with voxel/surface mode with importing. I usually have separate meshes group together on export, and digman explained how 3DC interprets this. cheers
  12. lildragon

    Importing just a simple .obj no fluff

    Ok thx guys, Digman I think that's the part that's been tripping me up... It's just different from other standard implementations
  13. Hiya, is it possible to import a straight .obj without the fluff? I've been getting by by importing an existing obj in the voxel room by using [import mesh for voxelizing] and then turning off "Merge without voxelizing" off in the options. I would like a very simple import obj without merging et.c.. I'm a simple guy sometimes I just need a 1...2.. step when working Is merging/booleans the way the 3DC works with every mesh? It's honestly a tad frustrating for me to import an external obj only to be met with the lovely boolean fail error thx for any answers!
  14. lildragon

    Wireframe on smooth shade in Voxel room possible?

    Ok that's cool, I'll have to get used to this then. Just a Zbrush habit that will be hard to break
  15. ^Subject... I can't seem to find a way to do it . Reason being I usually like to work with very low poly meshes to begin and sometimes I push/pull verts around at this level, but it's proving difficult with just wireframe visible. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thx! ~t