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    Hi there, My name is Bruno Accioly, I'm from Brazil and 43 years old. I have a small digital marketing company that deals mainly with web development, graphic design and cg animation (mostly for book trailers). I used to model in 3D Studio 3.0/4.0 back in the day and about 25 years ago I used it to model ships for a play-by-mail (remember those?) I ran in College for about 30 people - (not very impressive I guess, but I had to render those and send people cut scenes every two weeks, along with a lot of other stuff concerning the game). Yeah... not very sustainable... I plan to come back to modeling/sculpting/texturing so I can design my own stuff for animation, comic books, digital art, for personal projects and maybe even to put the resulting models for sale. We use Daz Studio a lot here to produce our animations and it would be nice to find someone that had the experience already. If there is any tutorial on morphing, exporting and packaging workflow Genesis Characters or Genesis Cloths from 3D-Coat it would come in handy. Just acquired 3D-Coat and it was love at first launch! Anyone here uses 3D-Coat along with Daz Studio? [below I attached a promo image for a free web comic that will be released next June (in portuguese and english) - there are some easter eggs on the image (on purpose) like the Carnifex and the AK 47 - conceived, written, posed, illuminated (and maybe in the future, sculpted) by me.] Bruno Accioly www.dotweb.com.br